By Adrian
Jun 01, 2015

Pinterest for Scouters

Most people think that Pinterest is just a website for women to share their recipes and cutesy crafts.  I have to admit, there is SOME truth to that, but it also can be an amazing tool for finding resources for your Scout Troop or Cub Pack.

There are literally thousands of boards out there run by Scout leaders, Scout parents, or even Scout Troops or BSA Councils.  You do not have to have a Pinterest account to just poke around on the website and just look at stuff.  When you find something you like, if you click on the photo, it usually will take you to a website that will have more information about that particular item or topic.  So it’s actually a very efficient visual search tool.  Then if you do sign up (free membership), you can save all the items you like on a “board” so you can refer back to them later and share them with other people.

I have three boards related to Scouting and they are chock full of great ideas.  My main Scouting board has over 500 pins, mostly related to Eagle Scout ceremonies because that’s one of my Troop functions.



I also LOVE little tricks and hacks for camping.  I had accumulated so many of them, I finally split them off onto a separate board.  I am the Camping Chair for our Troop, which is kind of funny because I am the ultimate “Indoor” girl!  They haven’t gotten me into a tent yet, but I do go along on some of the campouts where I can be in a cabin or a motor home, which is major progress for me!

My favorite tip is putting your spices in TicTac boxes, followed closely by the handwash station out of a laundry soap jug with papertowels on top.  Plenty of clever ideas out there.


I also help out with our Troop’s fundraising efforts and I sometimes do fundraising for several other Youth organizations, so I decided to set up a fundraising board aptly titled “Putting the FUN in Fundraising” to store all my fundraising resources and ideas.



Scouter Mom also has a ton of different boards with hundreds of ideas for Scouters at all levels.  You can search for individuals as well as topics – in the search bar, just put TheScouterMom or AdriansCrazyLife and we should pop right up.  Or if you click on the photos, it will take you directly to these boards.

UNPC PinterestScouterMomBoard

So, keep Pinterest in mind any time you are looking for new ideas for campouts, merit badges, activities, Cub crafts, or anything else Scout-related.

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