By Kent Nobis
Nov 05, 2013

Get a Head Start Shopping for the Holidays and Support Utah National Park Scouts!

HybridTrying to find the perfect gift for the holidays?  What does everyone need – a FLASHLIGHT!

Don’t think so? Here’s a challenge for you: Walk around your house and find all the flashlights that you own and try to turn them on. If you are like me, and many others, you have 10-12 flashlights around your home and none actually work.

Where will you be when the power goes out?

You need a flashlight that always works. You need one at your business when the power goes out leaving your office and bathrooms in complete darkness. You need them in cars, cabins, boats, nightstand, sheds, dorm rooms, garage and 72 hour kits (holds a charge for 7 years and guaranteed for life).

This Holiday season give your Scout, leader, friends or family members a flashlight that is powered by the sun.

Here are the reasons why:

Hybrid II

Your purchase will help save the earth, save a Scout, AND you will also be supporting the Utah National Parks Council to provide programs for Scouts. HybridLight is partnering with the Utah National Parks Council and is giving up to 40% to support local scouting efforts!


Hybrid III

Get a head start on your Holiday shopping and go to: to see offers and product videos. Once on the webpage, click on the “See the Offers” banner to get started.  All products will be shipped directly to you or the address you provide.

OR call 1-800-365-0350, and be prepared for nature’s unpredictable behavior. All shipping is free!

Author: Utah National Parks Council

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