By Angela Shelley
Dec 08, 2018

Your summer dream job could be with our adventure staff!

Did someone say summer dream job?! Most summer jobs want to keep you inside during the warmest months and most beautiful days, and that sounds terrible. Join our adventure staff at camp so you can spend more time enjoying the summer the way it was meant to be enjoyed: outside!

Why work at camp? Besides general awesomeness, there are four main reasons to apply this summer: 1. paycheck 2. active, outdoorsy lifestyle with incredible coworkers 3. great skills and experience for your future 4. rent and food are included at summer camps.

Apply today: Camp Staff Application

1. Earn Money

JJ Staff (some)

Staff members making new friends and new memories.

We understand that this is usually one of everyone’s top priorities when looking for a job. While we have opportunities at both cub camps and summer camps, all but two of our camps (Camp Eagle Mountain and Camp Jeremiah Johnson) include room and board. This allows you to save more of that hard-earned money so you have what you need for school, dates, or whatever else your financial goals are.


2. Active, outdoorsy lifestyle with incredible fellow staff

Wondering what you’ll be doing at camp? Just ask three-year Junior staffer Bryce Klingonsmith. You can read more about Bryce’s experience at Camp Maple Dell (one of our many campsites) in Bryce: A Day in the Life of a Camp Staffer.

Three-year junior staffer Bryce Klingonsmith with another staff member.

As a staff member, you work hard, and it feels great. Depending on your work assignment, you may be assigned to help out with a specific troop and work with a variety of different activities such as archery, swimming, woodcarving, etc.

Staff serve as examples to the younger troops. Each week will bring new faces to the camp and provide you with new opportunities to serve. You’ll will make many new friends and create lasting memories along the way as you and your team work together.

3. Great skills and experience for your future

It makes a lot of sense to use your summer job as a stepping stone that develops and builds skills and confidence instead of just passing time for a paycheck.

Staff members working on a pioneering project together.

Working as camp staff offers one of the best opportunities to grow personally and professionally. It’s the type of experience that many look back on ten or twenty years later and say, “I’m the father/mother, husband/wife, employee today because of my experiences working at camp.”

In David Johnson’s article: Summer Camp Staff—is it Right for Your Teen, a returned missionary explains how working as staff at Camp Maple Dell prepared him to serve a full-time mission. In one of his mission letters home, he wrote, “Maple Dell is, for me, the greatest mission prep that there is. Thank you for all you’ve taught me.”

(More articles about how this job prepared missionaries to serve: How Serving on Camp Staff Prepared My Son for A Mission and Summer Camp Staff = Mission Preparation )

Another former staff member at Camp JJ, Spencer Bailey, recounts an experience where his influence as a staff member helped a young Scout engage more in Scouting. You can read more about his story in his article Four Summers as Staff at Camp JJ.

Everyone wants a mentor, someone to look up to, someone they can emulate. Working at camp gives you the chance to be a mentor to younger Scouts. When our young Scouts connect and become friends with their troops through serving them, it will have a lasting impact. Everyone can have an experience like Spencer Bailey — a chance to bless someone’s life through service.

The adventure of working at camp is so special that often over half our staff come back summer after summer. It offers incredible opportunities and experience that fulfill and bless camp staff in ways your typical summer job just doesn’t.

4. Rent and food are included for staff

nick at camp

Staff member helping a younger Scout in his troop.

All but two of our camps (Cub Camps: Camp Eagle Mountain and Camp Jeremiah Johnson) include all meals and rent. Depending on the age of the staff member, this can save a lot of money! Parents save on food, college students save on rent/food, 16+ year-olds save on gas, dates, eating out. This is a great advantage since your hard-earned money can be saved and financial goals can be reached. You’ll be so engaged in camp, working with your awesome team, and serving others while your little summer nest egg grows!

Apply for a Camp Staff Position Today

Whether you’re looking to earn a few extra dollars, create some lasting memories, prepare for the future, or bless lives, there’s something for everyone working at camp.

The Utah National Parks Council is accepting applications now, so click here to apply for a position today or share this article with a friend or family member who might be interested.

If you worked at camp or have a son, daughter, or friend who did, we’d love to hear about their experiences in the comments.

As always, Happy Scouting!

Author: Angela Shelley| Program Assistant and Marketing Representative, Utah National Parks Council

Author: Angela Shelley | is a writer, traveler, and Program Assistant for the Utah National Parks Council

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