By Michelle Carpenter
Sep 17, 2016

Five Unusual Uses for Maple Dell Scout Camp

You might think Maple Dell Scout Camp is an ideal place to take Scouts camping, and you’re right. It’s proximity to nature, updated facilities, and hip camp staff are enough to make any teenage boy’s head spin. But, here are some unusual uses for the camp you might not have considered:

1. Throw a playful wedding reception.

Dreading the long line of strangers and uptight clothing of a typical reception?  Exchange the  strange line for a zip line, and keep it casual by booking your reception at Maple Dell Scout Camp. If you want something classy, you can have that too. Host a large dinner in the new stake activity center, and take advantage of its equipped kitchen. Plus, what says great decorations better than the backdrop of nature?

12119714835_d1a4c7a98a_z2. Take your employees on a retreat.

Sometimes, it’s nice to work outside the blandness of four white walls and office desks. Take your employees somewhere  they can think more clearly and stress less (yes, nature tends to do the job!). And, you don’t even have to worry about having technical resources. You can utilize the Digital Media Center to create and edit presentations.

3. Have Girl’s Camp there, for crying out loud.

Girls just want to have fun. But they also want to grow spiritually, gain life skills, and make memories. It’s time to consider Maple Dell for more than just the boys. The girls in your ward or stake will be able to  accomplish all the necessary requirements while at the camp. Also, what female won’t appreciate the benefits of new showers while camping?

4. Utilize the grounds for a great youth conference.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints explains the purposes of youth conference on their website: “Build faith in Jesus Christ, strengthen testimonies, develop talents, make new friends, and have fun with youth who share similar beliefs and standards.”  Maple Dell Camp blends the spirituality of nature with the fun of outdoor recreation to achieve that goal.

5. Host your next family reunion.

maple dell CubeA family that camps together, stays together. At least, we think that’s how the saying goes. There’s plenty for your relatives to enjoy: archery, shooting, rock climbing, zip lining, and more. Besides, if you really want to tie your family together, the new High COPE Ropes Challenge Course should do the job.

From eager Scouts to playful brides, Maple Dell Scout Camp, or any of your other 12 camps,  can be used in ways you might not have imagined. Have ideas for how you want to use the camp? Contact John Gailey for rental questions.


Author: Michelle Carpenter | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council.

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5 thoughts on “Five Unusual Uses for Maple Dell Scout Camp

  1. AvatarMaloree Anderson

    So much yes in this article! Maple Dell Scout camp is a great place to host any kind of event or party. The staff there are so incredibly helpful and the facilities are updated and ready for anyone or anything. It’s also so beautiful with the lake and the scenery. You can be up in the mountain and enjoying nature AND have access to a toilet, (woohoo!). Can’t wait to take a work retreat with my co-workers!

    1. John GaileyJohn Gailey

      We have done groups as small as 20 and as large as 200. Some of our buildings (like the new Activity Center) do have some size limits (around 75) that can fit inside at any one time.


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