By Nicole Balmforth
Feb 08, 2019

Where to Go Camping: Camp Maple Dell

If you have ever faced the camping crowds during holiday weekends or have had trouble booking a campsite at the last minute, we are here to help. In this article, you’ll learn about our popular and conveniently located Camp Maple Dell and how you can camp there year-round.

Located just up Payson Canyon (Payson, UT) and accessible year-round by a paved road, Camp Maple Dell has seen its fair share of campers. With plenty of amenities, over 40 individual campsites, and a beautiful lake on its property, Maple Dell has it all. The campground remains open year-round to families, retreats, and events. During the summer, the canyon is a green oasis covered in trees and in the winter the canyon is usually snowy and white. Plan accordingly for the time of year when you visit our spectacular camp. 

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This camp has many activities that campers can get involved in. From archery and rifle shooting to swimming and a high ropes course, there are many options to keep you entertained while camping at Maple Dell. There are also seasonal activities, like snow-shoeing, which are great ways to stay active while camping out. The lake is ideal during summer for both swimming and canoeing. There are several trails nearby for the hiking enthusiast as well.


There are many amenities that can make your stay at Maple Dell comfortable and fun. The trading post is open each day, so don’t fret if you forgot a sleeping bag or some snacks, the trading post has got you covered. You can also find other essentials and memorabilia like pocket knives, crafts, flashlights, camp shirts, camping supplies, cold drinks, and souvenirs. 

Running water is available in many locations throughout the camp and is available for your use. Hot showers and toilets that flush are available in the late Spring through mid-Fall. Portable restrooms are available year round. Potable water spigots are also conveniently located at each campsite and throughout camp for your use. 

There are 42 comfortable campsites so spread out, there is room for everyone! Some campsites have covered wooden tables and/or fire pits which make cooking and eating easy. Check out the map of Camp Maple Dell in the link below for more information about the campsites, amenities, and activities.

For a map of the entire camp, click here: 2019 Maple Dell Map.


Not only does Maple Dell offer traditional camping options, but we have also recently listed some of our on-site cabins on Airbnb. Nestled on the edge of the Maple Dell property among the trees of the Uinta Forest, these cabins offer a more comfortable getaway with heating, kitchens, and even wifi. With an unbeatable price and a great location, our Maple Dell cabin experience is one you won’t regret. 

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For any reservation questions, contact the Orem Scout Office by calling 801-437-6222. The phone number for Camp Maple Dell from June 5th to August 12th is 801-465-3309. All phone calls will be answered during normal business hours.

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Author: Nicole Balmforth | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council

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