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Aug 04, 2014

Maple Dell Scout Camp Thankful for Renovations

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Scouts wait for their turn on the new WIPE-Out course at Maple Dell Scout Camp

At the end of every week of camp we give surveys to Scout leaders to give them a chance to tell us about their experience. Conspicuous in the batch of surveys from Maple Dell Scout Camp this past summer was the word “new”: new waterfront equipment, new lake, new COPE cube, and a new nature center.

Leaders raved about the camp renovations. Every week a large percentage of troops said the most memorable experience they had at camp was at the new waterfront or on the COPE course. One leader said the new lakefront area and attractions were awesome enough to make it “tempting to come here every year.” Another leader wrote of an act of service that he witnessed at the COPE cube: “The staff helped a Down syndrome Scout from my troop, exhibiting great patience and encouragement. It was a highlight of the week for this boy and his father, who could not say enough good about the COPE staff.” Other troops expressed gratitude for the new nature center, which came in especially handy during rainy weeks. They said the new building was an excellent addition and made it easier for the boys to learn.

Blake Barney manning his big-time backhoe

Blake Barney manning his big-time backhoe

Maple Dell Scout Camp and the Utah National Parks Council would like to express their deepest appreciation to Blake Barney, Al Schellenberg, the Clyde Companies, and its employees, and the George S and Delores Dorè Eccles Foundation for their terrific and very generous contributions of time, labor and donations to renovate and transform Maple Dell Scout Camp’s lake, COPE, zip-line and Nature teaching areas.

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New beach, new docks, new inflatable water toys and best of all no more cattails and pond scum!

Together Blake Barney, Al Schellenberg and the Clyde Companies dredged the lake, reinforced and created new banks and swimming area, and transformed the lake into a sandy beach resort.

Their work vastly increased not only the capacity of the swimming and instructing areas, but also made them exciting and fun for everyone to swim in.

Inside donated lots of large, climb-on inflatables for swimmers to play on, as well as, a beautiful beach perimeter.

Zip line over Scout Lake at Maple Dell Scout Camp

Zip line over Scout Lake at Maple Dell Scout Camp


COPE Cube allows high adventure ropes courses for dozens at a time

In addition, also built a phenomenal high COPE/ropes course and zip-line across the lake. The high ropes C.O.P.E. Course, consists of elements suspended between 20ft and30ft. above the ground between wood poles and supports a low ropes course just below it. Participants challenge themselves to climb and/or traverse the elements by themselves in pairs or with support from a larger group, with their troop or team. employees came to camp and re-painted and repaired many buildings and the main amphitheater.

Eccles Nature Center 2014

Eccles Nature in full swing this summer

The George S and Delores Dorè Eccles Foundation built a new Nature Center in camp that provides both inside and outside classrooms (three in all) for teaching related merit badges and classes.

Maple Dell Scout Camp, open year-round , is located up Payson Canyon, on the scenic Mt. Nebo Loop, and is the premier Scout Camp in Utah.

Established in 1946, the camp is conveniently located for Boy Scout Troops, church youth group organizations, family reunions, schools for outdoor education and business from Utah, Juab, Millard and Salt Lake Counties.

Clyde Lodge with new parking lot and driveway courtesy Clyde Companies

Clyde Lodge with new parking lot and driveway courtesy Clyde Companies

The camp has been a favorite camping and vacationing destination for three generations of Scouts and families around the world. The stately WW Clyde Lodge is perfect for trainings and retreats, and has been visited by dignitaries including LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson when he rededicated the lodge after its renovations in the 1990’s.

Come check out the exciting new additions and renovations to Maple Dell Scout Camp.

To reserve your campsite and book your troop campout, stake encampment of family reunion, contact Council Services at 801.437.6222 or visit the to catch up on what Scouting is doing in your area and what opportunities await you,

Dave Johnson


Author: David Johnson | Director, Maple Dell Scout Camp






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