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By Utah National Parks Council
May 09, 2017

Meet This Year’s Influential Women in Scouting

Mothers. Sisters. Daughters. Wives.  They all help us in our daily efforts. Even now, my mom’s there when things get rough, offering quiet, regular assistance with multiple aspects of my life. Don’t ever forget the roles of women in Scouting. If you think you earned your Eagle Scout Award on your own, think again.  This […]

By Darryl Alder
Feb 03, 2017

Scout Re-dedication for Anniversary Day

February 8th is Anniversary Day. You might find this special presentation of the Scout Law and Oath as a great ceremony for your Scout Meeting or use it at your next Scout banquet. It works well for all four groups in Scouting, I know, I have used it often. Equipment:  a small table, a simple […]

By Arturo Malpica
Jan 14, 2017

Y-Serve Scouting Outreach: Liderazgo para adultos

Como parte del Servicio de Escultismo en Scouting Y-serve, Empezando en enero de 2017, BYU Scouting está en la búsqueda de ubicar a voluntarios para las unidades de habla-hispana y otras que tengan una necesidad de líderes adultos. Los voluntarios son estudiantes de BYU e incluye a varios con experiencia en el Movimiento Scout y […]

By Maria Milligan
Oct 24, 2016

Construction Update: See What’s Happening at Council Camps

Rangers and construction crews are working hard to finish camp projects before the snow comes, and they’re making great progress. Take a look at some of the things you’ll see at your favorite council camp in the coming months: Marion D. Hanks Scout Camp at Quail Creek The recently completed stake activity center at the […]

By Kevin Hunt
Oct 20, 2016

Memories of a Gnubie Hike to Four Peaks and Similar Places

I’ve been sharing memories of the good ol’ days when I was a Gnubie in Troop 155.  Some of the places we hiked were a bit traumatic – but in spite of the trauma, I have some great memories of a Gnubie hike to Four Peaks and similar places.  (And at my age, the memories […]

By Kevin Hunt
Oct 06, 2016

Scout Camp Program Director’s Summer Journal

  “Wait, a minute,” you may say, “What does Camp New Fork have to do with me?”  Well, Scouting is Scouting wherever it may be, so this may be of interest in any other councils. Before the summer of 2016 began, I wrote in a blog about my Hunt family plans for the coming summer. In […]

By Utah National Parks Council
May 20, 2016

Influential Women in Scouting 2016 Recipients

There are many women in Scouting working to help boys grow up to be honorable and valiant men.  Some of these women, through their devotion and talent, become mentors and guides for those of us who see how very important this work is and want to make a real difference.  Every year the Utah National […]

By Kevin Hunt
May 14, 2016

I was a Gnubie and Loving Every Minute!

  In the past few blogs, I welcomed you aboard as a Gnubie. And you’re welcome!  Now I’d like to introduce a new theme – that of “Gnubie and loving it”.   Yes, I was a Gnubie and loving every minute!  That would be me!   As I talked about my old Troop 155, I talked […]

Snow on Arizona Saguaro Cactus
By Kevin Hunt
May 09, 2016

Guide to Arizona Weather – all you’ve wanted to know!

Here is what you have been waiting for:  A Guide to Arizona Weather – all you’ve wanted to know!.  So why do I need that, you ask?  Well, recently as I created the blog article We had some great Gnubie Hikes for The Boy Scout.  In this article, I mentioned several great hikes that we took with […]

By Community Submission
Apr 02, 2016

Bi-Lingual Wood Badge Courses for Spanish and ASL

The Utah National Parks Council and the Great Salt Lake Council are offering bi-lingual Wood Badge courses in Spanish/English (July 18-23, 2016 at Tifie Scout Camp or September 8-10 & 15-17 at Bear Lake Aquatics Base) and ASL/English (May 12-14 and May 19-21 at Tifie Ranch). Spanish/English Are you a Spanish-speaking Scouter? Do you want a more immersive […]

By Arturo Malpica
Nov 09, 2015

El Hacha

La clave para el progreso dentro de los programas de BSA es: No olvidar los pasos básicos y hacerlo en el tiempo correcto. Tener las herramientas y usarlas de forma adecuada nos dará la confianza para guiar a nuestros jóvenes en el camino correcto del propósito del escultismo. Deseo tomar un discurso de la conferencia […]

By Arturo Malpica
Oct 30, 2015

¿Qué es Scout Expo?

¿Qué es Scout Expo? Expo Scout es un evento donde el Escultismo reúne a los Scouts y las organizaciones comunitarias para ofrecer una experiencia de diversión familiar e intergeneracional a través de actividades, exhibiciones y concursos. Con el propósito de dar a conocer el programa de escultismo de una manera más accesible para toda la […]

By Arturo Malpica
Sep 18, 2015

“¡Una vez Scout, toda la vida Scout!”

“¡Una vez Scout, toda la vida Scout!” Me uní al movimiento scout como niño en 1972 por primera vez en Guatemala y pertenecí al grupo scout auspiciado por la Iglesia Católica de mi vecindad. El grupo se llamaba “Reino de Bélgica”, prestando el nombre de la misma escuela pública de primaria donde asistía. Participé de […]

By World Scouting
Aug 30, 2015

B-P’s Blog: Christianity, Religion and Scouting

Our founder, Baden Powell, had strong views on religion and one’s Duty to God. Listed here are a few statements he left us to consider: “Scouting is nothing less than applied Christianity” – (Scouting & Christianity, 1917) “The religion of a man is not the creed he professes but his life – what he acts […]

By Arturo Malpica
Aug 16, 2015

Comprender el propósito del Escultismo

Nuestros esfuerzos como asesores de los Hombres Jóvenes y líderes de Escultismo pueden tener consecuencias eternas. Cuando era presidente de misión, una zona en particular estaba teniendo mucho éxito. Le pregunté a uno de los líderes de zona: “Élder, ¿qué está sucediendo aquí?”. Su respuesta fue: “Presidente, en la escuela secundaria corría a campo traviesa […]

By Arturo Malpica
Jul 15, 2015

Para Los Amigos de los Scouts Concilio de Utah National Parks

Por Dane Leavitt, Setenta de Área, Área Utah Sur, La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días Gracias por su amable apoyo al Movimiento Scout, y los hombres jóvenes que usted guía. Más de 65.000 familias de la Iglesia han contribuyeron en la campaña de los “Amigos de los Scout” durante el […]