By Scott Major
Jul 15, 2015

Scofield Scout Camp, an Adventure Just Waiting for You!

When you hear the name Scofield Scout Camp what do you think of?


Scofield is a place of opportunity for Scouts to be themselves, to make memories, and to have fun.


Justin serves on staff at Scofield Scout Camp at Frandsen Scout Ranch this summer

Justin, one of our staff members this summer has this to say:

Scofield isn’t about merit badges, it’s about the memories here that will stay with me throughout my life. I’m fifteen years old and I’m part of the amazing staff here at Scofield.

Last year, July 2014, I came to Scofield with my troop from Colorado. The memories I made here with my troop friend and all of the staff, the memories I made shooting archery and hiking, all of those memories had an amazing effect on me. All those memories drove me to become what inspired me.

I work here not for the pay, I work here because I can be an inspiration to a young man. I have the opportunity to inspire a young man to do something amazing in life. That’s what Scofield is about.

Changing lives for the better. Sure you could go to any camp and have a connection, but Scofield is special. The memories and friends you make here you will never forget. You may forget some for the activities that you do, or some of the merit badges you earn but you will never forget the friends you make here.

That is a Scofield staff guarantee. Scofield changed my life, come to Scofield and let us change yours!

Also, another staff member, Eudo, put together a short commercial for us:

Here is a quick tour of the Aquatic Programs and Activities at Scofield Scout Camp at Frandsen Scout Ranch—A Beautiful and Adventurous Place.

If you have interest in using attending camp or using this property off season, contact Scott below or Steve Sutherland at the Orem Service Center, 801.437.6222

Scott Major
Author: Scott MajorDistrict Executive, Marketing Executive, and In-Camp Director for Scofield Scout Camp at Frandsen Scout Ranch


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7 thoughts on “Scofield Scout Camp, an Adventure Just Waiting for You!

  1. Darryl AlderDarryl Alder

    I took Troop 59 about 15 years ago. We stayed at Last Chance campsite. I drunk in the views and cooked my gut out for those guys. Now look at the place: central dining, water adventures extraordinaire, archery on the lake, crawdad hunts! Oh my gosh, make me a boy again!
    Scott thanks for sending us these two staff notes. I love this camp and the fun that is to be had there. It’s great to see it continuing under your leadership.

  2. AvatarCarma

    The only time I have been to Scofield is when I dropped off my youngest son for his OA ordeal. It looked like a wonderful camp!

    One of my other sons went to camp there several years ago. He was at that age when he wasn’t too interested in participating. One of the staff recognized this, and reached out to him. They seemed to know just what to do and say, to help him become more involved. He ended up having a great experience!

  3. AvatarJoel Zabriskie

    I was on staff for a Wood Badge course at Scofield in 2001. It was great to be at a camp with aquatics activities. Great opportunities for skill development and growth in the great outdoors!

  4. AvatarLeah Overson

    It looks like a good place to spend some time in the outdoors. Is autumn very busy there? Maybe the fall camporees would be popular. It isn’t very far from Utah County is it?

  5. AvatarAndrew the Great

    I think it is great that we have good camps with aquatics here in the Utah National Parks Council. Growing up in Utah I went to Camp Steiner and was introduced to sailing with the Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge, then the next year we went to Bear Lake Aquatics Camp. Those were both good camps, but none of them had the awesome inflatable stuff I saw in the movie of Scofield Scout Camp at Frandsen Scout Ranch! I wish they would have had something like that at the camps I attended as a Scout.

    Those really make an aquatics camp more interesting. If I were choosing between the various camps in Utah that had aquatics I would go for the ones with those fun inflatable things in the water. I don’t think there is a Merit Badge for climbing an inflatable iceberg and jumping off, but what cool experience to have a camp. What a great thing to have a Scout Camp. I was just imagining how much fun that must be to swim out to on hot day, then climb up and jump off! That is better than the high dive at the pool! Thanks for posting this movie clips. Also the little commercial for Scofield was well done.

  6. AvatarTyler Bradford

    Please tell me the name of an excellent staff member here. I only got his nickname, and that was Stevo.


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