By John Gailey
Apr 03, 2017

Going to Camp in Style!

When going to camp or a high adventure, you’ve got to go in style, right? And having a shirt that is customized to your troop/team/crew/ward is even better!

Why a Common Shirt?

picture2One of the key methods of Scouting is the uniform, including activity shirts. Having the entire group dressed the same builds unity within the group and prepares youth for future times where they will wear a uniform (like an LDS mission or a job). By wearing uniforms, youth show that they are equals and that they share values and beliefs. So wearing a uniform is important within the Scouting program.

Customizing Awesome!

The Utah National Parks Council is pleased to offer a great service—that of ordering customized troop or camp activity t-shirts for any Scouting unit at a great price!

We have 4 great-looking designs for camp this year, including a new limited edition Dino T-shirt for 2017. You choose the shirt color and the professionally-designed (and BSA-approved) graphics from our great selection, specify the sizes you need (youth and adult), and add customizations such as your Troop number and/or summer camp you are attending.


You can also order matching hoodies for those colder nights and campouts.

And best of all, the shirts and hoodies are shipped directly to you!

The result? Your Scouting unit has a uniform that can be worn not just at camp, but all year round, for a great price!

To see the amazing designs and options, and to order your unit’s new uniform, go to

Limited Edition Design

Dino ShirtsNew for 2017 is a limited edition Dino design available on an orange dirt t-shirt and grey hoodie. This design is only available for the 2017 camp season, and is only available in the color combinations shown for the t-shirt and hoodies. The orange dirt shirt is NOT available with other designs.


John Gailey


Author: John Gailey | Director of Support Services, Utah National Parks Council, BSA.

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