By Madison Austin
Jun 15, 2017

Everything You Need To Know About What’s Happening This Summer At Entrada

The warmth of the red desert surrounds you as you as you pull into camp at Entrada High Adventure Base. It’s 6:30 am and the site is already bustling with life as the staff and campers get ready for a long day of excursions and activities in the Moab Desert. Entrada is special because there are so many things to do so close to camp, so whether you bring your stake or your Scout group, there really is something for everyone! Here are some of the activities you can enjoy. 

Rock Climbing 

The climbing staff at Entrada are trained really well and encourage everyone to give rock climbing, bouldering, and repelling a try. During my visit, I was able to reach the top of their 40′ climbing wall, thanks to the lessons and encouragement from the staff. Boy Scouts can learn the basics of climbing here then put their skills to the test here. The bell at the top of the wall is waiting to be rung by Scouts who can make it all of the way up!

Entrada also features a 120′ repelling wall for those both new and experienced at repelling. The friendly staff walk you through the whole thing, providing instructions and guidance so that your first step off the ledge is nothing but exhilarating.

A brand new bouldering wall has also just been installed on site. Created by staff members, this wall challenges anyone who wants to put their climbing skills to the test. 


For those who prefer to keep two feet (or wheels) on the ground, biking at Entrada is another exciting option. Biking staff can lead scouts on 40-mile adventures, including rides through Moab’s famous Magnificent 7 “Mag 7” trails. A fleet of Trek and Fezzari bikes are provided at the camp and are enjoyed by staff and campers alike! 



There’s nothing like the cool Colorado River on a hot Moab day! River rafting at Entrada will give you lots of opportunities to get wet and take a break from the heat of the day. While rafting the mighty Colorado River you can experience a wonderful stretch of whitewater and famous red rock canyons. The trips are easily accessible from camp, making it the perfect activity for any group to enjoy. Come to Entrada to sample the beauty and excitement of this river tour!


Canyoneering is new to Entrada, as of 2016. Here, participants can hike, scramble, and rappel through nearby canyons. This is a great opportunity to put your rappelling skills to the test, all while enjoying a scenic hike through the Moab Desert. 

Shooting Sports

Entrada has a shooting range and instructors that are ready for participants to visit. The range includes shotguns, rifles, pistols, archery, and knives. You will have a great opportunity to practice hand/eye coordination in sporting arrows. Handgun sports are for registered youth of Venturing age only, but there are plenty of other options at the shooting range!

Other Facilities

At Entrada, you will experience a unique camping experience, unlike any other. Campsites are situated throughout the rocks and plants, providing a scenic stay. The food at Entrada is also so much more than just camp food. Bring your hungriest Scouts and fuel them with a range of great meals. You’ll never be so well-fed at camp!



Entrada provides a one-of-a-kind experience in a world-class area, right in the heart of Moab, just outside Canyonlands and Arches National Park and Dead Horse State Park. Experience Entrada High Adventure Base this summer and find out why everyone gives this place two thumbs up!


Author: Madison Austin | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council 


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2 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About What’s Happening This Summer At Entrada

  1. AvatarRenee Lyman

    I really think this would be the most amazing experience for boys and girls alike. I wish I had been able to do these kinds of camps when I was a teenager but wasn’t even aware it was a possibility. I just hope to spread the word from here on out to get more youth going to Entrada or another similar camp!

  2. AvatarJeremiah Franco

    Our varsity team attended Entrada last summer for the first time. Our expectations were exceeded in every activity we participated in. As a varsity coach I was able to watch my team work hard in each activity from mountain biking to climbing and rappelling. They never left a teammate behind and bonded better than I could have ever expected. In one week their testimonies grew tremendously. Entrada was the most exciting high adventure camp I had ever attended.
    Jeremiah Franco Team 23 Kirtland NM


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