By Darryl Alder
Jun 11, 2014

Webelos take Adventure to Buckhollow

WWA Flag and Skyline

Webelos start the day with flag ceremony facing the stunning back side of Provo Peak

I’ve been a Webelos leader twice; both times I took my scouts to Jeremiah Johnson Cub Scout Day Camp, which was a lot of fun, but there is something new for 10 year-olds at Webelos Wilderness Adventure. Most Webelos are ready for more rugged day camping than Cub Scouts and Buck Hollow is a great introduction to outdoor adventure in Scouting. Stephanie Argyle of Pack 40 in Provo says the “setting is beautiful. I like that it is more wild–a good transition for Webelos.”14467368364_2e4759fc6f_k

Though the setting feels remote, it is only 7.5 miles east of Springville (however those last 2.5 miles demand a high profile vehicle or SUV to get into Buck Hollow with ease).

We start every day with a flag ceremony and jump right into Webelos specific programs.



14445415136_3fb255ec08_zDid you know that Webelos Scouts run every where? So it takes them no time at all to get to the far end of camp to shoot BB-guns and arrows, There is basic instruction, (which gives leaders time to catch back up ;-). Every boy at camp gets a chance to shoot—not much belt loop work, just a lot of fun. The boys are so excited when they hit a target! Kaileen Lund from pack 728 in Provo gave both ranges an A+ and said: “Safe, informative and well done!!


The camera crew had to duck from this marshmallow salvo.

The Engineer Activity Badge is a real hit with catapult construction. Once each Scout is done making his, the “marshmallow war” breaks out. For Aimee Krause, Pack 599 in Orem, it was “the hands on stuff” like “chasing the ‘red baron’ after the trebuchet launch.

Big Red

Trebuchet launching the “Red Baron”

Patricia Watson, packed 918 from Elk Ridge felt one of the best parts of camp is “completing activity pins.” Mostly we have fun, but there is a lot of badge work done for those who want it and many leaders have commented on helpful that is for their den’s summer program.

The full menu of Activity Badges includes:

  • Forester
  • Naturalist
  • Hiking
  • Readyman
  • Engineer
  • Artist

My favorite activity? … Forester!  For this badge, Scouts each need to identify six plants and six trees. Personally in the days leading up to camp I had fun identifying more than twenty interesting trees and shrubs and their uses—did you know that licking an aspen tree can help with a headache?

To better learn about the plants, I mounted a description and uses with pictures of leaves, bark and seeds on signs throughout camp. That way anyone can learn about the plant and tree uses.

Jim Manookin the Webelos Leader for Pack 928 in Orem said, ” I enjoyed the hiking and forestry stations the most. The staff pointed out and showed samples of indigenous plants and told how they can be used.” Another leader from pack 197 in Payson said that he “enjoyed learning about edible/poisonous plants” and that he liked mounting the specimens they collected, which each boy does right along with interested leaders.14488663593_08ab5c3689_z

I listened in to one staff warning the boys that vetch is called loco weed for a reason and none of them needed to even give it a try, … well since … this is probably not a good use of that plant, since some of them are already pretty loco.

Due to the overwhelming response to our new Webelos Wilderness Adventure Day camp we have opened additional days for the Webelos Scouts to attend on July 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, and 16th. You can register for the camp by clicking register now. Those who have attended the camp are loving it!

Author: Darryl Alder | Director of Support Services, Utah National Parks Council, BSA

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