By Kevin Golding
Jun 22, 2014


1On June 5 -7 an excited group of Varsity Scouts and their leaders converged on Beaver High Adventure Base ready for participation in the 4th annual WAHOO Encampment.

Thursday, June 5, started out with a Service Project of helping sand and stain wooden toys for Tiny Tim’s Toy Varsity Vision newsletter for August 2014Factory. More than one hundred cars were sanded and stained in a little over an hour. These cars will be assembled and sent to children in Africa where they may only get one toy in their entire life.

In the evening there was Leave No Trace activities organized to help all remember the responsibilities we have when we are in the out-of-doors. After the sun went down we all met for songs and skits. Each unit participated in a song or skit. The program was fun and relaxing for all. The campfire program was topped off with a U. S. Flag retirement.

2-man sawing

2-man sawing competition during the Rendezvous games

Friday, June 6, was filled with activities and events. A patriotic Flag Ceremony started the day, with C.O.P.E., Team Building, Climbing & Repelling, .22 Rifle, Muzzle Loaders, Frisbee Golf, Bike Riding, Kubb, G.P.S. Course, and On Target filled the day.

Atlatl spearing

Atlatl spearing


Foot races at Rendezvous—you try running at 9000 ft

Friday afternoon was jam packed with a Mountain Man Rendezvous. Participants tried their hands at Muzzle Loaders, Atlatl (Spear Throwing), Hawks & Knives, Flint & Steel, 2 Man Saws, an “A-frame” building & walking. As the last event of the rendezvous there was a WAHOO Relay (John Coulter Relay) to test the skills learned during the rotations. All teams received a reward for their efforts.

Friday Night’s Campfire Program included a visit from Al Thacker, of the Tiny Tim’s Toy Factory, sharing stories of making toys for children and the miracles that come around because of serving the children. Also visiting was Gary Dollar, representing the BSA Western Region Varsity Committee; he spoke on the topic of being prepared for what is going to come before us. The BHAB Staff shared their songs and skits. And a pirate story as well. Lamarr Jones shared his story telling talents with us for a laugh or two.

“A” frame walking

To cap off the evening, we had a Commitment Trail experience. The Scout Law was presented with a scripture added to the principle of the Scout Law. At the last station there was a wood token given to help remember the commitments and goals we had made for ourselves. This wood token was a piece of wood from the construction of the Payson, Utah LDS Temple.

Saturday morning was again filled with a flag ceremony and activities. Flint Knapping (arrowhead making) was available on Saturday. 7As lunch time arrived all were filled with food. Then we loaded up for home knowing that we had all been fed and challenged physically, mentally, and spiritually. Thanks to all that made the WAHOO experience possible for us to enjoy.

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