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Duty to Country
By Community Submission
Apr 20, 2016

One Nation Under God

Before Elder Gary E. Stevenson was made an apostle in October, 2015, he had served as Presiding Bishop. As such, he was invited to speak at the Duty to God breakfast of the Annual Meeting of the Boy Scouts of America held on 23 May 2013. In part of his speech he said that as Scouters we […]

By John Jones
Apr 17, 2016

Scouting Helps Prepare Boys For An LDS Mission

I attended Brad and Sandy Harris’s class on raising successful missionaries at University of Scouting in February. The class was full of parents and leaders eager to learn how Scouting programs could help them help the youth in their care learn everything they needed to succeed in the mission field. My favorite part of the […]

Neal-Anderson with scouts feature
By Deseret News
Apr 03, 2016

‘Duty to God’ remains essential to Scouting

In January, the Boy Scout ranks were updated with a new element of Scout spirit, “Tell how you have done your duty to God …”). This comes alongside the other elements of “living the Scout Oath and Scout Law” in the new requirements. This weekend for Church News, Jason Swenson shared some of his thoughts on the subject: […]

Easter Feature
By Darryl Alder
Mar 27, 2016

Christian Scouts Prepare for Easter

It is Easter Sunday and Christian Scouts around the world will celebrate the most significant event in the history of the world—the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In Britain and America, there are a great many Christian Scouts who celebrated Good Friday, which ended the 40 days of Lent preparing them for this holiday. For them, this has been […]

Priest Venturer Feature
By Community Submission
Mar 25, 2016

Scouter’s Pledge Adapted for Venturing

At the Western Region’s LDS Venturing blog, David wrote this adaptation of the Scouter’s Pledge to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Utah National Parks Council put this pledge forward as part of our commitment to better serve our major LDS customer base. (More than 99% of our Scouting units chartered are sponsored by the LDS […]

Chance Thumb
By Utah National Parks Council
Mar 20, 2016

Missionary Preparation at Scout Camp – Scouter’s Toolbox March 2016

The purpose of the Scouter’s Toolbox is to provide all LDS Scouters in the Utah National Parks Council with a resource of monthly themed messages, along with tips to use these messages in your individual Scouting roles. Each message will focus on one of the Six Pillars of Being Prepared, developed by a survey of […]

Temple Award Feature
By Community Submission
Mar 20, 2016

Historic Provo City Center Temple Award

For a limited time, you and your family can earn the Historic Provo City Center Temple Award.  This beautiful award was organized to help our community join in the celebration of the reconstruction of the Historic Provo Tabernacle into the Provo City Center Temple. This award will be available from January – August 31, 2016 […]

ethan lowe repelling feature
By Steven Sutherland
Feb 28, 2016

How Scout Camp Prepares the Rising Generation of Missionaries

Whenever a young man can get away from home, especially in the great out-of-doors, and experience new things, this creates within him a greater perspective on life. It sets him apart from many of his non-Scout peers by giving him wholesome, positive and unique experiences to build a solid foundation of core values and attributes. […]

Owen Feature
By Utah National Parks Council
Feb 22, 2016

Stephen W. Owen, YM General President, Inspires Scouters

Stephen W. Owen, General Young Men President for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, spoke Saturday at the 2016 University of Scouting, telling attendees that having young men and mentors come together is what Scouting is all about. Brother Owen gave the keynote address at the event held February 18 at the Utah Valley University […]

Heaton Feature
By Shaun Heaton
Feb 21, 2016

Three Brothers Chat on Why Scouting Matters

Shaun Heaton, long time Scouter, pulled three of his Eagle Scout sons together to share how the Six Pillars for communication with LDS leaders played out in each of their lives. Shaun presents each of these pillars to his sons’ for their responses in the video below: (A transcript of this interview follows the video.) Pillar 1: Testimony […]

scout with scriptures
By Shaun Heaton
Feb 21, 2016

Eagle Scouts Discuss How Scouting Prepared Them for Their Missions

To help us understand March’s theme on Pillar 3 of the Six Pillars of Being Prepared, Shaun Heaton, a long time Scouter and current Scoutmaster in Troop 444, chartered by the Orem Sunset Heights Fourth Ward, collected thoughts from his Eagle Scout sons on the subject. Here are some of their responses: I feel like this ties in a lot with […]

Scout Sunday Feature
By Darryl Alder
Feb 07, 2016

Reflections on Scout Sunday

This morning I awoke to a quiet dawn that broke into a blazing winter sunrise that gave me cause to reflect on the day—Scout Sunday 2016. Since 1958, this has always been a special day in my life. Members of my pack dressed in uniform and sat in our congregation while the deacons in Scout […]

Scouts at Temple
By Maria Milligan
Jan 31, 2016

5 Ways to Bring Sunday Lessons into Scout Activities, and Vice Versa

Scouting has always had Duty to God as a core part of its goals and methods. Baden-Powell famously said, “There is no religious ‘side’ of the movement. The whole of it is based on religion, that is, on the realization and service of God. Let us, therefore, in training our Scouts, keep the higher aims […]

change-lives feature
By Lee Ferrin
Jan 24, 2016

Change Lives: Be Prepared through Personal Growth and Service

Scouting changes lives. That is what it was created to do, and it’s exactly why the Scouting mission and the gospel mission complement each other so well. In my life, that mission to experience personal growth and then turn that to the benefit of my fellow men has best been epitomized by the motto of the […]

soldier feature
By Joel Hood
Dec 20, 2015

How Building a Testimony of Christ Prepared Me to Do My Duty

The Scout motto is “Be Prepared.” Our Scouts will hear this command hundreds, perhaps thousands of times during troop meetings, pow-wows, and camps. Yet the phrase has no meaning until we answer the question, “What must they be prepared for?”  Otherwise, the motto becomes a trite, boring tidbit that our young men must recite before […]

By Melany Gardner
Dec 12, 2015

Count Down to the Holiday with the Twelve Days of a Scout Christmas

Visit The Voice of Scouting everyday for the Twelve Days of a Scout Christmas beginning Monday, Dec 14, and find inspiring Christmas messages of Scouts giving the gift of living the Scout Oath and Law. This has been one of our favorite Christmas traditions on The Boy Scout, but we have decided to move it over to […]

Christmas Tree
By Maria Milligan
Dec 08, 2015

Duty to God in your Cub Scout Christmas

When I heard a radio ad dub this season “Thanksgetting” I was sure the company was going to explain how ridiculous it would be to turn holidays about giving thanks and showing reverence into a festival of greed and selfishness. I was shocked when they actually encouraged listeners to think about the things they wanted […]

Pillar 6 Feature
By Darryl Alder
Nov 20, 2015

The Scout Oath and Law—a Pathway to Self-Reliance

Pillar 6–Integrity: Be prepared by learning who we are as Scouts and sons of God by keeping ourselves physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight, understanding our true nature as a son of God.  This month, November 2015, we have been teaching Young Men principles of temporal and spiritual self-reliance.  Two of the six Come, Follow Me […]