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Jul 21, 2015

Special Needs Day at JJ

Special Needs Archer

Special Needs Archer at Camp JJ

For the past five years, Camp Jeremiah Johnson has held a Special Needs Day.  This day is set aside for youth with special needs of any kind starting at age 8 to come to camp and participate in all that Camp Jeremiah Johnson has to offer.

Wheel Chair patriotism

Wheel chair patriotism

Class sizes are small which allows the campers to receive one on one attention to help them succeed in all kinds of activities such as BB guns, archery, boats, crafts, sling shots and much more.

special needs sling shot

The joy of hitting the target!

This year we had a young man with autism come to our sling shots station.  He couldn’t get enough of it.  He was so excited to be able to shoot a sling shot he didn’t want to move on and try anything new.

Finally, after about ninety minutes of shooting his leaders convinced him to try a new activity.  When he left camp he was so happy and had a big smile on his face because he had learned a new skill and got to try something completely new.

Special Needs Staff

JJ’s staff enjoy Special Needs Day at Camp

Special Needs Day is a day that even the Camp Staff look forward to.  They love working with such happy, excited campers.  Often they comment about how good it feels to work with these youth and how grateful they are to have had the opportunity.

Staff love and support special needs children

Staff love and support special needs children

Special Needs Day is a day we will always look forward to along with its laughter, excitement and even a few tears

Author: Lillian Reynaud | Registrar, Camp Jeremiah Cub Scout Day Camp

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