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LDS/BSA Relationship
By Stan Lockhart
Mar 14, 2016

Our Council and the LDS Church

Much has been said about the BSA/LDS Church relationship over the past year. The policy and communication challenges have really been between National BSA and the Church (issues that are being addressed). At the council level, we simply serve BSA volunteers and boys. Part of the official LDS Church statement dated August 26, 2015 explains, […]

By Stan Lockhart
Mar 07, 2016

Teaching Youth to Do Hard Things

The youth of today are inundated with societal messages of instant gratification and the need for fun and entertainment. They are largely persuaded that they can have every reward with little work involved. Unfortunately, those who follow this path will reap what they sow. Many times, adults unintentionally allow their children to heed this siren’s […]

By Stan Lockhart
Feb 29, 2016

Journey to Excellence

You may have noticed Scouting is full of acronyms. Especially at the end of the year, you probably heard Scouters mention “JTE” or Journey to Excellence. According to National’s JTE webpage, “Scouting’s Journey to Excellence is the BSA’s council performance recognition program designed to encourage and reward success and measure the performance of our units, […]

By Stan Lockhart
Feb 22, 2016

Online Registration and Affordable Uniforms

Recently, our council and many other councils in the Western Region met with LDS Church leaders and National Council leaders to discuss how to better implement Scouting in the LDS Church. Over 100 people were there. We discussed a host of issues (You can read Darryl Alder’s report on the meeting and what was discussed […]

By Stan Lockhart
Aug 03, 2015

Been to the Scout office lately?

As a part of our survey of our Chartered Partners, we found that some people were not getting the help they needed when they visited the Scout office. That was unacceptable. So our UNPC staff implemented some changes to ensure customers leave with a good experience. We are changing the culture of the Scout Office […]

By Stan Lockhart
Jul 27, 2015

My Son’s Scout Experience

I’m an Eagle Scout. I remember well the campouts, working on merit badges, an Eagle project and Board of Review. And I remember my Eagle Court of Honor. I had a Scoutmaster who was trained and committed. My Scout experiences help me become who I am today. When my son entered Scouting, he was excited […]

By Stan Lockhart
Jul 20, 2015

Girls at BSA Camps

If you respond to this headline with a “What is the Utah National Parks Council doing?” and “Are you crazy?”, you wouldn’t be the first. Traditionally, our BSA camps are for Boy Scouts. About two years ago, our UNPC public relations volunteer, Rushford Lee, donated to us a survey of our Charter Partners. The returned […]

By Stan Lockhart
Jul 13, 2015

Moab Property

Our Council now has over 89,000 Scouts and is projected to grow by about 50% in the next 20 years. Having enough camps for these additional young men will prove challenging. Our Council currently operates Camp Entrada in Moab. However, there is even a greater need for Scout facilities in the area. We are working with […]

By Stan Lockhart
Jul 08, 2015

Appreciation for our supporters

I just learned that over 65,000 households contributed to Friends of Scouting in 2014. Your contribution went to provide Scouting to over 89,000 Scouts. Thank you. When we think of using these funds, the safety of each boy comes first for us. Next we want to ensure that a variety of activities are provided to […]

By Stan Lockhart
Jul 02, 2015

What are the Rights of BSA Chartered Partners?

With all the hubbub over Robert Gate’s comments at the May 2015 National Annual Boy Scout meeting, there is a little known fact about the existing relationship between each chartered organization/partner and their council. Each year an agreement is signed by both parties delineating duties of each. In that face-to-face meeting, an assessment of the […]

By Stan Lockhart
Jul 01, 2015

LDS Scouting Handbook

The 2015 LDS Scouting Handbook has just been released. There are numerous small, yet significant, changes in the new handbook. If you are a part of an LDS unit, you should become familiar with these policies and procedures. Future blog posts will highlight some of these changes. If I can help you in your Scouting […]

By Stan Lockhart
Jun 26, 2015

Get to Know Your Utah National Parks Council Leadership

I thought you might like to know who is leading the Utah National Parks Council, the largest council in the country.   Dave Pack is our professional Scout Executive.     Richard DuBois is our Council Commissioner. This is a volunteer position.         I’m the Council President, also a volunteer position. I […]

By Stan Lockhart
Jun 22, 2015

Bringing Scout Registration and Rechartering into the 21st Century

One of the biggest points of “pain” for our chartered partners is registration and rechartering. Those who get the assignment in each unit find that we use 20th century methods that are cumbersome and frustrating. National BSA has been working on this issue for a number of years and we simply haven’t received needed results. Recently, […]

By Stan Lockhart
Jun 19, 2015

Diversity in Scouting

The Utah National Parks Council may have the most homogeneous Council in America with 99.39% of our units sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). We are committed to serving our LDS chartered partners better by helping them prepare future missionaries with a strong testimony of God and experience of doing hard […]

By Stan Lockhart
Jun 17, 2015

Other Great Organizations Who Charter with BSA

Over the last few years, the Utah National Parks Council has renewed our commitment to our chartered partners. We want to support their goals and objectives. 99.39% of units are sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). Still, other units include religious- and community-sponsored units. Some are listed below. I recently […]

By Stan Lockhart
Jun 15, 2015

Meeting the Needs of the Chartered Partner

About two years ago Research Emotion Design (RED) did a survey of our chartered partners to measure their satisfaction with Utah National Parks Council (UNPC). We found that we could do more to help our chartered partners. The results were a renewed focus on serving our customers and a change to who can use our Scout […]

By Stan Lockhart
Jun 12, 2015

Help Improve Our Scout Camps

You may have noticed that Utah National Parks Council is aggressively making improvements to our Scout camps. Both Maple Dell and Tifie Scout Camps have new amenities from COPE courses to climbing walls to waterfront wipeout gear to pavilions. Soon there will be a zip line at Maple Dell Scout Camp. We are also building new amenities […]

By Stan Lockhart
Jun 10, 2015

Preparing for the Future

Today we have just under 90,000 registered Scouts in the Utah National Parks Council. 20 years from now we project over 120,000 Scouts in our Council. Today we have 12 camps and we will need 16-20 camps to adequately serve youth. Not only will there be more youth, but public lands are becoming harder to […]