By Maria Milligan
Mar 02, 2018

Save Money and Support Local Scouting with the Scout Saver Card

As a student at BYU, I bought the Starving Student Card every year. I loved all the free and discounted deals that meant I could date, eat out, explore, and have fun without breaking the bank. This year, my husband and I will do the same thing with the Scout Saver Card and support local Scouting at the same time.

Get Awesome Deals with the Scout Saver Card, on Sale Now for $20

The Scout Saver Card has over $1000 in free offers and $4,000 in discounts (mostly buy one get one free) at hundreds of Utah Valley restaurants, venues, gyms, sporting events, movie theaters, museums and more. You can play laser tag or go bowling, then head to El Pollo Loco or Wingers for dinner, all at half price. Or, get a free rock chip repair followed by a free haircut. There are enough deals on this card to last all year. And my favorite part? You’ll try new things and explore the area more than ever before.

The card is also your free pass to the 2018 Utah County Scout Expo in April, which you will not want to miss. This awesome three-day event will bring together Scouts and community organizations from throughout Utah County to provide a day of intergenerational family fun through hands-on exhibits, competitions and displays.

Support Local Scouting

Over 70% of proceeds from the Scout Saver Cards go to support local Scouting. For every $20 ticket a Scout sells, $10 goes into his unit’s account to pay for camp, awards, NYLT, Scout Shop gear, etc. Another $4 goes to the Utah National Parks Council to support Scout programs and services.

You can buy cards from your local Scout unit. If they aren’t selling yet, have them come check out some cards from the Orem Scout office. If your Scout unit has elected not to participate, you can also buy your cards directly from the Orem Scout office.

You can also buy cards online here: Scout Saver Cards 

Earn Your Way to Camp

Scouts, this is a great way to pay for your summer camp experience next year. Take a look at which camp you want to go to and the activities you want to do, divide the total cost by ten, and you’ll know how many cards you need to sell to get there. Sell eight cards and you can pay for central dining (no blackened scrambled pancakes for you!). Has your crew been dreaming about going to the World Jamboree but you haven’t been able to come up with the funds? Here’s your chance.

This is also a great opportunity for young women groups to pay for their summer camp. Sell tickets to the Expo and come to a Council camp next summer to climb, rappel, sail, mountain bike, and more!

Selling these Expo ticket cards shouldn’t be too difficult. They pay for themselves in free goods and services and people will be using them all year long. Clint Lawton, our director of field services, told me this morning that his son has sold 63 so far in just 3 hours worth of selling time to people in his ward and neighborhood.

Note for LDS units: This fundraiser fits into the guidelines laid out in LDS Scouting Handbook (8.15): Scouting units may participate in Scouting shows, camporees and other BSA activities that involve the sale of tickets by boys or young men, as long as all other budget allowance guidelines are met.

For more information on selling Smart Savers Cards, check out the Scout Expo Page on our website.

Maria Milligan


Author: Maria Milligan | Grant Writer, Utah National Parks Council, BSA.

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