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By Harold Jepsen
Feb 21, 2015

Gotta Go! 2017 National Jamboree: Learning Leadership’s Weight

After touring the most historic United States and LDS History sites and being part of Scouting’s largest encampment, the day after day leadership of four patrols in a troop of 40 was wearing on the youth leadership corps (Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Troop Quartermaster, and Troop Scribe). It had been a great […]

apple on stick
By Steve Frisby
Feb 21, 2015

Just Desserts Caveman Style

My cooking and running buddy, Steve Frisby, never was one to cut out desserts when camping, especially when you are trying to help Scouts with cooking requirements. Here are a few of the recipes he collected  and shared with our readers: Candy Apples Core one apple. Add cinnamon and sugar or red hots and cook on […]

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog 1
By Community Submission
Feb 20, 2015

Campfire Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Today, at the Build Your Blog Conference 2015, I met Rachel Farnsworth, a widely read food blogger at The Stay at Home Chef who is a Wolf Den Leader from Cedar Hills. She shared this family fun with us: SUMMER! Alright, I’m a teensy bit early. The first official day of summer is on Saturday [June […]

By Utah National Parks Council
Feb 20, 2015

Getting Your Crew Established

Follow these 10 simple steps to get your crew fully functioning with a purposeful, exciting, interest-based, and youth-led program highlighted with unforgettable adventures. 1-Energize Youth  Take your youth on an exciting adventure. When the setting is right ask them, “Would you like to fill the calendar with adventures like this and others that you are most […]

By Boy Scouts of America
Feb 14, 2015

Cooking Without Utensils—Making a Gospel Connection

Growing up in the 1960’s foil and utensiless cooking were part of becoming a First Class Scout. Cooking without utensils, while no longer a rank requirement, is a long-time Scouting tradition.  It’s novelty makes it a great deal of fun and an adventure, but don’t miss out on the Gospel implications! Cooking this way is a […]

By Lenard Brunsdale
Feb 13, 2015

Wilderness Adventure and Kodiak Experiences

Wilderness Adventure and Kodiak Experience (WAKE) is an information service made available at no cost by council volunteers  to help crews plan and conduct quality super-activities “after proper training for the ultimate outdoor experience and fun” while incorporating youth leadership opportunities and Kodiak leadership training in the process.  WAKE challenges youth to “do hard things […]

breakfast on a buddy burner
By Darryl Alder
Feb 09, 2015

Buddy Burner—a Scout’s First Stove

How to make a Buddy Burner and Hobo Stove Materials: √ Flat tuna, pet food or pineapple can √ Plain corrugated cardboard (not printed with bright inks or coated with wax or plastic) √ Candle wax or paraffin √ Wire coat hanger √ Wire cutters √ Nail and Hamer √ #10 gallon can (the large […]

Breakfast in a bag
By Steve Frisby
Feb 07, 2015

Caveman Breakfast Cookout

A long time ago I learned about the happy effect “cooking-shock” has on Scouts. Putting food directly into glowing coals or frying eggs on paper bags, will get nearly any age Scout or Scouter into cooking mode. Below are a few of my good friend Steve Frisby’s favorite minimalist breakfast foods: Breakfast in a baggie […]

By Darryl Alder
Feb 06, 2015

Easy Cheesy Dutch Oven Potatoes

I love cooking outdoors and was amazed to learn as a young Scout that what you can bake at home, you can bake in a dutch oven. In fact, once in a contest between Venturers and Young Women, the girls made baked Alaska. Today’s recipe is not anything like that, but is a basic winner […]

By John Gailey
Feb 04, 2015

Scout Camp Adventure Track Introduction

In an earlier Blog article, we talked about some of the exciting changes coming to three of our Scout camps this year – Tifie Scout Camp, Scofield Scout Camp, and Thunder Ridge Scout Camp. Adventure Tracks Scout camps have historically focused on teaching merit badge classes. Based on feedback from unit leaders and chartered organization partners, […]

LDS Feature
By LDS-BSA Relationships
Feb 01, 2015

Encampments and Venturing Influence Missionary Service

Highland Utah East Stake President Howard Bangerter testifies, “When young men have a vision of the miracles they will perform as missionaries, they readily accept the challenges of doing ‘hard things’ to prepare.” That vision was put to the test with the stake’s last two leadership encampments that showcased BSA’s older youth program as a […]

brian head
By Darryl Alder
Jan 30, 2015

Use Winter to Build Program for Troops, Teams and Crews

Snow, skiing and outdoor fun all combine when you work on one of Scouting’s winter sports achievements and spend the night. A great place to get a green (easiest) winter adventure is through our partner, Brian Head Resort, proud sponsor of the Snow Sports Merit Badge. Winter Sports for Troops This year they are offering a 2015 Boy […]

By Bob Gowans
Jan 24, 2015

Early Bird Camp Discount Deadline Nears

It’s almost past time to get that early discount at a Utah National Parks Council Summer Camp. Register before January 31st and receive a per person discount on the camp fees for all camps (excluding Cub Scout, Webelos, and Adventure Park camps). Spaces in the camps are filling up so its time to make that choice […]

By Ann Shumway
Jan 18, 2015

How Serving on Camp Staff Prepared Me for My Mission

On Christmas Day there’s nothing a missionary mom looks forward to more than the call from their missionary serving somewhere throughout the world.  I was no exception.  My son Nicholas, who is serving in El Salvador must have been excited to talk to the family as well since his call came in at 7:00 am. […]

By Steven Sutherland
Jan 17, 2015

Adventure Tracks? I’m Confused

We wrote this letter to a mom who had questions about our adventure tracks at camps this summer: January 12, 2015 Hi Natalie, We are implementing a new series of high adventure tracks at Tifie this year. Green, Blue, and Black Diamond (representing greater levels of adventure and challenge). We are planning on having these […]