By Susan Cheever
May 26, 2017

On the Road to Success—2017 Construction Update

The bumpy, dusty road to Mountain Dell Scout Ranch will soon be much smoother. The Clyde Company will pave the dirt road leading to Tifie Scout Camp and the parking lot of the Burch Lodge at their cost, a tremendous savings to the Council.

Scouts attending summer camp will have a much more pleasant trip. The road will also give us year-round access to the property for a variety of activities.

The Bosshardt family led with a substantial contribution, and they were joined in this endeaver by Dr. Dwight Inouye and his foundation and the Crookston/Mortensen family. As you can see from the picture, the road is well under way.

New Campsite at Perl Training Center

Lowes employees work along-side Utah National Parks Council employees

We are adding a 4th campsite to the Perl Training Center at the Mountain Dell Scout Ranch. Thanks to Lowes, the shower house for that campsite was nearly completed in just 3 days. Through their “Day of Service” Program, Lowes pays their employees while they donate 8 hours of public service. They arranged for the Utah National Parks Council to receive a total of five 8-hour days of donated labor. These men and women worked alongside our camp rangers, a camping director, and a couple of district directors to build this new shower house.

After those three days, we just needed to finish up by painting, hanging the lights, running a water line, installing a septic drain, and running power to the campsite. With a donation of $10,000.00, we could add a pavilion as well.

Amphitheater at Tifie Scout Camp

New amphitheater is going up fast

Work will start soon on a large new amphitheater next to the Bill Burch Lodge. It will seat 600, so it will be a great place for campfire programs during stake and ward activities, summer camp, LDS Youth Conferences, girls’ camps, treks, multi-stake EFY-type events, community trainings, events, workshops, and more.

New Water Tanks

We are adding one 17,000-gallon water tank to the water system at Beaver High Adventure Base and two of those tanks to the Mountain Dell water system. This gives us security knowing that even in a dry year we can provide a great camp experience with plenty of water for drinking and cooking as well as showers and flush toilets.

Remodel of Staff Lodge at Maple Dell

Work is underway to expand the functionality of the staff lodge at Maple Dell Scout Camp. The whole building has been gutted as workers are actively building new walls, rewiring, and cutting the floor for new plumbing.

When this remodel is finished, the staff lodge will have a larger and more functional kitchen with a new pantry and indoor serving area, two new ADA compliant bathrooms with showers, and a training room.

Sign and Gate at Quail Creek

Little Philmont participants driving to Marion D Hanks Scout Camp at Quail Creek March 24–25 had no doubt they had come to the right place when they drove up to the new gate with the sign proclaiming the property “Quail Creek”, bearing the iconic Fleur de Lis symbol of the Boy Scouts of America. Thank you State Bank of Southern Utah for the generous donation that funded this project.

There is a 16′ clearance under the sign, so it should be able to accomodate any vehicle or load that will ever need to be driven through it.

Quail Creek Donor Rock Nearing Completion

A Permanent monument has been erected at Quail Creek to honor those whose contributions made it possible to build the Marion D Hanks Scout Camp. The picture shown here is a rendering of what it will look like when the tiles listing donor names have been added. Youth will experience life-changing growth and leaders will be inspired, motivated, and taught at this tremendous facility. Your contributions will continue to change lives for generations to come.

Again We Thank All of Our Generous Donors

We are so grateful for the support of generous and forward-thinking volunteers and donors who make it possible for us to provide life-changing opportunities for thousands of youth, boys and girls.

Susan Cheever


Author: Susan Cheever | Utah National Parks Council Development Team Administrative Assistant


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