By Kevin Hunt
Jun 03, 2017

Looking Back 40 Years at Camp Thunder Ridge

 This coming summer, my wife, Lou, and I will be serving as commissioners at Camp Thunder Ridge.  We are excited about that coming adventure.

An interesting note is that I served as the Program Director at Camp Thunder Ridge exactly 40 years ago.  So, it will be fun to “be back home on the mountain”.  As I prepare to attend Thunder Ridge once more, I decided to type out my hand-written journal. I kept a record every day so many years back.  The activity reminded me of a lot of great memories.  

This lead me to try to find a few of the mentioned staff members on Facebook.  I would still like to hear from the twelve staffers with whom I worked that year.  I figure the youngest staffer could be up to age 54 now and the oldest would be Camp Director, Willard Hansen, and who knows how old he is?  Wow!  Can that be possible? 

Anyway, the journal has interesting entries. I could copy the whole ten pages but instead, here is the direct link for you to check out: Camp Thunder Ridge 1977 from Program Director Kevin Hunt Journal

Camp Thunder Ridge Slide by Kevin Hunt

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2 thoughts on “Looking Back 40 Years at Camp Thunder Ridge

  1. Darryl AlderDarryl Alder

    Today I was with Kevin at Thunder Ridge Scout Camp. I spent a few hours helping to train the camp staff in first aid.
    It is a fun group this year and it is fun to close the circle back with Kevin and his first years with BSA. We both attended camp school together, which he wrote about in our other blog (see
    I just read several days of his journals from back then. I really brings back memories from days gone by.

    1. AvatarKevin Hunt

      It was truly great to have Darryl Alder here with us at Thunder Ridge this week. He is truly a great man and has dedicated his life to Scouting in the Utah National Parks Council. And it was great to be with him in the Boss Hog Patrol at Camp School. In my 40 Years blog, I mentioned camp school but didn’t refer back to the fact that this is where Darryl and I were in our great “CD Boss Hogs” patrol. I am glad that he included the link to that article – my first blogging article ever. I will be posting many future blogs about Camp Thunder Ridge in coming days and weeks. So, watch this site for more details. I’ll post them soon. Kevin


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