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doctor exam boy feature
By Arturo Malpica
May 23, 2015

¿Por qué la organización BSA requiere que todos los participantes tengan un Registro Médico y de Salud Anual?

Preguntas frecuentes sobre el Registro Médico y de Salud Anual P. ¿Por qué la organización BSA requiere que todos los participantes tengan un Registro Médico y de Salud Anual? R. El RMSA tiene muchos propósitos. Completar una historia de salud fomenta la conciencia sobre la salud, recopila los datos necesarios y proporciona a los profesionales […]

doctor exam boy feature
By Darryl Alder
May 23, 2015

Get Ready for Camp with an Annual Health Exam

Moving into camping season, one of the most common questions we get is about the Annual Health and Medical Record.  This form is required by the BSA for camping trip longer than three consecutive days. And wouldn’t you know it, I got my physical just before we got this great deal from Medallus. There are two Utah County locations and both charge just […]

Josh Dennis feature
By Jim Bethel
May 17, 2015

Hidden Treasure

Twenty-five years ago Scouting was the center of attention for the national media. We were the lead story on every TV channel and newspaper for a week. Can you remember why the media was in such a frenzy? A boy was lost! He was not only lost, but he was lost in a mine! And, he […]

Olympic Feature
By Darryl Alder
May 16, 2015

Why Participate in Olympic Day 2015?

To help your unit get SCOUTStrong join in Olympic Day events this June Many Varsity Scout Teams and Venturing Crews have a sports focus. Combine this with the worldwide Olympic Day held annually on June 23, and you’ve got a great month of activities and service. For example Cub Scout Olympics, is always a great pack activity, but when your […]

By Arturo Malpica
May 03, 2015

Póngase en forma

Disfrute de una vida saludable. Un estilo de vida saludable no solamente ayuda, sino también le ayuda a cumplir con su llamamiento de una manera más efectiva. Ejercicio de forma inteligente Manténgase Activo: Comience a caminar. Asista al gimnasio. Si no puedes asistir, levantase y manténgase activo, utilice las escaleras en lugar del ascensor. Haga […]

By The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
May 03, 2015

Get in Shape

Enjoy life by being healthy. A healthy lifestyle not only helps you but also helps you more effectively do your calling. Give yourself a tune up by watching this video and making some changes: Exercise Smart Get Active: Start walking. Get moving. Get to the gym. If you can’t make it to the gym, get up […]

Feature Ethics
By Keith Abraham
May 02, 2015

Outdoor Ethics Training Just Around the Corner

Boy Scouts of America offers outdoor ethics training as part of all its core outdoor training programs. These include: National Youth Leader Training (NYLT) and National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) for Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts, and part of Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills (IOLS) and Wood Badge for all adult volunteers with outdoor leadership responsibilities. […]

feature flash flood
By Ken Cluff
Apr 30, 2015

Health and Safety on Back-country Hikes

When considering a trip into a remote wilderness area, there are certain inherent risks and perils, as well as unknown and unanticipated risks, associated with back-country wilderness hiking and camping trips which could possibly endanger the health and lives of the members of your Varsity Scout team. Your safety is important.  You need to be […]

WEather Merit Badge
By Bryan Wendell
Apr 30, 2015

Get your unit ready for severe weather

Every April, for the last few years, we have emphasized safety by making April Safe Scout Month. The first task of the month is to get your Youth Protection training renewed, but also during this month you should take Scouting Safety  Begins with Leadership Training at roundtable or in a unit committee meeting (see video below). A few years ago, Bryan Wendell […]

Drowsey Driving
By The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Apr 29, 2015

Drowsy Driving

Falling asleep at the wheel is clearly dangerous, but being sleepy affects your ability to drive safely even if you don’t fall asleep. View this new video from the LDS Safety and Health site: Stati​stics Sixty percent of adult drivers in the U.S. (about 168 million) say they have driven a vehicle while feeling drowsy […]

Tooth of time feature
By Steven Sutherland
Apr 27, 2015

Getting Ready for Camp Behind the Scenes

I recently traveled to Philmont Training Center in Cimarron, New Mexico, to attend BSA National Camping School.  This is a required certification program for all camp directors and other key executive staff and directors. It reminded me in some ways to Wood Badge.  We spent a full week with long days beginning at 6:50 a.m. […]

By Boy Scouts of America
Apr 27, 2015

The Sweet Sixteen of BSA Safety

Few youth organizations encompass the breadth, volume, and diversity of physical activity common to Scouting, and none enjoy a better safety record. The key to maintaining and improving this exemplary record is the conscientious and trained adult leader who is attentive to safety concerns. As an aid in the continuing effort to protect participants in […]

By The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Apr 26, 2015

Lightning Safety—an Interview with Sam Cloud

Lightning can be beautiful to watch—from a distance. However, if you experience lightning during any type of activity—whether you are indoors or outdoors, here are a few things you can do to help you stay safe. Watch the “Interview with Sam Cloud” video and note the safety tips he unwittingly shares with his audience. If […]

Popcorn Promo
By Ryan Bertram
Apr 25, 2015

Wondering how to pay for camp?

Scouts around the nation sell popcorn to get there. Let us show you how: How does online selling work? Each Scout needs to self-register to sell online. Then they can jump right in like this little fellow (Please note he is not from our Council and his website is no longer active). Here are a few […]

tooth of time
By Adrian
Apr 25, 2015

Philmont: a Right of Passage for Troop 411

Every couple of years, Troop 411 (Hilltop Methodist Church in Sandy, UT) sends a crew or two for a Philmont trek. It is a grueling, but remarkable experience for both the Scouts and their adult leaders. We wanted to give some of our participants a chance to share a little bit about their experience. This […]

Top 10 b
By LDS-BSA Relationships
Apr 24, 2015

Top Ten Things Leaders Can Do to Keep LDS Scout Units Safe!!

For those who enjoy[ed] watching David Letterman on late night television as he discloses his now-famous “top ten” lists . . . here are my Top Ten – best practice applications of existing Scout and Church-based programs. By following these ten tips, you can help keep young men and leaders safe during Scout-related activities. These […]

Thunder Feature
By LDS-BSA Relationships
Apr 20, 2015

Risk Management: Lightning Risk Reduction

The National Weather Service recommends “When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!” The only completely safe action is to get inside a safe building or vehicle. When you first hear thunder, see lightning or observe dark, threatening clouds developing overhead, the best risk-reduction technique to avoid being struck or injured by lightning is to shelter in a […]