By Kimball Vaughn
Feb 09, 2018

Why Should You Work on Camp Staff This Summer?

Are you looking for a summer job? Are you looking for a job that will help you be better prepared for a mission? Are you a college student struggling to find something meaningful to do this summer? Are you just back from a mission and  in need of job prospects? We’ve got an opportunity just for you — become a member of our camp staff.

Why should you become a camp staff member this Summer? Besides the fact that it’s a fun experience, there are four main reasons why you should apply as a staff member this summer. 1. Earn money, 2. Create lasting memories, 3. Be more prepared for a mission and the future, and 4. Bless lives.

Apply today: Camp Staff Application

1. Earn Money

JJ Staff (some)

Staff members making new friends and new memories.

College is expensive, missions aren’t cheap, food isn’t free, and let’s not forget about how much dating and hanging out with friends can cost!

Working at camp will provides you with an opportunity to earn enough money for college tuition, to pay for a full-time mission, to afford groceries, or to go on dates and hang out with friends.

Plus, working at camp means there’s no rent or food cost… and you’ll be far too busy having fun at camp to spend that hard-earned money elsewhere.

2. Create Lasting Memories

It’s great that you’ll be making money, but you are probably wondering you’ll will be doing at camp. Just ask three-year Junior staffer Bryce Klingonsmith. You can read more about Bryce’s experience working as a staff member at Camp Maple Dell (one of our many campsites) in Bryce: A Day in the Life of a Camp Staffer.

Three-year junior staffer Bryce Klingonsmith with another staff member.

As a staff member, you work hard. Every day you’re assigned to help out with an assigned troop. You’ll have the chance to work with a variety of different activities such as archery, swimming, woodcarving, etc.

Staff members will serve as examples to the younger troops there. Each week will bring new faces to the camp and provide you with new opportunities to serve. You’ll will make many new friends and create lasting memories along the way.

3. Be More Prepared For a Mission and The Future

You don’t want to work at a place where you’ll just make money for three months and come back the same person as you were before. You want  to go to a place where you will grow and build skills and confidence in your abilities. 

Staff members working on a pioneering project together.

A place that will prepare you for the future. Where they can look back ten or twenty years from now and say, “I’m the father/mother, husband/wife, employee today because of my experiences as a member of camp staff.

In David Johnson’s article: Summer Camp Staff—is it Right for Your Teen, a returned missionary explains how Camp Staff prepared him to serve a full-time mission. Prior to his mission, the missionary served as a staff member at Camp Maple Dell. In one of his mission letters home he wrote, “Maple Dell is, for me, the greatest mission prep that there is. Thank you for all you’ve taught me.”

You can also check out these other articles about how serving on as a staff member prepared missionaries to serve. How Serving on Camp Staff Prepared My Son for A Mission and Summer Camp Staff = Mission Preparation

That’s what it’s all about. Preparing Young Men and Women for the time as future missionaries, college students, parents, and leaders.

4. Bless Lives

nick at camp

Staff member helping a younger Scout in his troop.

In addition to earning money, creating lasting memories, and preparing for the future, this unique position will enable you to bless many lives. A former staff member at Camp JJ, Spencer Bailey, recounts an experience he had where his influence as a staff member helped a young Scout become more involved in Scouting. You can read more about his story in his article Four Summers as Staff at Camp JJ.

Everyone wants a mentor, someone to look up to, someone they can emulate. That’s what staff members are. Mentors to the younger Scouts. As they become friends with their troops and serve them, they will have a lasting impact. Everyone can have an experience like Spencer Bailey — a chance to bless someone’s life through service.

Apply for a Position Today

So, whether male or female, looking to earn a few extra dollars, create some lasting memories, prepare for the future, or bless lives, there’s something for everyone who works on staff.

The Utah National Parks Council is accepting applications now. Click here to apply for a position today or share this article with a friend or family member who might be interested.

If you served as a camp staff member or have a son, daughter, or friend who did we’d love to hear about their experiences in the comments below.

As always, Happy Scouting!


Author: Kimball Vaughn | PR Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council

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