By Kimball Vaughn
Sep 27, 2017

To All Scouts Who Didn’t Come to the Merit Badge Adventure at Camp JJ: “You Missed Out!”

9 out of 10, that’s how three Scouts rated their experience at the Merit Badge Adventure at Camp Jeremiah Johnson this past weekend. Over 20 young men and their fathers huddled together in the unusually cold September weather, made friends and earned merit badges.

Berkley Clemmons, A Scout from Eureka, UT, making some pancakes.

On one side of Camp JJ, 11-14 year-old boys learned the basics of cooking over a fire and on a hot skillet. They got some good practice cooking a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods.

When asked what his favorite thing to make for the cooking merit badge, Stockton, a Scout from Eureka, UT, replied, “Breakfast. We made hash browns, sausage, omelets, pancakes, and hot chocolate.”

Scouts not only made their own breakfast, but they hand washed all of the dishes. Take notes parents, this is a great opportunity for your boys to learn how to cook and clean.

Just across the bridge, another troop worked on their personal fitness merit badge. These Scouts were instructed on proper nutrition and they earned points for answering questions. The boy with the most points won a prize of his choice.

Scouts from Eureka, UT cleaning their dishes from breakfast.

Although the weather was quite chilly, everyone had a good time answering questions, and building stronger friendships with each other.

After the lesson, the real fun began. Everyone in the troop assessed their physical abilities with a push-up, pull-up, and sit-up test. The boys created a fitness plan for the next 3 months to help them stay in tip top shape.

A Scout from Utah County doing pushups for his physical fitness test.

Both groups participated in some night games including capture the flag and then camped out under the stars. “It was really cold,but I loved sleeping in the hammocks,” recounts Eureka, UT Scout, Jack Johnson.

Another bonus was that the campout counted towards one of the 20 required campouts for the camping merit badge.

From cooking out, working out, and camping out Scouts at Camp JJ had a blast. In the words of all the Scouts who attended this past weekend, “If you didn’t’ attend Camp JJ you missed out!”

But just because you missed this adventure camp doesn’t mean you missed the boat entirely. You can still sign up for more Merit Badge Adventures in Oct. and Nov. at Camp JJ, Tifie Scout Camp, or Marion D. Hanks Scout Camp.

Camp JJ, has two more merit badge adventure camps this year that you can sign up for. Register for the weekend of Oct 13th-14th here. Camping is just $20.00 per troop, which will count towards one of the 20 campouts for the camping merit badge.

Scout troop from Utah County working on their three-month workout plans.

Additionally, Scouts can sign up for the cooking merit badge (supplies will be provided) for just $20.00. Or Scouts can sign up for the Family Life, Personal Management, and Personal fitness merit badges for $10.00.

You can also register for the weekend of Nov 10th-11th here. Again, camping is $20.00 per troop, and the cooking merit badge is $20.00.

Since the weather will only get colder, Scouts should make sure to bring a warm set of clothes and camping gear.

Sign up today for a weekend of food, fun, and friendship.



Author: Kimball Vaughn | PR Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council

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