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By Ann Shumway
Nov 24, 2014

Why Exercise Is Cool

Kids exercise all the time without even thinking of it. Just being active, like when you run around outside or play kickball at school, is a kind of exercise. What else counts as exercise? Playing sports, dancing, doing push-ups, and even reaching down to touch your toes. When you exercise, you’re helping build a strong […]

By Community Submission
Nov 22, 2014

Does Scouting Matter?

As an elementary school child, I always looked forward to school holidays, especially Thanksgiving. At Thanksgiving, we got out of school at noon early in the week, and my family always headed to our family hunting camp for the holiday. November 22, the day we got out of school for Thanksgiving in 1963, my teacher came into the room. She had been […]

By Andrew Olsen
Nov 21, 2014

Basketball Scout Night—UVU vs. Utah State Dec. 13th

Join us for our first UVU Scout Night on Saturday, December 13, 2014 at 7:00 PM. Come watch the UVU Men’s Basketball team take on Utah State! Get discounted tickets for just $4 with 50% of ticket sales goes back to support local Scouting! That means $2 of very ticket comes back to support Scouting in the […]

By Community Submission
Nov 17, 2014

Scout camps now open to all

Scout camps aren’t just for Boy Scouts. Sanpete County residents can especially take advantage of Tifie Boy Scout Camp—a full-featured summer camp located in Utah’s beautiful Sanpete Valley in the foothills just east of Mt. Pleasant. Camp Tifie is part of the 600-acre Mountain Dell Scout Ranch. Located at just under 9,000 feet above sea […]

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By Ken Cluff
Nov 14, 2014

Winter Tent Camping (Part 2)

(This part two of a two part series. Click here for part one.) Preparing the campsite After you have reached the place where you want to camp for the night, use your snowshoes to pack down the snow in the spot where you’re going to pitch the tent. You may want to take the time to build a […]

By Boy Scouts of America
Nov 13, 2014

Troop Annual Program Planning

Here’s a letter for your Troop; follow it and become a great troop! Dear Committee Chair, Scoutmaster, and Senior Patrol Leader: Let’s talk about one of the key elements of all successful troops and an indicator of a potentially successful year. Of course that would be the troop’s annual program plan and planning conference. Research conducted […]

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By Boy Scouts of America
Nov 12, 2014

Time Management Strategies from Some Brilliant Teenage Prodigies

These busy scientists may only be 17, but their ability to manage their time efficiently has helped them win some major props. Here’s how you too can rock at managing your time better. Every year, the Intel Science Talent Search brings 40 teenage scientists to Washington, D.C., to showcase their research. The projects are impressive. Eric Chen, for […]

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By Utah National Parks Council
Nov 10, 2014

Tasha DeKock Joins Council Staff

Tasha DeKock, our newest staff member joined the Council team early in November. She is a motivated and experienced executive, specializing in fundraising organization, volunteer management, membership recruitment and event coordination, coming to us from the Denver Area Council, Boy Scouts of America where she served as a Senior District Executive for the past three years. In […]

By Joanne Reinertson
Nov 10, 2014

Just One More Step and I’m Through

Okay, just one more step and I’m through. I can’t make it, I’m too tired. Exhaustion is taking over, my hips and collar bone hurt. I can’t bear it – wait, why am I still going? How are my swollen feet, twisted ankle, and sore legs still carrying me? I’m leading everyone, how can I give up now? […]

By Brent Troutner
Nov 07, 2014

Space Isn’t Easy

I literally grew up with the Space Race. I was born just after the Soviets scared the daylights out of America with the launch of Sputnik, and every year and month of my young life corresponded with America’s reach for the stars. In school we learned about the Mercury and Gemini programs and it’s assorted […]

By Ann Shumway
Nov 06, 2014

Self-Control in a World That Screams ‘Now!’

You see it every day. American kids don’t want to wait. Indeed, many don’t seem able to wait—for anything! And while many parents say they’re trying to instill patience and self-control in their children, you can see their frustration levels rising. Children have never been particularly patient; self-control is a learned skill. But changes in […]

world Jamboree
By Community Submission
Nov 05, 2014


  From July 28 to August 8, 2015, more than 30,000 scouts and leaders from 161 countries will gather in Southern Japan at Kirara-Hama, in Yamaguchi Prefecture.For 12 days, you will have the unique opportunity to meet and make friends with many scouts from many parts of the world.  This will be one of the […]

Cub Scout Guide Ethan feature
By Annaleis Smith
Nov 04, 2014

Planning ahead for the new Cub Scout Program

(Part 7 of a series about the new Cub Scout Adventure Program) I’m sure most of you have heard the following (I don’t know who said it first) “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  Planning ahead and being prepared for the the New Cub Scout Adventure Program next summer will make for […]

Bacon Ranch Bag 2014
By Community Submission
Nov 03, 2014

Thanks for not buying popcorn from my son

If you declined my son’s offer to buy popcorn from his Cub Scout Pack yesterday, I owe you one. I’m serious. I spent yesterday afternoon outside the exit of a local home improvement store with my six year old son and two other father / son pairings from his Cub Scout Pack. They were performing […]

eagle ring
By Melany Gardner
Nov 02, 2014

Daily Herald Eagle of the Week: Caleb Belk

Name: Caleb Belk Age: 18 Hometown: Payson, UT Troop: 96 Date of Eagle: Sept. 14, 2014 Favorite merit badge The Fishing Merit Badge was my favorite. Fishing has always been a big part of my life and I have always spent those times with my Dad, so being able to earn a merit badge about […]

By Jim Bethel
Nov 02, 2014

Beatitudes for LDS Scouts

Everyone should be familiar with the beatitudes that the Savior taught as part of his sermon on the mount found in the 5th chapter of Matthew. He taught them again to the Nephites a few years later (3 Nephi 12-13). These principles are so simple yet so valuable to a happy life. A few years […]

By Community Submission
Nov 02, 2014

Scouts’ Own: Beatitudes for Boy Scouts

2000 years ago, Jesus spoke to the people on the side of a mountain (Service Leader can add “such as this” or name a specific mountain if the group is on a mountainside or looking at a mountain, or have just completed an activity on a mountain.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs […]