By Melany Gardner
Apr 28, 2017

Take the Quiz: Where Should Your Scout Go Camping This Summer?

Camp is only a few more weeks out. Do you know where you’re going to for Scout camp yet? Have your Scouts take the following quiz to see what Utah National Parks Council camp jives with their likes and personality. 


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Possible Answers:

Tifie Scout Camp:

Tifie Scout Camp is a full featured summer camp located in Utah’s beautiful Sanpete Valley in the foothills just East of Mt. Pleasant, Utah. At just under 9,000 feet above sea level, the camp is nestled among the oaks, aspens and pines. Eat at the beautiful Burch Lodge, race cardboard boats at the heated olympic-sized swimming pool, or climb in the COPE cube. Shooting range and camp site galore, this is the camp for you.

Scofield Aquatics at Frandsen Scout Ranch:

The aquatics camp rests in its own bay adjacent to the Madsen Bay at Scofield State Park. These alpine waters offer great sport fishing, crawdad catching, canoeing, sailing, island outpost camping, swimming, lifesaving, rowing, kayaking and waterskiing. Frandsen Scout Camp also offers a central dining hall that maximizes program time for campers.

Maple Dell Scout Camp:

Nestled in Payson Canyon, Maple Dell is the flagship camp of the Utah National Parks Council offering top-notch program at a convenient Utah County location. Climb on the COPE cube and ride the zipline over the lake. Learn skills at the Eccles Nature Center or camp with the whole stake at the Stake Activity Center. You’ll quickly fall in love with this camp’s Native American lore and tradition.

Thunder Ridge Scout Camp:

Located just below the Brian Head Ski Resort in Iron County, Thunder Ridge is a great destination for Scouts looking for a unique camping experience. Ideal for trekking through the back-country, this camp is as adventurous as it is beautiful. With the wide array of Adventure Tracks available, this is the camp for you. 


Beaver High Adventure Base:

Located east of Beaver in the top of the Tushar Mountains, Beaver offers an adventure ideal for Varsity and Venturing as well as youth conferences, Young Women camps and Young Men encampments. From rock-climbing, rappelling, ropes course and more, this is the camp for you. 

Entrada High Adventure Base:

Located near Moab below Dead Horse Point State Park, Entrada is a red-rock camping paradise. This desert oasis gives you access to some of the best national and state parks in the world including, Arches, Canyonlands and Goblin Valley. Adventure abound at this destination for mountain biking, climbing and whitewater rafting excursions. Entrada is it’s name and high adventure is it’s game — this is the camp for you. 

High Uintah Scout Camp:

Located on the east slope of the Uintahs, High Uintah rests among grand dinosaur bones and geology digs. The camp offers experiences from miles of wilderness adventure in the pine and aspen trees to some waterfront fun doing fishing, canoeing and sailing. This camp is best known for it’s expert merit badge instruction often let by local professors and professionals. If you’re looking for fun in all the right places, this is the camp for you.

Blue Mountain Scout Camp:

Located in the Abajo Mountains of Southeastern Utah, Blue Mountain was the ancient home of the Anasazi Indians. By incorporating these Native American’s culture and heritage in our program, this camp makes for a fascinating Scouting experience. Study nature, walk the Trail of the Ancients, or choose a survival track to test your outdoor skills.  



Author: Melany Gardner | “The Boy Scout” Editor and Marketing Specialist, Utah National Parks Council

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One thought on “Take the Quiz: Where Should Your Scout Go Camping This Summer?

  1. AvatarMaloree Anderson

    I got Scofield! That makes me feel good because that is one of the camps that I want to go to!


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