By Scott Major
Apr 11, 2015

Tavaputs Cub Day Camp at Scofield Scout Camp

Teepees on bayScofield Scout Camp at Frandsen Scout Ranch is one of the Council’s most versatile properties and with central dining facilities it lends itself to large groups. We have hosted National Youth Leader Training (Timberline NYLT), Wood Badge, LDS Stake Encampments, LDS Young Women’s Camp, Order of the Arrow Conclaves, Family Reunions and more. But an often overlooked program is day camping for both new Scouts and Cub Scouts. Here is how the local district, Tavaputs, uses it:

cub archery2Each summer the Tavaputs District uses Scofield Scout Camp as a location for a day camp designed for Cub Scouts. Jeremiah Johnson is a great camp and works very well with people traveling but some people in the Tavaputs District would have to travel around 4 hours one way to participate. For this reason, we decided to run our own Cub Day camp.

Since I have been involved the last two years, the day camp committee has expressed strong interest in using Scofield for day camp. I think that this is because Scofield Scout Camp provides so many other opportunities that all on their own would be easy but together it would be very difficult to bring together outside of camp.

9444736831_a8eecedced_mThey include: archery (lots of equipment and safety concerns), handicraft (lots of equipment), aquatics (requires specialized staff, equipment and water), shooting sports (lots and lots of expensive equipment, specialized staff and a range) and much more! All of these activities together make a great camp and provide awesome opportunities for the boys to participate in. The boys enjoy a full day of cool activities and leave very tired.

Not to mention the positive atmosphere that being at a Scout camp creates in a young Cub Scout. It gives him an opportunity to see what a Scout camp looks like and look forward to the time he will get to spend there as a Boy Scout in the coming years.

If you have interest in using this property, contact Steve Sutherland at the Orem Service Center, 801.437.6222

Scott Major

Author: Scott Major | District Executive, Tavaputs District, Utah National Parks Council



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