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Aug 06, 2014

A Labor of Love for Maple Dell Scout Camp

Lake in use

Newly refurbished Scout Lake with “Wipe-out” water toys and canoeists enjoying the clear, clean water


Maple Dell Scout Camp is a wonderful camp that provides a great Scouting opportunities to many Boys Scouts each summer.  The lake at the camp has been used for swimming, canoeing and the ever loved boat wars (known as the Battle of Maple Dell) as the end of the week. However, over the last few years the lake was taken over by “cat tails” and part of the lake became useless, full of snakes, and other unsafe conditions.

And now for a little history

Blake Barney dredging lake

Blake Barney dredging Scout Lake early spring 2014

Initially, the lake was created by W.W. Clyde by pushing the dirt out of its place with bulldozers in the 1950’s. After roughly 20 years, Dale Barney, was asked to dredge out the lake in 1977. Rod and Keith Barney of Barney Inc. drag-lined the lake again in 1989. The Barney family has been running drag-lines in Utah County for over 60 years.) For those that don’t know what a drag-line is, it a crane that can cast a bucket up to 150 feet away, slams down into the mud/sludge, and then is pulled towards the base filling a two yard bucket full of mud and debris. (A standard track hoe has a 30 foot reach, which means the drag-line has five times the reach of the track hoe.)

Fast forward about 20 years and the swimming pool was removed in 2008 because it had a crack in the concrete. The lake, as mentioned above had become overrun with cat tails, and so the Scout didn’t have clean place to swim.

Lake Before

Scout Lake swimming area before dredging

Come January 2014, Blake Barney recognized there was a need and felt the need to head up and effort to create a great place for the Scouts to swim. Using the dragline crane and dump trucks they removed around 7,500 yards of mud/debris. (About 500 dump trucks at 15 yards per dump truck.) For about four months, Barney, Clyde Co., Sunroc, of Provo and other donated much time, money, andefforts

Scout Lake swimming area after dredging

Scout Lake swimming area after dredging

to revamp the lake. Sunroc donated sand and rock to make a nice beach, using filter fabric to help prevent unwanted vegetation. purchased a nice dock and water toys for the scouts to play on as well as a ropes course.

Serve DAILY would like to thank all of the many community volunteers and companies that through the kindness of their own heart chose to do something about the condition at camp Maple Dell

This article appeared in the Serve DAILY  August 5, 2014

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One thought on “A Labor of Love for Maple Dell Scout Camp

  1. AvatarLes Patterson

    I had a wonderful time at Maple Dell as a young scout and really enjoyed swimming in the lake, except for the huge horse flies! I’m grateful to see so many community businesses step forward to help the tradition continue.


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