By Annaleis Smith
Mar 01, 2016

Girls at Camp Jeremiah Johnson

Did you know that girls can go to Camp Jeremiah Johnson too?  I’ve taken Cub Scouts up there many times, but last summer I decided to take my 9-year-old daughter too.  So, we invited her best friend and her mom and the four of us registered and went to Camp JJ to see what happens when the girls are there.

Just like when the Cub Scouts are there, we had an opening ceremony and then went to the different stations with our assigned group. The group we were put with included quite a few girls in bright pink shirts with “Camp Jeremiah Johnson Activity Days Girls” printed on them. There was a ward from another town that had brought more than 30 girls there to have fun that day.  I talked to one of the leaders and she said they bring the girls every year.  What a great tradition!Camp JJ Girls 1

The girls really did have fun – just look at the smiles on those faces.  They got to shoot BB guns, bows & arrows, row boats on the pond, make a craft, make a rope, pan for gold, and, because of the Pioneer theme last year, they got to pull a handcart too.  I think the only thing that changed the very next day when my Cub Scouts went was the craft. The girls made a necklace with beads and the boys made… to tell you the truth I can’t remember what they made.

Camp JJ Girls 2I asked my daughter just last night (6 months later) what she remembered about our trip to Camp JJ and this is what she told me:

“We got there and parked and then went with our group to the different places… oh and when you go across the bridge you have to stomp as loud as you can… then we did lots of fun stuff.  My favorite was the bow and arrow (said while demonstrating with imaginary props) and the worst was the handcart, because that was hard.”

Camp JJ Girls 4I had no idea she remembered stomping across the bridge. The girls really had fun that day.  At the end of the day my daughter asked me if we could come back next year, and the next, and the next…. I had to stop her and let her know that in a few years she would be in Young Women’s instead of Activity Days but assured her that I would bring her until she was too old to attend. To which she responded with a large sigh and and a slightly dejected “Okay” but then soon went back to having fun.

If you haven’t taken your daughter, or your activity days girls to camp JJ, I would like to invite you to give it a try.  They will love it!

I took my then 14-year-old daughter to Philmont with me in 2014 and on the phone she told her Dad “This is better than girl’s camp!”

Our girls want to have fun and do a lot of the same things the boys are doing, so why not let them. Scouting activities are not just for boys.

This year the theme at Camp Jeremiah Johnson is Space – “Soaring to new Heights” which promises lots of fun too.  Check out more details and find a date to bring your girls to Camp JJ here Who knows; maybe I will see you there when I take my daughter again.

Camp JJ 2016

Download the Promotional Flyer (2pg) here

AnnaleisAuthor: Annaleis Smith is a “stay at home” mom of 5 (3 boys). She has been a Cub Scout leader (Cubmaster, Den Leader, Roundtable Staff & more) for over 12 years. She is currently a Cubmaster (2nd time), a Unit Commissioner and Assistant Council Commissioner for Cub Scouting in Utah National Parks Council.

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  1. AvatarLee Hansen

    When your daughter graduates from primary into young women, she can go to a young women’s camp at any of the Council camps. So, let the fun and adventure of camp go on!


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