By Nicole Balmforth
Mar 01, 2019

Three Scenic Outdoor Wedding Venues for Adventurous Couples

If you are in the process of planning a wedding, you probably know how difficult it can be to find the perfect venue that has all of the features you need and a beautiful view but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. If you are on the hunt for a venue for an upcoming wedding and this sounds familiar, look no familiar. It’s time to consider having an outdoor wedding! One of the most popular trends for weddings this season is bringing the inside out! At our camp properties, you can do just that! At any of our three special event locations you can find plenty of space for backdrops, large groups, indoor space, and so much more. 

How to Prepare for a Wedding at Camp

Planning is the most important part of a wedding, so we want to make sure we prepare you for all the things you might not think of. Choosing an outdoor venue can require a bit more preparation, but we are here to help. Some of the things to keep in mind while preparing for your wedding at camp is electricity, a Plan B, and camp-friendly games.


Be aware that with your wedding being outside, electricity won’t always be available. A good rule of thumb is to figure out where exactly on the property you’d like to have your ceremony or reception and take note of any electrical fixtures nearby. If there is none, talk to the Camp Director about your concerns and possible options. 

Tip: Get a generator with plenty of outlets for all your needs.

Have a Plan B and Dress for the Weather

Sometimes the weather doesn’t always cooperate, so prepare for windy, wet, or cold weather. Having tents on hand that can be set up at a moments notice is a good option if the weather should change. A lot of our camps also have indoor areas that can be quickly made available and decorated for your event. Ask the Camp Director about the availability of these buildings before to ensure there are no scheduling conflicts.

Dressing properly for the occasion is also important, so you always want you and your guests to be as comfortable as possible during the wedding. That means dressing accordingly for the weather as well. If you plan on doing a spring or fall wedding, you and your guests will need warmer clothing – also understanding the higher the elevation, the chillier it can get, especially when dancing turns into an all-night event!

Camp-Friendly Games and Activities

It’s time to take advantage of all our camp can offer you and your guests. We have a variety of activities that will make your wedding unlike any others. Our camps offer canoes, archery, rifle shooting, and more. 

Some really fun outdoor activities that can be easily set up are the limbo, ring toss, and a tug of war challenge. Sounds exciting, right? Oh wait, there’s more! Many of our camps even have a craft area where your guests can make you something. That’s a neat way to get your guests to be creative while giving you something to remember this day forever. 


For more tips on how to prepare for a wedding at our camps, click here

Our Locations

We have several camps that offer a variety of locations, vegetation, and elevations and are uniquely suited to offer reservations, availability year round, and handle large groups.

Camp Maple Dell

Camp Maple Dell is located just up Payson Canyon in Payson, Utah. In the canyon, it’s a wonderful oasis of mountain views and green trees. Maple Dell also offers multiple indoor facilities available for rent, like an onsite cabin suite, a commercial kitchen for your catering needs, indoor restrooms, and more. You can also take advantage of the beautiful lake on the property located at the center of camp. It’s perfect for a wedding near the water. With all the space and gorgeous vegetation, you’ll want to book today.

Click here to reserve a date or call 801-437-6222.

Zion Base Camp

Zion Base Camp is situated just outside of Zion National Park, making this venue the perfect location for adventurous couples to whisk away to the national park for wedding photos or a honeymoon. Views of the beautiful red rock desert can be seen from this venue. Zion offers the opportunity for either an indoor or outdoor wedding ceremony and reception. Our 4,000 square foot activity center can be decorated to the max, or you can talk with the camp director about a spot on the campsite you’d prefer. Already set up with concrete pads and wooden tables, all you need is some table covers and flowers and you’re ready to go! 

Click here to reserve a date or call 435-632-2167.

Camp Tifie

Camp Tifie, one of our newest camps, is nestled among oaks and pines overlooking Mount Pleasant, Utah. With an excellent panoramic view of Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding flora and fauna, weddings at Tifie are pastoral and charming. Our largest indoor venue can also be found here at Tifie, perfect for fitting the largest of weddings. The connected balcony out back is a more intimate space, overlooking the valley, for smaller affairs. Look through our calendar and select Large Group in the category section of the reservation page to reserve your wedding at Tifie.

Click here to reserve a date or call 801-437-6222.  


Author: Nicole Balmforth | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council


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