By Ryan Bertram
Mar 21, 2017

Spring Mountain Bike in Red Rock Country

Mountain bike across the world-renowned “Mag 7” slick-rock trails near Moab, Utah in early April.

Navigate water pockets and ledges while enjoying stunning vistas of canyons, buttes, and mesas in pleasant spring desert weather.

Entrada is a high-adventure base gem that is surrounded by extraordinary red rock geological formations, beautiful desert southwest vistas, and world famous destinations: Moab (an off-road-outdoor mecca), the Colorado River, and three extraordinary national and state parks–Dead Horse Point, Canyonlands, and Arches.

When: April 6–8

Where: Entrada High-Adventure Base (Click here for a map to Entrada)

The Costs: $89/person. Includes two days of mountain biking (Fri & Sat) and two nights of camping (Thurs & Fri), water and restrooms.

The Program: Two-day mountain biking program (Fri & Sat). Limited to 30 total participants. One session offered each day from approximately 8am–1pm. (Mountain bikes provided or bring your own!)

The Ride: Over two-days, you will experience world-class mountain biking. You will be guided along parts of Getaway, Bull Run, Chisholm and Deadhorse Trails. The ride has varying degrees of difficulty for all level of riders (easy/intermediate to difficult/intermediate). All have awesome scenery and breathtaking views! (Trails subject to change based on rider experience, time, weather conditions, and crazy things that cannot be made up.)

After the Ride: With your afternoons and evenings open for exploration, groups can schedule their own activities away from Entrada. This scheduling flexibility is done, in part, to allow groups the opportunity to fully experience, and appreciate all the Moab region offers. Go visit Dead Horse Point State Park and Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Go drive the La Sal Loop Road, and walk the streets of Moab. Find a secluded spot for personal or group reflection and conversation. The choice is yours: 

  • Historic Moab: take a walk on the wild side… stroll down historic Main Street window shopping and mixing it up with travelers from all over the world. Combine this with getting a bite to eat, a milk shake and a swim in the municipal pool… a great place to cool off, and take a hot shower.

Arrival/Departure: Participants should plan to arrive between the hours of 4pm and 8pm on Thursday, April 6. Please no early or late arrivals. Departure Saturday, April 8 is early afternoon upon completion of mountain bike program.

Cancellation: Due to the nature of the event (off-season, staffing, supplies, logistics, etc.) no refunds will be issued.

More Details:

  • Trek Excalibur and Marlin 7 mountain bikes are provided. Participants are free to bring their own.
  • Water and restroom facilities are provided.
  • A dumpster is available. Units need to provide trash bags.
  • Above ground fires are permitted. Wood is not provided or available. Ashes must be properly packed-out and disposed-of using Leave No Trace principles. Units may bring/provide their own fire pit.
  • Food is not provided.
  • Electricity is not provided/available.
  • Units must agree to and abide by camp rules reviewed and discussed at check-in (ie. OHV, ATV’s, side-by-side and other similar vehicles are not permitted at Entrada).


To register, click here.

For more information, please contact Ryan Bertram (

Author: Ryan Bertram  | Entrada High Adventure Base Camp Director and District Director, Utah National Parks Council

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3 thoughts on “Spring Mountain Bike in Red Rock Country

  1. Brad ScherckBrad Scherck

    What an awesome experience! I was there yesterday and I was blown away by the beautiful vistas and exciting activities from mountain biking to rock climbing to river rafting and more. I could not believe how beautiful MOAB truly is! I can not wait to return and have some more adventures. Entrada is truly a hidden gem within the council parks!

  2. AvatarShane

    This is just a fantastic way to see God’s Country. Growing up the entire reason I learned to ride a bike was to get ready for a Scout trip out of state my troop was taking to Minnesota. The entire trip was based around riding the stunning biking trails around Caledonia Minnesota, and that trip not only stays with me to this day but the skills, the experiences, and the lessons learned. What a great way to combine mountain biking and seeing the local park lands. Fantastic!

  3. AvatarChad

    Super fun, leisurely sort of ride that is great after a hard day at work. A good one for advanced beginners and intermediates too, in my opinion.


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