By Darryl Alder
Dec 01, 2014

Cub Scout Fun for December

Christmas Reindeer Mini Donuts

  • Chocolate Frosted Mini Donuts
  • Peanut M&M’s®
  • Round Pearl Sprinkles
  • Mini Pretzel Twists


  1. Press a red peanut M&M® into the hole of the chocolate frosted mini donut.
  2. Press two round pearl sprinkles into the chocolate frosted mini donut for the eyes.
  3. Break a mini pretzel twist in half and press them into the top of the donut for antlers.

Taken from Free-N-Fun a website of Oriental Trading Company

Tin Can Lantern Craft for the Holidays

Tin-Lanterns-3Cub Scouters have long loved free crafts that utilize things from the recycling bin! To make tin can lanterns, all you have to do is freeze water in the cans for a few hours. When they are rock hard, set the cans on a cloth to help stabilize them and pound sharp nails into the sides using a holiday pattern.

Here are some simple steps to get started

  1. Find a  pattern on the internet or us holiday coloring books from the dollar store. (For some ideas to get your creative juices flowing try Googling “Tin Can Lantern”, ” Tin Can Light” or pick a board on Pinterest.)
  2. Tin can lanternFind a tin can. Any tin can from beans or soup, etc. will work, but if you can find one with a lid, like a paint can, it will be even better.
  3. Fill the can with water and freeze it. (This prevents the can from denting during hole punching)
  4. Tape the pattern to the can
  5. Using a hammer and awl or nail, pound holes into the can following the pattern (A cotton towel keeps the can from rolling while punching holes)
  6. Attach a wire for tin can handle (metal hanger or 16 gauge or type wire)

When following your design, the more holes the better! When the ice has melted out, you are done. Just add a candle and enjoy the magic. It is neat how the  light shines the punched out pattern on the ground around it or in the snow.

These make great luminaries along your walkways. They are a beautiful addition to the backyard, dinner table or bedroom at story time. Like tiny flickering stars it can light up your campground with interesting patterns of brilliant light powered by tea lights or LEDs, but remember No Flames in Tents. .

The Twelve Days of the Scout Law Song

Lyrics (to the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas)
Use this holiday twist to begin teaching your Cub Scouts their new law:

Cub Nut CrackerThe first point of the Scout Law the Cubmaster taught to me was:
How to be Trustworthy,

The second point of the Scout Law my Cubmaster brought to me:
Two Loyal parents, and How to be Trustworthy,

The third point of the Scout Law my Cubmaster gave to me:
Three Helpful Denners, two Loyal parents, and How to be Trustworthy,

The fourth point of the Scout Law my Cubmaster offered me:
four Friendly leaders, three Helpful Denners, two Loyal parents, and How to be Trustworthy,

The fifth point of the Scout Law my Cubmaster brought to me:
Five Courteous Tiger Cubs, four Friendly leaders, three Helpful Denners, two Loyal parents, and How to be Trustworthy,

The sixth point of the Scout Law my Cubmaster brought to me:
Six Kind wolves, five Courteous Tiger Cubs, four Friendly leaders, three Helpful Denners, two Loyal parents, and How to be Trustworthy,

The seventh point of the Scout Law my Cubmaster brought to me:
Seven Obedient Bears, six Kind Wolves, five Courteous Tiger Cubs, four Friendly leaders, three Helpful Denners, two Loyal parents, and How to be Trustworthy,

The eighth point of the Scout Law my Scoutmaster brought to me:
eight Cheerful Webelos, seven Obedient Bears, six Kind wolves, five Courteous Tiger Cubs, four Friendly leaders, three Helpful Denners, two Loyal parents, and How to be Trustworthy,

The ninth point of the Scout Law my Cubmaster brought to me:
nine Thrifty committee members, eight Cheerful Webelos, seven Obedient Bears, six Kind wolves, five Courteous Tiger Cubs, four Friendly leaders, three Helpful Denners, two Loyal parents, and How to be Trustworthy,

The tenth point of the Scout Law my Scoutmaster brought to me:
ten Brave accomplishments, nine Thrifty committee members, eight Cheerful Webelos, seven Obedient Bears, six Kind Wolves, five Courteous Tiger Cubs, four Friendly leaders, three Helpful Denners, two Loyal parents, and How to be Trustworthy,

The eleventh point of the Scout Law my Cubmaster brought to me:
eleven Clean uniforms, ten Brave accomplishments, nine Thrifty committee members, eight Cheerful Webelos, seven Obedient Bears, six Kind wolves, five Courteous Tiger Cubs, four Friendly leaders, three Helpful Denners, two Loyal parents, and How to be Trustworthy,

The twelfth point of the Scout Law my Cubmaster brought to me:
Twelve Reverent Cub Scouts, eleven Clean uniforms, ten Brave accomplishments, nine Thrifty committee members, eight Cheerful Webelos, seven Obedient Bears, six Kind wolves, five Courteous Tiger Cubs, four Friendly leaders, three Helpful Denners, two Loyal parents, and How to be Trustworthy.


Best done with thirteen boys each having their own part to sing for each day of the Scout Law and then all sing together the countdown of days

Authors: Boy Scout Troop 22 of Greenfield, IL.
Scouts: Jake Zulauf, Dakota Settles, Danny Harpole, Jake McWhorter, Austin Settles, Colby Walden
Scoutmaster: Chris Hartsook Asst. Scoutmaster: Steve Settles
Adapted for Cub Scouting by Darryl Alder, The Boy Scout blogger

Christmas Picture Bingo

Kids always enjoy playing bingo, so if you are having a den or pack Christmas party, use these Christmas picture bingo cards.

The set includes 10 picture bingo cards with Christmas and winter themed images. There is also a set of call cards.  Use small pieces of candy as card markers and then the Scouts can take them home as a party favor.

This set of holiday bingo cards work well with my Christmas theme or my Winter Wonderland theme.

This set of bingo cards was created with the Christmas Word and Picture List for A2Z Puzzler .  Use this list to to create more holiday bingo cards or different games and puzzles .

Jeannine Szatkowski
Author: Jeannine Szatkowski | Scouter Mom Blogger is an Assistant Scoutmaster, a merit badge counselor, Advisor for a Venturing Crew, and a Pack Trainer. Her blog is a resource for adults and youth involved in Scouting.

Camping in the Woods on Christmas Eve

Santa CampingT’was the night before Christmas
And all through the woods,
Not a scout was stirring, they were all being good.

Their sneakers were hung by the camp fire to dry.
hoping and waiting for the big delivery guy, …

And I in my Neckerchief,
And Mr._______ in his Cub-Cap,
Had just settled down for a short camping nap,
When deep in the woods there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my sleeping bag,
To see what was the matter.

Away to the tent, I flew, I was scared,
I grabbed some big sticks,
In case it was bear.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a red coated Scouter, with some pizza and root beer.
He was a little old Scout, so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment, I could lay down those sticks.

More rapid than an Eagle Scout the pizzas they came,
and he whistled and shouted and called them by name,
Now sausage, now peppers, now onions and pepperoni,
On meatball, on, ham. On, hold the anchovies.
To the top of the tents, to the top of the trees,
Dash away, Dash away, with extra cheese.

As I got to my feet and was turning around,
Into the campsite, he came with a bound.
He was dressed all in uniform from his head to this toes.
His shirt was garnished with badges and bows.

A bundle of pizzas he had flung on his back,
And he looked like a Webelos doing opening ceremony for his pack,
His eyes, how they twinkled, His dimples so merry,
His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a berry.

He had a broad face and a little round belly,
That shook when he laughed like a bowl full of jelly.
He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old Scout,
And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to work,
Gave out the pizza and then turned with a jerk,
And laying a finger onside of his nose, and checking his compass,
Down the trail he goes,

I sprang to my feet, to the boys gave a whistle
up they all flew, like the down of a thistle.
We ate all the pizza and drank all the pop,
Our stomachs we filled until we had to stop.
And we heard him exclaim, as he drove out of sight,
Merry Christmas Pack #____, and to all a good night.

Gift Exchange at Combined Meeting

Teen Gift ExchangeOur troop and Crew do a white elephant gift exchange in lieu of gifts for each child it so exciting!
We have a small Venture Crew ( small numbers= small budget!) and made it a challenge for the young adults the gifts they get are from each other. The limit was set at $ 2.00 and
the first time I heard of this I was blown away. I am used to spending upwards of twenty dollars on a ” White elephant” gift and had no idea how these teens were going to pull it off.
Well they proved me wrong. These two dollar gifts were worth fighting for and some adults were crushed when their gift was taken. Amazing Origami made by hand, a get well package consisting of a tiny trashcan, cup of soup and box of tissues! A wrapped Oreo cookie box, stickers, hand made ornaments, socks, and so many more I can not recall off the top of my head!!
Let me tell you it was so much fun and really brought out our crews wonderful personalities! We plan to do this with our new Den/pack!

Irma at suggested this idea

Peanut Wisemen Ornaments

FNF_Peanut-Wisemen-OrnamentThey may think they are gettin’ nuttin’ for Christmas but surprise the wise men in your family with these Christmas ornaments handmade by you!


  • Felt Sheets
  • Sequins
  • Decorative Scissors
  • Cardstock
  • Baker’s Twine
  • Marker
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue


  1. Paint half of the peanut and allow to dry.
  2. Cut a small strip of felt and glue around the peanut. Glue a sequin onto the front of the peanut.
  3. Cut a small strip of cardstock with decorative scissors. Glue the strip around the top of the peanut to form the crown.
  4. Cut a length of twine and glue the end twine to the back of the peanut.
  5. Using a marker, draw a face onto the peanut.

Taken from Free-N-Fun a website of Oriental Trading Company

Christmas Games for Cub Scouts

christmas-party-games-1Christmas Music Tag:

The game starts with two groups of equal numbers.  The object is for each group to win recruits by tagging members of the other group.  A person is only safe when he is singing a Christmas song or Christmas Carol.

Stuff the Santa

This silly game pits teams against one another in a race to create the stoutest Saint Nick of them all.  To play, you will need to inflate an ample supply of balloons and borrow or buy a red, one piece union suit in Santa’s size–extra large.  Contestants are divided into teams of four to six players.  Draw candy canes to determine which player will don the suit over his or her clothes; the player selecting the longest candy cane is “it”. Teammates are given the task of stuffing the suit with balloons.  Remind the players that a gentle touch is essential for keeping balloons intact.  Set a timer for two minutes and see  how many balloons the team can stuff into the suit before the time is up.  The next team of Santa stuffers must try to top the previous record, but first give old Santa a chance to show off his lumpy physique.

Santa’s Helpers

In this game, teams of two players race against one another to gift wrap a package.  The
catch?  Each player must hold one hand behind his or her back, an impediment that makes it necessary for partners to communicate and work together. To set up, put out two party favors, one box, a sheet of wrapping paper, tape, and yarn for each pair.  Each team must race to wrap the favors in the box and tie a bow.  The first team to finish (a judge’s call) wins the gift.

Reindeer Butting

Cubs line up in teams.  Each team has an orange.  First Cub in line “butts” his orange with
his nose to the goal line, picks it up and returns it to the next Cub in line who does the same.  When all reindeer have had a turn, the first team to finish is the winner.

Candy Game

Put pieces of candy all around room keeping them in obvious places.  Each boy is given a
name tag—”Yum, yum” “Ding, ding” “Ho, ho”  or “Boom, boom.”  Make sure that one name tag for each group has an “L” on the back, as this will denote the leader of that group.  On signal, the boys scatter through the room in search of the candy which they are not allowed to touch!  Only the leader can pick up the candy so that each boy must make his sound until the leader of his group comes over to pick up the candy.  The team ending up with the most pieces of candy is the winner, and splits the loot.

Package Game

Den leader purchases a small, inexpensive gift and wraps it in many layers of paper.  The
Cubs form a circle and the package is passed from boy to boy until someone shouts
“STOP!”  The boy holding the package unwraps one layer of wrapping paper and the
game continues until someone unwraps the last layer, and he gets to keep the prize.

Filling Santa’s Pack

Form two den-size groups and line them up at opposite sides of the room.  Give one team balloons of one color; give the other team a contrasting color.  Ask them to blow up their balloons and tie them.  In the center of the room, have a large container–but not one big enough to hold all the inflated balloons.  On signal, all players tap their balloons in the air and try to bat them into the container.  When the container is full, stop the game.  The team with the most balloons in the container wins.

Gathering Snowballs

Scatter cotton balls on the floor.  Give the players a wooden spoon.  On signal, they try to pick up the balls with the spoons and put them in a large bowl on the table.   No hands allowed.  If you have only two spoons, run this as a duel contest.

Santa Nods

Santa is in the center of a circle made by the other players.  Santa points  at any player and says, “Santa says ‘yes'” or “Santa says ‘no'”  That player must quickly nod “yes” or shake his head “no”. If Santa says only “yes” or “no” without prefacing it with “Santa says,” the player must not respond.  If he does, he is eliminated.  Santa should give commands quickly.  The last person still in the game becomes the new Santa.

Stir the Christmas Cake

All players except one (the cook) are seated in a circle.  The cook has a wooden spoon and stands in the center.  He makes stirring motions and says  “First we have to stir the Christmas cake.  We stir and stir and stir.”  Suddenly he drops the spoon and when this happens, everyone, including the cook, scrambles for a new chair.  The one left without a chair is the new cook for the next round.

Christmas Handshake

Call the Cubs to attention and give each Cub 5 Christmas seals.  On signal they introduce
themselves to 5 parents, other than their own and give each parent a seal  after they shake hands.  The first den to have all its boys’ seals given out is the winner.  Can also be done
with just the parents to help the pack get to know one another.

Christmas GamesGet the Ornaments

Give each boy five ornaments as he arrives at den meeting.  During the meeting, if anyone makes him say “yes” or “no” to a question, he must give that person one ball.  The object of the game is to get possession of as many balls as possible.  Alert boys will find a way to answer questions without using the forbidden words.

Snowball Relay

Boys are divided into relay teams.  Teams line up at one end of the room.  At the other end of the room are hung two large Christmas stocking.  Player must carry a paper snowball in a tablespoon and place it in the stocking, without touching it with the hands.  If the snowball drops, it is replaced on the spoon and the boy continues the race.

Santa Relay

Relay teams run to the end of the room, where each player in turn dons a Santa hat, beard, coat and boots, and shouts a big “Ho, ho, ho” removes the clothing and returns to touch off the next player in line.

Icicle Hunt

Hide icicles (string) around the room.  Boys hunt for icicles.  The winner is boy whose strings form the longest line when laid end to end, to the player who collects the most strings.  Icicles should be of varying lengths, for the best results.

Christmas Present Relay

Divide into two teams.  The first runner of each team runs from starting line to end of room where he puts on an oversize pair of work gloves and proceeds to untie a wrapped box.  Having done this, he returns to team.  Next player re-wraps box, wearing gloves handed him by first player.  This continues, with players wrapping box until all have had a turn.

Kris Kringle Relay

Boys line up in teams, relay style.  Each team has two shoe boxes or large paper bags, representing Kris Kringle’s boots.  On signal, each player, in turn, places his feet in the “boots” and shuffles up to and around a chair at the opposite end of the room.  He shuffles back to starting point, where the next boy takes over.  First team to finish wins.

I Spy Santa

Get a small toy Santa or colored picture of him and partially hide it somewhere in the room.  At the proper time, announce that you have hidden Santa in the room and everyone is to look for him.  The fun of the game is this: when a player locates Santa, he should not give away the location but should keep on looking without a word. He then whispers its location to the leader, sits down and watches the others look. The last two or three searchers usually provides lots of fun.

Chocolate Bar

(Equipment–a hat, scarf, gloves, knife, and fork are needed to play this game.  Also a wrapped bar of chocolate and dice).  The players take turns throwing the dice.  When one gets a double, he immediately puts on the hat, scarf and gloves and tries to open the chocolate bar, using the knife and fork, and then eat as much as he can, still using the knife and fork.  In the meantime, the other players continue to throw the dice.  If another player throws a double, then the player working on the chocolate bar must remove the hat, scarf and gloves, and the new player puts them on to have his turn at trying to eat the candy.  The game foes on until the candy bar is gone.

Night Before Christmas

Players form a circle.  Each player is given the name of something connected with the story of Santa Claus–such as reindeer, chimney, tree, etc.  The child chosen to be “it” stands in the center of the circle and tells a Christmas story.  If he mentions the name of any of the things chosen, the player who has that name must turn around.  At the mention of the name Santa Claus everyone must turn around.  “It” tries to tag any player before he can turn around.  If successful, he takes the place in the circle and the other player is “it”.

Tree Decorating

Players are seated in rows with an equal number in each row.  They are numbered consecutively from front to back and each no. 1 is given a piece of chalk.  On signal, no. 1 players run to the blackboard and draw the base for a Christmas tree.  They return to their seats and hand the chalk to the no. 2 player, who must draw the branches, no. 3 players add a designated number of candles, no. 4 players add a certain number of ornaments, no. 5 players add star to top of tree, no. 6 players write  “Merry Christmas” under the tree.  Teams to complete their picture first wins.

Santa’s Bag (Touch and Tell)

Number 10 brown bags from 1 to 10.  Put a familiar article in each bag  (preferably an article related to Christmas) and staple bag shut.  Each boy is given pencil and paper on  which he lists numbers 1 thru 10.  He tries to guess what is in each bag by feeling through the paper and records on his paper his guess.  Boy with greatest number of correct answers is winner.

Santa’s Reindeer

Boys stand side by side on a line called the North Pole and each selects the name of one of the reindeer for himself.  One boy is designated as Santa Claus and goes to the middle of the play area, facing the reindeer, between the north  pole line and one at the other end called my house.  It is Santa’s job to call the name of one of the reindeer, and all reindeer with that reindeer name run (gallop) to the line marked my house before they are tagged by Santa.  All those tagged go to the center and help him tag the others.  When all have been called.  Santa counts the number he caught and then designates one not caught to become the next Santa.  All go back to the north pole line and the game starts again with each boy selecting a new reindeer name.

Santa’s Helpers

Two large identical outlines of Santa Claus are cut out from pieces of cardboard.  One of the outlines is taped to a wall while the other is cut up so that each player gets a piece of it—a nose, a beard, a belt buckle and so on.  Each player, in turn, is blindfolded, and spun around several times.  He then tries to pin his piece of Santa to the appropriate part of the Santa cutout on the wall.  The player who comes closest wins a prize.

Compiler: Darryl Alder | Strategic Initiatives Director, Utah National Parks Council, BSA. B2Y by FOS FinalWe invite you to get social with this article:






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2 thoughts on “Cub Scout Fun for December

  1. Susan CheeverSusan Cheever

    We made the reindeer for one another at our Young Women activity as we talked about the importance of supporting one another. We sang Rudolph and talked about how bullies operate and how we can be the friends who keep one another from being isolated and excluded and how sometimes we are teased for what makes us different, but it is usually our unique qualities that are of most value to those around us. It was a fun wrap up to our trust games activity.


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