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Tooth of time feature
By Steven Sutherland
Apr 27, 2015

Getting Ready for Camp Behind the Scenes

I recently traveled to Philmont Training Center in Cimarron, New Mexico, to attend BSA National Camping School.  This is a required certification program for all camp directors and other key executive staff and directors. It reminded me in some ways to Wood Badge.  We spent a full week with long days beginning at 6:50 a.m. […]

Popcorn Promo
By Ryan Bertram
Apr 25, 2015

Wondering how to pay for camp?

Scouts around the nation sell popcorn to get there. Let us show you how: How does online selling work? Each Scout needs to self-register to sell online. Then they can jump right in like this little fellow (Please note he is not from our Council and his website is no longer active). Here are a few […]

By Darryl Alder
Apr 20, 2015

Earthquake readiness

PLAN YOUR DRILL The “Great ShakeOut” patch will be available to scouts and other youth groups for this year’s Great ShakeOut earthquake drill. The recommendations for how your youth can earn their patches have been simplified based on the experience of past drills. Participate in a meeting on earthquake preparedness before the ShakeOut date, in […]

Unit Key 2
By Darryl Alder
Apr 20, 2015

Who is in your Unit’s Key 3?

The Unit Performance Guide outlines how to start a unit Key 3, but, where you ask, did this idea come from? The concept of a Key 3 has been a governance principle of Scouting for a long time. Key 3 s exist at the National level down through the District. In Utah National Parks Council, we have council Key-3 comprised […]

LDS Feature
By LDS-BSA Relationships
Apr 17, 2015

The Safety Moment

Outdoor high adventure activities are often filled with fun exhilarating experiences and sometimes with potential risks and life-threatening dangers. Risk is one aspect of the outdoor activity that creates adventure; however, too much risk can move the activity from adventure to serious injury or even death. Human interaction or lack of action is often a […]

By Boy Scouts of America
Apr 13, 2015

Two-deep Leadership in Cyberspace?

Scouting’s Barriers to Abuse apply in cyberspace: Youth Protection policies extend into cyberspace. There should be no one-on-one online or digital activities (games, social media, etc.) or electronic communications. Leaders should include or copy a parent or another leader in all online communications, ensuring no one-on-one contact exists in text, social media or other forms of […]

safety COPE feature
By The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Apr 12, 2015

Safe Church Activities

This article is taken directly from the Safe Church Activities website. By planning effectively and following safety precautions, leaders can minimize the risk of accidents. Activities should include appropriate training and proper supervision. Safety through Planning and Relying on the Spirit Steve Thelin, rocket scientist and Scout leader, takes his Scouts on a camping and […]

By Boy Scouts of America
Apr 08, 2015

BSA Checklists are Essential Tools

Every campout begins the same way for me. I print out an equipment checklist that contains all of my essentials, e.g., tent, clothes, and toiletries. Over the years, my checklist has grown to cover different campouts and activities. Without it, I simply cannot remember everything and I risk forgetting a creature comfort, or worse yet, […]

By Boy Scouts of America
Apr 01, 2015

The BSA’s Commitment to Safety

We want you to know that the safety of our youth, volunteers, staff, and employees cannot be compromised. Health and safety must be integrated into everything we do to the point that no injuries are acceptable beyond those that are readily treatable by Scout-rendered first aid. The Scouting program itself, activities Scouts participate in on […]

By Boy Scouts of America
Mar 23, 2015

Recruiting New Unit Commissioners

The new-unit commissioner is one of the key players in our process for starting and sustaining new units. (See the Unit Performance Guide p. 24.) Effective recruiting is essential to effective unit service. We intuitively understand that a “servant’s heart” is an asset every commissioner should have. Specific unit service positions may require other skills. For […]

By Darryl Alder
Mar 17, 2015

Paddle. Portage. Get Paid!

You’ll be challenged. You’ll be inspired. You’ll make a difference in someone’s life.   Northern Tier is a National High Adventure Program of the Boy Scouts of America with locations in Ely, MN, Atikokan, ON, and Bissett, MB. We offer 6-14 day fully outfitted and guided wilderness canoe treks for Scouts, Venturers, and leaders. Northern […]

By The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
May 16, 2014

Reaffirming Safety Guidelines for Activities

May 15, 2014 the LDS Church sent this letter and guidelines (see below the letter)  to it’s church leaders: Following are general guidelines for planning activities for members, especially children, youth, and young single adults. Additional guidelines and policies are found in chapter 13, “Activities,” of Handbook 2: Administering the Church and at General […]