By Katie Morrell
Jul 20, 2017

What Scouts Have to Say About Tifie Scout Camp

When I started working at Tifie Scout Camp, our Ranger, Brent, told me to take time to fall in love with the stars again. I have spent a lot of time thinking about what he meant (and looking at the stars).  In a way he was inviting me to look at something that I am always surrounded by, but to see it with new eyes. His invitation was a chance for me to remember how much I love the stars.

This blog post may seem a little nontraditional. This post does not focus on one particular story or event.  Rather, I wanted to give my readers a chance to fall in love with Scouting again. This is an opportunity to see Scouting through the eyes of Scouts.  Enjoy!


What is the coolest thing you’ve seen at Tifie this week?

“The stars. Last night we went out for a star party and we saw hundreds of stars. We found the Big Dipper and the Crab. It was the first time I ever looked at the stars with a telescope.”


What has been your favorite part of camp so far?

“Woodcarving. He [the woodcarving staff] asked me how good I was at carving and I said ok. He said I’d have to pay close attention then and when I finished my face he said it was really, really good. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried.”

Kaden is holding a face that he is designing for his next woodcarving project.


What has been your favorite thing this week?

“The COPE course. I’m not going to lie, it was scary at first but when I got up there I took a deep breath and it was really fun.  I also like making friends with other troops. We made friends with Elk and some guys over there.”

Maxx, Ryan, and Ty

What has been your favorite thing about Tifie?

“The honor trail.”


“I felt like I could relate to it” (Maxx).

“I thought it would be a boring hike, but it ended up being really spiritual” (Ryan).

“One person said to see where you’re walking and if you’re walking with the right people and I knew that I was walking with the right people” (Ty).


Do you have any advice for other Scouts?

“Don’t lie. Lots of people lie but it’s against the Scout law.


What has been the craziest thing you’ve seen this week?

“The deer. I was walking back into my campground and we have a shelter over there and a deer came running from behind the shelter. I just ran. It was a buck.”

Zander & Eli

What have you enjoyed most at Tifie?

“All the running around.”

Zander and Eli were zipping around the dining hall  helping clean up after dinner.  They stopped long enough for a picture and to answer one question.

Troop 1214

What has been the craziest thing that has happened to you this week?

“The squirrels. Three of them got into our camp trailer. They ate our ritz and Doritos.”


What has been your favorite part of camp?

“Archery. I am really good at it. I got four bullseyes in one round. We shoot ten arrows in each round. I probably got 30 bullseyes in total.”


What has been your favorite thing you’ve done this week?

“The canoe race, even though it hasn’t happened yet. It took probably a day and a half to make the boat. It is shaped like this (he drew a rectangle and triangle shape on the wall).

So like a rocket ship?

“Yeah, pretty much a rocket ship.”

Later that day I saw Devan at the canoe competition and I had never seen anyone so excited about the race.


Author: Katie Morrell | Marketing Director, Tifie Scout Camp


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2 thoughts on “What Scouts Have to Say About Tifie Scout Camp

  1. AvatarRobin Mellor

    Great Article…your insights & attention to details make for very interesting reading…
    Your next article should be on how friendly you are & how easily you get on the boys level…especially when playing Football 🏈
    Keep up the good work!
    Troop 372, Henderson NV

    1. Katie MorrellKatie Morrell Post author

      Thanks for the comment Robin! I’m glad that you enjoyed reading the article. We loved having your troop up here this summer. I should probably do my next article on how well your troop plays football. Please come back next year!


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