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By Utah National Parks Council
Nov 22, 2013

With Grateful Hearts, We Thank You

Our hearts are full this Thanksgiving, remembering our blessings and how grateful we are for your support. To all the parents and families who support their sons and Scouts, thank you. There are a lot of good things that compete for your time, and yet you take the time to encourage your youth to participate […]

By Kent Nobis
Nov 05, 2013

Get a Head Start Shopping for the Holidays and Support Utah National Park Scouts! Trying to find the perfect gift for the holidays?  What does everyone need – a FLASHLIGHT! Don’t think so? Here’s a challenge for you: Walk around your house and find all the flashlights that you own and try to turn them on. If you are like me, and many others, you have 10-12 flashlights […]

BYU-Helmet Feature
By Utah National Parks Council
Oct 25, 2013

BYU Football Boy Scout Day – BYU Vs. Idaho State Nov. 16

It’s Boy Scout Day at LaVell Edwards Stadium November 16, 2013. Anyone who loves Scouting gets BYU Football Vs. Idaho State tickets for just $12.50 and $2.50 goes to support Scouting in the Utah National Parks Council. Get tickets for your troop today! Follow the directions below to receive your discounted tickets. Scouts are encouraged […]

By Utah National Parks Council
Oct 18, 2013

Boy Scouts of America Utah National Parks Council Statement on Goblin Valley Incident

Utah National Parks Council Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The National Boy Scouts of America’s Update: Monday, October 21, 2013, 11:30 A.M. After reviewing this matter with the local chartered organization, these men have been removed from their leadership positions and are no longer members of the BSA. Utah National Parks Council Update: Monday, October 21, […]

By Utah National Parks Council
Oct 04, 2013

Friends of Scouting: Why You Should Support Scouting

Charles Dahlquist, a leader in Scouting in the LDS Church, shares a message for all about Friends of Scouting. Scouting is the LDS Church’s program for young men. The First Presidency recently said, “We are thankful for Scouting’s emphasis on duty to God and moral behavior and its positive influence on the lives of boys […]

By Utah National Parks Council
Oct 03, 2013

Utah Governor, Gary Herbert, Encourages Participation in the Boy Scouts

Utah Governor, Gary Herbert, shares his thoughts on Scouting: I’m Governor Gary Herbert. My time spent in Scouting is time I look back on with fond memories. I enjoyed camping, hiking and fishing with my troop. I enjoyed developing skills for merit badge requirements, and I especially enjoyed the association with other boy Scouts and wonderful […]

By Dave Pack
Sep 23, 2013

Why I Love 50-Mile Hikes

I love 50-mile (80 km) hikes, not so much because they’re fun but because they teach young men to do hard things. Most young men who start 50-milers think they’re prepared, but it doesn’t take long—just a few miles up that first ridge—before they wonder who talked them into it. That night, unlike on other […]

Thomas S. Monson Award Feature
By LDS-BSA Relationships
Sep 23, 2013

Thomas S. Monson Award

This award can be earned by youth, i.e. Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, girls, boys and adults of all ages and is an “on my honor” award. To earn the Thomas S. Monson Award, complete the following two requirements and at least four electives. Once completed go to to purchase. The cost is $7.00. Requirements 1. Read […]

Tug of War 2
By Darryl Alder
Sep 18, 2013

A Case for the Outing in Scouting

Data from the U.S. Department of Education and from several recent university studies show that far from being shy and demoralized, today’s girls outshine boys. ?         Girls get better grades. ?         They have higher educational aspirations. ?         They follow a more rigorous academic program and participate more in the prestigious      Advanced Placement (AP) program. ?         […]

By Utah National Parks Council
Sep 18, 2013

Mother of 24 Receives Silver Beaver Award

Holly Richardson is a former Utah House Representative. She is also a writer, public speaker, midwife and mom. As an outstanding community leader, she is a strong proponent of the Boy Scouts. She is the mother of 24, 20 who are adopted, and several with special needs, many who have benefited from the Scouting with Disabilities program. […]

Tony feature
By Utah National Parks Council
Aug 23, 2013

Homeschooling Leads Tony Thomas to His 100th Merit Badge

Scout Tony (Anthony) Thomas is well on his way to achieving his goal of earning all 129 merit badges, and he just turned 13. He just received his 100th merit badge at a Court of Honor held Tuesday, August 20, 2013. Tony is a member of Troop 1181, Lindon 13th Ward. So what got Tony […]

Camp Floyd Feature
By Liz Merrell
Aug 22, 2013

Authentic Adventures: Scouts Can Relive American History

History comes alive at Camp Floyd State Park just 22 miles southwest of Lehi Utah. Camp Floyd provides Boy Scouts with an authentic army adventure. Scouts can see how soldiers lived, slept, and ate during the Civil War era while earning their American Heritage merit badge. Scouts experience a two-day authentic army adventure reenactment. Scouts […]

By Mat Greenfield
Aug 22, 2013

The Important Role of the COR

In the BSA handbook, the COR is characterized as being “the head of the Scouting department… responsible for the success of its Scouting units.” This mandate clearly extends beyond completing paperwork and collecting FOS money. In fact, the COR’s role is so important, that it cannot be abdicated to anyone else, and the absence of a committed COR […]

Lindon Ward Feature
By Shaun Heaton
Aug 21, 2013

It’s Not What You Drive, It’s What Drives You

Years ago Gatorade had an ad that said: “It’s not where you’re from; it’s where you’re going. It’s not what you drive, it’s what drives you. It’s not what’s on you; it’s what’s in you. It’s not what you think, it’s what you know”. If what drives you is encouraging boys to succeed, and what’s […]

By Ken Krogue
Aug 14, 2013

Scouting is Not Simply the Activity Arm of the LDS Priesthood – It is the Priesthood in Action

I am writing this blog on a break as I sit in a training session in Philmont Training Center near Cimarron, New Mexico. I’m here for a week with the Key 3 from the Alpine District. “I shudder when I hear someone say that Scouting is the activity arm of the priesthood,” said Elder Wilson, […]