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All about becoming an Eagle Scout.

By John Gailey
Sep 19, 2016

Earn Merit Badges and Campout at Council Camps Year-Round

I have been a Scout leader for many years. As a Scout leader, there were a number of things that I constantly worried about. You perhaps have worried about them as well. They include: Giving plenty of opportunities for my boys to advance up to the Eagle rank Getting in the monthly campouts (including finding […]

boy scout with eagle scout neckerchief
By Boy Scouts of America
Sep 14, 2016

Record Keeping along the Trail to Eagle Scout

There’s a lot of concern and sometimes confusion as a young man moves to fill out an Eagle Scout Rank Application. We hope this short post offers some guidance. The application itself must be submitted for verification before an Eagle Scout board of review may be convened. Filling out the two-page form should be easy—if […]

By Pualani Graham
Jun 08, 2016

Advancement at Summer Camp—Getting Ready

Scouts are heading into the woods this week at our summer camps and all across the country. There they will sit around the campfire and smell the “smoke at twilight.” A great deal of advancement goes on at these summer camps, and it is important that you know that both the council advancement and camping committees […]

By Kevin Hunt
May 14, 2016

I was a Gnubie and Loving Every Minute!

  In the past few blogs, I welcomed you aboard as a Gnubie. And you’re welcome!  Now I’d like to introduce a new theme – that of “Gnubie and loving it”.   Yes, I was a Gnubie and loving every minute!  That would be me!   As I talked about my old Troop 155, I talked […]

By John Gailey
May 11, 2016

New Merit Badge Adventure Tracks and High Adventure in 2016

Last year we introduced our camp Adventure Tracks—an exciting program for teaching skills, working on merit badges and experiencing challenges in a fun, experiential learning environment instead of in a traditional classroom setting—at Tifie Scout Camp, Scofield Scout Camp and Thunder Ridge Scout Camp and saw exciting results. Experiential learning allows participants to gain firsthand experience with the […]

By John Jones
Apr 17, 2016

Scouting Helps Prepare Boys For An LDS Mission

I attended Brad and Sandy Harris’s class on raising successful missionaries at University of Scouting in February. The class was full of parents and leaders eager to learn how Scouting programs could help them help the youth in their care learn everything they needed to succeed in the mission field. My favorite part of the […]

Eagle project process
By Aubrey Carpenter
Apr 06, 2016

Eagle Project Process and Procedures

At the University of Scouting last month, I attended three of the four classes to train Eagle Scout coaches. I will only share what I learned at two of them, because I think they’re very beneficial for youth, leaders, and parents who need more information about the Eagle rank. This first post will be all about the Eagle […]

By Deseret News
Apr 03, 2016

‘Duty to God’ remains essential to Scouting

In January, the Boy Scout ranks were updated with a new element of Scout spirit, “Tell how you have done your duty to God …”). This comes alongside the other elements of “living the Scout Oath and Scout Law” in the new requirements. This weekend for Church News, Jason Swenson shared some of his thoughts on the subject: […]

By Kevin Hunt
Mar 28, 2016

Blogging Keys to Success, Scouting Romance and More

It may be more than you think!  Check out these blogging articles with Blogging Keys to Success, Scouting Romance and more.  In the blogs, you will find Keys to Success, Scouting Romance, and more!  THE ROMANCE OF SCOUTING:  Sounds  intriguing, huh?  Well, maybe now I’ve got your attention.  Really I should say, “Scouting Blogs … […]

KayLub's Eagle Project - Finished Project
By Adrian
Mar 17, 2016

Eagle Project – Rebuilding a Historic Wagon

The choice of an Eagle project is always an interesting one, but when that Scout is both in a troop and a crew and those units come together to help with an Eagle Service Project, something special happens.  KayLub Martin is a member of Venture Crew 9411 at Sandy’s Hilltop Methodist Church and he is also […]

By Shaun Heaton
Feb 21, 2016

Three Brothers Chat on Why Scouting Matters

Shaun Heaton, long time Scouter, pulled three of his Eagle Scout sons together to share how the Six Pillars for communication with LDS leaders played out in each of their lives. Shaun presents each of these pillars to his sons’ for their responses in the video below: (A transcript of this interview follows the video.) Pillar 1: Testimony […]

By Kevin Hunt
Feb 06, 2016

A Hundred Years of Scouting and What it Has Made Me

Greetings! My name is Kevin Hunt [pictured with his book Scouting in the LDS Church: A Centennial History]. The Utah National Parks Council has invited me to become a regular blogger on “THE BOY SCOUT” blogsite (and perhaps other council communications). So, since you’ll be hearing from me regularly, I would like to introduce myself … […]

By Community Submission
Jan 09, 2016

Utah Civil War Casualty Honored by Eagle Scout Descendant

Utah Civil War casualty Henry Wells Jackson has a new monument on the Utah State Capitol grounds thanks to Jackson Barlow of Alpine, Utah. When he was choosing an Eagle Scout project, he decided to honor his namesake and fourth-great-grandfather, Henry Wells Jackson. Even though some projects can be completed in a relatively short amount of […]

By Community Submission
Jan 03, 2016

Duty to Self vs. Service to Others

Every Eagle Scout parent knows how much time and effort goes into a good Eagle service project. It takes determination, planning, help from lots of people and of course, plenty of hard work. Because of its scope, many boys put the service project off to the 18th birthday deadline. A few years ago one Scout repeated this common […]

By Boy Scouts of America
Dec 30, 2015

Preparing for the New Boy Scout Rank Requirements

BSA’s 411 Program Updates are nearly all in place except for Boy Scouting, which makes its final changes in January 2016. Of course, the first things you will notice are the new rank requirements. These were introduced last May but take full effect on January 1st ; Scouts joining on or after Jan. 1, 2016 MUST use the new requirements. Boys […]

By Darryl Alder
Dec 07, 2015

Four Percent

Last May I was at BSA’s National Annual Meeting, where Michael S. Malone was recognized at the Americanism Breakfast. He had just completed a new and enlarged edition of his history of Eagle Scouting, “Four Percent” (WindRush Publishing, 2012), for which he was being honored. Then, in October, Mr. Malone agreed to write for us in The Voice […]