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Nov 17, 2014

Scout camps now open to all

tifie pool

Camp Tifie pool at Mt. Dell Scout Ranch

Scout camps aren’t just for Boy Scouts. Sanpete County residents can especially take advantage of Tifie Boy Scout Camp—a full-featured summer camp located in Utah’s beautiful Sanpete Valley in the foothills just east of Mt. Pleasant.

Camp Tifie is part of the 600-acre Mountain Dell Scout Ranch. Located at just under 9,000 feet above sea level, Tifie is nestled among the oaks, aspens and pines.

The camp offers a commissary feeding program, heated Olympic-sized swimming pool, shooting ranges and various other camping and program areas. Tifie’s location and amenities make it an ideal setting for groups and organizations of all kinds to gather, learn, play and love the outdoors, states the press release.

Burch Lodge at Camp Tifie

Burch Lodge at Tifie Scout Camp at night

The camp opened in the summer of 2009, and improvements have been made ever since. For instance, the Burch Lodge at Tifie was dedicated on June 13 of this year, and a recent posting on the camp’s Facebook page says “Stained log siding is going on the [Center for Excellence] CFE building at Tifie Scout Camp, surrounded by autumn leaves.” The Facebook page includes a number of photos, and more information on Tifie is at

The Utah National Parks Council now offers its 12 properties, equipment, experts and programs for use by other groups and organizations, so all who would like to can experience the natural beauty, adventure, learning and character-building that Scouts receive every summer at camp.

You can customize your experience to include such things as Boy Scout-led programs, such as challenge-course activities, aquatics, shooting sports and biking, in addition to self-conducted activities such as hikes, games, spiritual mountaintop experiences and firesides.

Depending on the location, food services are also available.

Family 2Some of the types of groups and activities that can be accommodated at the camps for spiritual, growth and fun experiences include youth conferences, Girl Scout troops, girls camps, Boy Scout weekend campouts, family reunions, business retreats, church groups (including firesides), treks for youth and even custom-built activities designed by you.

Youth leadership training, utilizing the National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT Timberline) to prepare youth for future education and careers and helping them understand servant leadership, can also be experienced at the camps.

Primary Activity Days can be held at the camps. Primary presidencies can utilize the camp’s programs to provide Primary-led activities, such as Activity Day girl experiences, Cub Scout day camps, Webelos day camps and 11-year-old camps.

TR COPEIn addition, high-adventure activities are available at the camps. Many of the camps have COPE (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) and climbing areas and are located near hiking and biking trails and rivers for rafting.

If your group and activity can benefit from being outside, these Scout camps are an option.  Learn more at  For questions or to reserve your spot, contact Tennys Bird at or (801) 437-6221.

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