By Ryan Bertram
Apr 25, 2015

Wondering how to pay for camp?

Popcorn SalesScouts around the nation sell popcorn to get there. Let us show you how:

How does online selling work?

Each Scout needs to self-register to sell online. Then they can jump right in like this little fellow (Please note he is not from our Council and his website is no longer active).

Here are a few steps on how your Scouts can get started:

  1. Go to and click on Create An Account in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Create a new account with your unit information. If you are under the age of 13, you will need parental approval to activate your account.
  3. CaptureOnce your account is created, you can spread the word to your family and friends, mom and dad’s coworkers, aunts, uncles, nearly anyone know, anywhere, via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  4. They can click on your Scout-specific link (within the email you send from your Scout account) and make a purchase on your behalf. Trail’s End will directly deliver the product to your customers home or work.
  5. Track your online sales once you are logged into your Scout account on

Where can I find my council’s sale end date?

Good news! The online sale sale is year round, which means you can start any time you want, but hurry if you want to sell popcorn for camp this year!

Information Needed to Create an Online Popcorn AccountoN LINE SALES

  • Council Name: Utah National Parks
  • District Name:
  • Unit Number:
  • Unit Type: (Pack, Troop, Team, Crew)

As a leader how do I view my Scouts’ online sales?

You can view all of your Scouts who have registered to sell online and their online sales within your account on Please note: This account is separate from your Popcorn System account.

How long does it take for orders to show up on my unit’s online sales history page?

Online orders will appear on your Order History page when the order has shipped. This is usually within 24 hours and with online orders, popcorn comes directly to the homes of your customers; you don’t have to deliver

70% of every online sale is returned to local Scouting. What does that mean?

70% of all online sales go to the Scout and council. The council sets your commission percentage for online sales; due to volume this varies from Scout to Scout.

How does your Scout receive the online commission each from selling online?

Trail’s End makes payments to councils at the end of every quarter for online sales. In turn the Council will issue a check at that time to each selling Scout.

LDS Church Fundraising Guidelines

Stakes and wards should fund Scouting youth activities from the budget allowance. If budget allowance funds are insufficient, young men may individually earn their own money for the cost of one annual camp. Annual day camp experiences for Cub Scouts also qualify as annual camps. If budget allowance funds are insufficient and young men are unable to individually earn enough for the one annual camp, they may hold group fund-raising activities (including sale of popcorn, if done in accordance with the Budget Allowance Guidelines)

LDS Handbook 2 – Administering the Church

If the ward budget does not have sufficient funds to pay for the following activities, leaders may ask participants to pay for part or all of them:

  1. One annual extended Scout camp or similar activity for young men.
  2. One annual young women camp or similar activity.
  3. One annual day camp or similar activity for Primary children ages 8 through 11.

If funds from participants are not sufficient, the bishop may authorize one group fund-raising activity annually that complies with the guidelines in 13.6.8.

13.6.8:  If a fund-raising activity is held, it should provide a meaningful value or service. It should be a positive experience that builds unity. Contributions to fund-raising activities are voluntary. Priesthood leaders should take special care to ensure that members do not feel obligated to contribute. Stakes and wards that sponsor fund-raising activities should not advertise or solicit beyond their boundaries. Nor should they sell products or services door to door.

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Author: Ryan Bertram  |  District Director, Utah National Parks Council


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2 thoughts on “Wondering how to pay for camp?

  1. AvatarJake

    While that site might be great for selling popcorn, someone from our council needs to get them updated with the correct district names and unit numbers/names. Scouts can’t sign up if they can’t pick the correct district/unit #.

  2. Ryan BertramRyan Bertram

    Thank you for your comment. You are correct and it is something we are working on. We are reliant on the popcorn company to update the districts/service areas. I can update individual units. If a unit is “missing,” the unit should email me expressing their interest to sell popcorn ( I will then add them to the online system.


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