By Nick Hutchinson
Mar 15, 2014

Look at things differently

“Many people tend to postpone their enjoyment of the stars because they are constantly with us, but…once you come to know [the stars], they never lose their appeal.”       Helen Hogg

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How often do we look at the things we do in Scouting in the same way we look at the stars? There are elements and aspects of what we do in Scouting that have been the same since time immemorial. Monthly campouts, service projects, even merit badges for many of us, have become old hat – we do them the way we have always done them, because that is the way you do them. However, much like the stars, if we would take the time to look at what each of those things has to offer in the way of building boys, our programs and activities will never lose their appeal and provide opportunities to build our young men socially, spiritually, and eternally. As we go into the active part of our Scouting year, may we all look at our “stars”differently and see what they have to offer for our youth. May Scouting never lose its appeal for you or for your youth!!

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Thunder Ridge Scout Camp is making huge changes this year, to help Scouts “look at things differently.” Check out the facts on the new program HERE.

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Nick Hutchinson


Author: Nick Hutchinson | Thunder Ridge Scout Camp Director | Orem District Executive, Utah National Parks Council

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2 thoughts on “Look at things differently

  1. AvatarLeah

    When I served as a Cubmaster it was a HUGE help to gather as a committee and plan the pack meeting each month. Creative, enthusiastic leaders would offer suggestions for activities and assistance for pack night. “Two heads are better than one” is a true statement. Synergy is deffinitely an idea worth keeping. We do create more than the sum of our parts when we talk together and share our ideas.

  2. AvatarAllison

    This brings to mind: “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.” I read a book not too long ago that talked about how over the past 100+ years, so much has changed in our world! However, the scout oath and law have remained the same because they are good and true, and truth doesn’t change. Some things in scouting are meant to never change, but there are so many amazing resources out there that help us; help us reach the boys better, teach better, and perform better as leaders. We for sure need to look at and utilize these resources to change how we and boys view scouting!


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