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All about training in the BSA and facts to help train new leaders.

By Steven Sutherland
Oct 04, 2015

Spiritual Roots of Genuine Scouting: Discipleship and Accountability

This last Saturday was a special day for me… I was presented with my two Wood Badge beads (sort of a diploma), signifying that I had done two significant things: successfully attended a week-long Wood Badge course (which I did in October 2014); and, completion of five post-course projects and/or significant tasks within 18 months […]

Chapel in the Woods
By Darryl Alder
Sep 20, 2015

A Chapel in the Woods—What BP Thought

Last Saturday morning, during the first weekend of our Woodbadge course, I had a singular spiritual experience at Tifie Scout Camp’s outdoor chapel. There among the reddening maples and in the crisp morning air, our Wood Badge staff presented these words from our founder, Baden Powell, in a Scout’s Own Worship Service: FOR an open Troop, or for Troops […]

By Darryl Alder
Sep 18, 2015

How Do You Get Scouters Trained?

In the weekend Wood Badge course I am staffing, we did an exercise that focused us and our discussion on how to get more people to training. Most experienced Scouters know that training makes Scouting easier, but more importantly it makes a quorum operate more like it should. The group came up with many innovative ideas […]

Unit Commissioner Patch
By Annaleis Smith
Sep 08, 2015

What is a Unit Commissioner?

What is a Unit Commissioner?  I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked that over the past 10 years.  The question is most likely to come up at roundtable as I am teaching something and in the process I say something like “and your Unit Commissioner can help you…”.  Inevitably someone will […]

By Adrian
Sep 05, 2015

Adventures in Wilderness First Aid Training

Sandy, Utah’s Troop 411 does a number of high-adventure treks and monthly weekend campouts that put us, literally or figuratively, “in the wilderness.” Being prepared to adequately care for any injuries in such situations is paramount. Wilderness First Aid (WFA) defines “wilderness” as being one hour or more from “definitive care,” meaning a trauma-level hospital. […]

By Andy Gibbons
Sep 03, 2015

A Report on: “Leading Varsity Scouting in LDS Teams”

This course was held at Philmont Training Center (PTC) 12-18 July 2015 After months of preparation, the conference “Leading Varsity Scouting in LDS Teams” launched in the Miranda meeting room. Every faculty member contributed to displays that lined the walls: everything from Rendezvous gear to posters showing the relationship between the Scouting programs and Priesthood quorums. […]

By Darryl Alder
Sep 02, 2015

Thoughts on Wood Badge

Serving on Wood Badge Staff is such an honor and though it’s been a while, I feel all the “romance” of the Gilwell mystic and it’s wood smoke in the air here at Tifie Scout Camp. I have been here just a few days, but our Wood Badge staff meeting last night makes me think it’s […]

feature lds philmont
By Darryl Alder
Aug 28, 2015

Priests Quorums and the Venturing Program

Last year at the LDS Priesthood Leadership Conference on Scouting held at the Philmont Training Center, LDS Church leaders set out to help Stake Presidents learn how to better use the Venturing program. During the week, the General Young Mens Presidency helped leaders understand key principles for planning and implementing Venturing activities and explain how […]

Varsity feature
By Community Submission
Aug 20, 2015

Leading Varsity Scouting in LDS Teams

“Leading Varsity Scouting in LDS Teams,” a conference session held at Philmont Training Center July 12-18, proved to be a remarkable experience for 28 participants as they were immersed in the principles and activities of Varsity Scouting, strongly under girded by attention to Priesthood purposes. In fact, probably the most unique aspect of the conference […]

Cub Scout Roundtable
By Annaleis Smith
Aug 18, 2015

Why I go to Roundtable

Roundtable –  Isn’t it just “one more meeting”?  I don’t have time to go to Roundtable.  I’ve been a Scout leader for SO long I just don’t get anything out of Roundtable anymore. I went to Roundtable once and it was… boring, silly, confusing—pick your adjective. I was told I don’t need to go to […]

Woodbadge Back Patch
By Darryl Alder
Aug 17, 2015

Myths and Truths About Wood Badge

If you are not sure about whether to sign up for Wood Badge training or if you’ve resisted registering because of myths you’ve heard about Wood Badge, here are some myths and the truths clarified, (and please consider this your invitation to join us this fall): Myth: Wood Badge is for lifelong, elite Scouters who have been around […]

By Community Submission
Aug 13, 2015

Get ready for Fall, Spring and Summer climbing trips!

Get ready for Fall, Spring and Summer  climbing trips! BSA Level 1 & 2 Climbing Instructor class Held at the Utah National Parks Council office: 748 N. 1340 W.     Orem, UT  84057 The workshop is to teach Level 1 & 2 climbing, This 6 day workshop runs from Thursday September 24, Friday 25th 6pm – 10 pm,  Saturday September 26th 9am […]

By Darryl Alder
Aug 12, 2015

Reset Your Life with Wood Badge

Recently an employee at the Council’s Orem Service Center asked for some time for a reset; for her it just took a lunch. In June, it took me two weeks on a vacation to the UK. But this weekend at Wood Badge Staff Development, I thought back to my own Wood Badge Course and recalled […]