By Steve Frisby
Feb 21, 2015

Just Desserts Caveman Style

My cooking and running buddy, Steve Frisby, never was one to cut out desserts when camping, especially when you are trying to help Scouts with cooking requirements. Here are a few of the recipes he collected  and shared with our readers:

baked applehoboapple1Candy Apples

Core one apple. Add cinnamon and sugar or red hots and cook on coals or wrap in foil and cook on coals


appleroast2cinnamon appleApple Pie on a Stick

Roast apple on a stick until the skin cracks. Remove from heat and peel off skin. Roll apple in mixture of cinnamon and sugar. Return to heat until sugar begins to melt and forms glaze over apple. Slice off outer portion and eat. Repeat process with remainder!

filled English muffinEnglish Muffin in foilQuick Turnover

Scrape out center of both halves of an english muffin, being careful not to make a hole in the center. Fill one half with your favorite sandwich or desert or pie filling. Place halves together, wrap with foil and place on coals about 3-5 minutes / side.

banana boat 2 BananaBoats_06 2Banana Boat

Open the banana like a monkey (not stem end), or slice one banana down center and remove center wedge of banana. Place chocolate chips and mini marshmallows in banana. Replace skin over center and cook on coals or wrap in foil and place on coals about 3-5 minutes.

  • Variation #1: Hawaiian Banana Boat….use pineapple chunks and brown sugar and sprinkle with coconut.
  • Variation #2: Squeeze baggie fudge (see below) into banana and place marshmallows in fudge!

shaggy dog toasted-marshmallowShaggy Dogs

Roast marshmallows. Dip in Hershey’s syrup and roll in coconut.



campfire fruit kabobs SONY DSCFruit Kabobs

Roast marshmallows on stick along with cherries, bananas, chunk pineapple, apples etc. for a delicious fruit kabob. Hint.. immerse bananas or apples in pineapple juice to keep from turning brown!

campfire-cone-3 campfire-cone-4Cone Cakes

In large heavy duty zip lock bag; mix 1 cake mix or instant pudding mix with slightly less liquid than called for. Add mini marshmallows and shredded coconut. Place in ice cream cone and enjoy or just add candy, fruit and marshmallows and toast in the campfire for five minutes.

smokin-smoreSmores-S’mores on a stick

Stuff marshmallows with mini-mini chocolate chips. Roast close together on a stick. Slide off with 2 graham cracker halves when done & enjoy.


More S’mores

The Johnny Appleseed

Apple-cinnamon graham crackers + marshmallow + apple slices

The Minty Fresh
Chocolate grahams + marshmallow + Andes mints

The Kindergarten Classic
Honey grahams + peanut butter + marshmallow + chocolate

The Tropical
Grahams + dried mango + marshmallow + coconut shavings

The Mexican S’mores
Grahams + chili powder + cinnamon + marshmallow + chocolate

Baggie Fudge

In a heavy duty zip-lock bag mix;

  • 1 Lb. Of Powdered Sugar
  • 2 cup of Cocoa
  • 1 tsp. Vanilla
  • 8 oz. Softened cream cheese

Work this together with hands until done. Snip bottom corner and enjoy! The squeezing is half the fun! Sound effects optional!

Magic Lemon Pudding:

Crush-graham-crackers-for-garnish-in-a-plastic-bag lemon kumquate tartelettes + citrus tartelettes recipe + elegant appetizer + phyllo shell appetizer 02In a large zip-lock freezer bag, mix 1 can sweetened CONDENSED milk with the juice of 1 lemon. (Note rolling lemon on ground gets it really juicy!) You=ll be surprised what happens! Add 1 cup of broken cookies…..graham, gingersnaps, vanilla wafers or chocolate.

For more of Steve’s fun recipes click here


Author:  Stephen R Frisby is a long-time Scouter. He currently serves as the New Scout Leader in troop 427, sponsored by LDS Sunset Heights Second Ward in Orem, Utah.

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