By Stan Lockhart
Jun 12, 2015

Help Improve Our Scout Camps

photo 1You may have noticed that Utah National Parks Council is aggressively making improvements to our Scout camps. Both Maple Dell and Tifie Scout Camps have new amenities from COPE courses to climbing walls to waterfront wipeout gear to pavilions. Soon there will be a zip line at Maple Dell Scout Camp. We are also building new amenities at Scofield and Quail Creek Scout Camps.

We want to improve all of our 12 camps and are moving forward as quickly as funding allows. We have a handful of major donors who are facilitating these improvements.Burch Lodge in the Evening_2014.07.26 We need more of these donors with money or in-kind help. If you are interested in helping Scouts have more productive, fun and safe camp experiences, please contact me at 801-368-2166 or




Author: Stan Lockhart | President, Utah National Parks Council, BSA

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