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Kings Peak climb
By Utah National Parks Council
Mar 29, 2015

Leaving Jerusalem, an Ultimate Adventure

The month of April, The Boy Scout will focus on the fourth pillar: Be prepared by learning to do hard things. A young man will gain confidence, learn leadership skills and prepare for the future as a son of God. The key word is: confidence, which a boy gains by doing hard things. Rondo Fehlberg, President of the Utah National Parks Council. BSA tells […]

Scout Troop
By Maria Milligan
Mar 25, 2015

Strengthen Your Troop, Strengthen Your Deacons Quorum

When Scoutmasters are called in the LDS Church they often become leaders both in weekly Scout meetings and in the deacons quorum. The best-functioning LDS troops are those that use Scouting to strengthen their priesthood quorums and prepare young men for missions while also fulfilling Scouting’s aims. In an effort to better serve and communicate with LDS leaders, our […]

By Darryl Alder
Mar 21, 2015

Brunch in a Bucket

Well not exactly …it’s in a Dutch Oven, but then it loses its alliteration (dang). This meal is really like dumping it in a bucket and off you go.  It’s a take-on-any campout, campfire breakfast skillet (think Denny’s), but it’s topped off with biscuits and so much tastier. With today’s Scouting for Food service project starting […]

Construction Cover
By Maria Milligan
Mar 07, 2015

Construction Update: See What’s Happening at Council Camps

We have been working on some exciting improvements in Council camps this summer. We want to give you an update on our construction projects, all of which are on schedule to be completed before May 15th, just in time for our summer camp season. Tifie’s Center for Enterprise, when completed, will be a learning center for […]

By Harold Jepsen
Mar 07, 2015

Gotta Go! “Look Who’s Coming to Dinner”

National Jamboree and Tour Experience                                       Unit 26, Alpine District Participating in a National Scout Jamboree and Tour, Scouts and Ventures have the chance to camp side by side with troops and crews from all over the U.S., even […]

apple on stick
By Steve Frisby
Feb 21, 2015

Just Desserts Caveman Style

My cooking and running buddy, Steve Frisby, never was one to cut out desserts when camping, especially when you are trying to help Scouts with cooking requirements. Here are a few of the recipes he collected  and shared with our readers: Candy Apples Core one apple. Add cinnamon and sugar or red hots and cook on […]

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog 1
By Community Submission
Feb 20, 2015

Campfire Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Today, at the Build Your Blog Conference 2015, I met Rachel Farnsworth, a widely read food blogger at The Stay at Home Chef who is a Wolf Den Leader from Cedar Hills. She shared this family fun with us: SUMMER! Alright, I’m a teensy bit early. The first official day of summer is on Saturday [June […]

By Utah National Parks Council
Feb 20, 2015

Getting Your Crew Established

Follow these 10 simple steps to get your crew fully functioning with a purposeful, exciting, interest-based, and youth-led program highlighted with unforgettable adventures. 1-Energize Youth  Take your youth on an exciting adventure. When the setting is right ask them, “Would you like to fill the calendar with adventures like this and others that you are most […]

By Boy Scouts of America
Feb 14, 2015

Cooking Without Utensils—Making a Gospel Connection

Growing up in the 1960’s foil and utensiless cooking were part of becoming a First Class Scout. Cooking without utensils, while no longer a rank requirement, is a long-time Scouting tradition.  It’s novelty makes it a great deal of fun and an adventure, but don’t miss out on the Gospel implications! Cooking this way is a […]

By Lenard Brunsdale
Feb 13, 2015

Wilderness Adventure and Kodiak Experiences

Wilderness Adventure and Kodiak Experience (WAKE) is an information service made available at no cost by council volunteers  to help crews plan and conduct quality super-activities “after proper training for the ultimate outdoor experience and fun” while incorporating youth leadership opportunities and Kodiak leadership training in the process.  WAKE challenges youth to “do hard things […]

breakfast on a buddy burner
By Darryl Alder
Feb 09, 2015

Buddy Burner—a Scout’s First Stove

How to make a Buddy Burner and Hobo Stove Materials: √ Flat tuna, pet food or pineapple can √ Plain corrugated cardboard (not printed with bright inks or coated with wax or plastic) √ Candle wax or paraffin √ Wire coat hanger √ Wire cutters √ Nail and Hamer √ #10 gallon can (the large […]