By Julia Thompson
Oct 25, 2017

Construction Update Fall 2017: Recent Changes at Council Camps

Construction Update:

Construction at Maple Dell

Construction at Maple Dell


Camps are over, and winter is coming. That means our rangers and construction crews are hard at work to beat the snow. They are making great progress.

These projects are adding new activities and improving infrastructure. Here is what is happening at your favorite council camps:

Maple Dell Scout Camp

Construction at Maple Dell 2

Construction of Archery Range at Maple Dell

A lot of amazing things are going on at our oldest camp, Maple Dell. A new staff lodge is being constructed, and it is in the final stages. The septic system is also getting a reboot. Thanks to the NRA Grant Foundation a new Archery Pavilion and Range is being built. This is a brand new project, so keep posted to watch the headway. This camp is also becoming more secure. We have obtained a new emergency system; the installation will begin soon.

Mountain Dell Scout Ranch at Tifie Scout Camp

Bridge Construction

Bridge Construction


The long-awaited Mountain Dell bridge repair project at Tifie Scout Camp is nearing completion. The new bridge is going to be finished this week! It sits on the road to camp and will be used frequently. This project was made possible by Clyde Companies, Inc. a building and construction company in Orem, Utah.

Bacon Park

Three pavilions are being replaced at Bacon Park. This smaller camp located near Vernal had some extensive snow damage last winter. The existing pavilions were damaged beyond repair. Our rangers are working hard to restore this camp to its former state. The logistical process is wrapping up now. Groundbreaking should happen soon.

We are so thankful for all of our wonderful donors and volunteers. Your generosity and support really make a difference for thousands of youth in our community.

Check out the other projects and activities made possible by the NRA Grants in addition to our fall construction update.

Also, check out the spring construction update to see past projects in the council.

Author: Julia Thompson | Grant Writer, Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America

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