By Melany Gardner
Sep 11, 2014

Friends of Scouting: Blake Barney and Clyde Companies


Cattails and marsh on Scout Lake in 2013

Historical Maple Dell Scout Camp which first opened in the late 1940’s was transformed this summer all thanks to several individuals and companies who took action to renew the camp cherished by generations of Scouts and leaders in Utah Valley.

The renovation required a total overhaul of the marshy Maple Dell Lake which had cattails and weeds growing in the sediment. Buildings surrounding the lake had a dull worn exterior and many other fixtures were broken or out of date.

lake dredgin

Blake Barney’s track hoe at rest after a long day’s work rebuilding the lake shore

Blake Barney, owner of  B.D. Barney Construction and a friend of Scouting, was one of the first to step up to renew the traditional Scout camp. Blake explained how he kept in touch with the camp’s needs through on-going friendship with the camp ranger.

“The scouts run a good program and it has helped a lot of boys over the years. I felt it was my duty and I had the resources to step up. When I did, another guy would see the need and lend a dump truck or their time, and then another guy, and then another guy—they all stepped right up,” he said.

The last time a full dredge was done was in 1977 by Dale Barney, Blake’s father who also dredged half the lake in 1987, both times at no cost to the BSA. Blake explained how his family “business is one of a kind” in the area, which is why he felt he needed to help the camp.

14BSA MD 1327

Fresh, new lake hosts Battle of Maple Dell amid new “Wipe Out” water toys

Blake described the satisfaction he felt in carrying on the family tradition, “when the lake was alive with boys in boats, swimming, on water toys and sunning on his new beach.”

Blake Barney dredged more than 700 loads of mud from lake, donating over 200 hours to this project along with all the equipment. The regular rate for a dredge is $150 an hour, so when Al Schellenberg, past president of Clyde Companies asked Blake how much the council was paying him to do the dredging, he said he was donating it all. Then Blake asked what Clyde Companies was willing to do. This challenge was the catalyst to the enthusiasm for improvements to Maple Dell Scout Camp for Clyde Companies, CLAS Ropes Course and

Clyde Lodge resting at the end of the rebuilt lake

Clyde Lodge resting at the end of the rebuilt lake

W.W. Clyde, founder of the Clyde Companies and friend of Scouting, built the original Clyde lodge, staff lodge and swimming pool. Al Schellenberg said that it was hard to see the lodges in such disrepair, so did not hesitate to agree to jump in the project.

The dredging dredged up lost shoes, shirts, beds and items from long ago Scouts. They also found an existing abandoned water line—an inverted siphon over 30 years old with no low area drain resulting in frozen and then broken pipes—all of which need to be fixed in the process.

To be moved offsite, the mud was dried piled on Maple Dell’s parking lot. There was a lot of great top soil and peat so Clyde Companies took the mud and deposited it in a new subdivision for Payson City.

Scouts walk past the new beach after a day of fun in the sun

Scouts walk past the new beach after a day of fun in the sun

Blake Barney and Clyde Companies did not stop there, they didn’t want to just fix the lake, but make it better. More hours, money and manpower were poured into adding a sandy beach front, new dock, safety fence and boulders were brought in to stabilize the swim area. With the help of 400 volunteers from Inside Sales the project from then on, including painting every building, replacing benches, and installing the lake features, was finished over a 3-4 week period.


Canoeing on Scout Lake with new “Wipe-out” water toys in back ground

Like frosting on a cake, InsidesSales.comalso paid for an inflatable “wipeout” obstacle course on the lake and the new COPE cube, designed, and installed by CLAS Ropes Course at wholesale cost for materials. Both installation have created a new atmosphere of fun and adventure at the Scout camp.

Benjamin Allen, owner of CLAS Ropes Course and long-time Scouter who attributes learning his trade in Scouting, said, “I really believe in what Scouts can do for the boys, so I like to help how I can.”


COPE Cube challenges the grit of young and old

Allen builds ropes courses for BSA councils throughout the intermountain west. He also installed the COPE cube at Thunder Ridge Scout Camp this summer, both cubes have been accepted by Scouts and leaders who overcome their fears on the exciting course.

These giving individuals went above and beyond, doing more than was mentioned here for the renewed camp, but yet continue to do more. Each proving they are friends of Scouting.

Today, Blake Barney continues to allow BSA rangers to use whatever equipment free of charge that they may need for Maple Dell’s repairs and Clyde Companies is currently laying asphalt for the Maple Dell parking lot.  Allen leaves this Saturday for a week of COPE training to serve the Council even better and, well stay tuned for their next installment!

The Utah National Parks Council, BSA wants to give a special thank you to Blake Barney, Clyde Companies, CLAS Ropes Course, Payson City and for their legacy of service to the young men today.

Melany Gardner2

Author: Melany Gardner | Editor, The Boy Scout | Orem District Executive, Utah National Parks Council, BSA

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One thought on “Friends of Scouting: Blake Barney and Clyde Companies

  1. AvatarRon Taylor

    Great article, Melany. I spent some time at both Thunder Ridge and Maple Dell this summer and saw how excited the Scouts were to have these new facilities.
    They loved it and were having a great time using them. The men and women who made this possible this year are real heros. And the positive impact they have and will yet have on the development of theses boys is impossible to measure. But it is very real.
    Let me express my appreciation to them as well.
    Many thanks for many boys.


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