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Timberline Feature
By Darryl Alder
May 22, 2015

Robert Gates—a Testamonial of NYLT

When he was thirteen, Robert M. Gates, Eagle Scout, former defense secretary and former CIA director and current  BSA President, went to BSA’s National Junior Leader Training (JLT) Program at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. Of the training he said: “It was the only formal management course I’ve ever had in my life. Can you imagine […]

By Andy Gibbons
May 21, 2015

Who’s Who In Varsity Scouting?

“Who” Is Varsity? The common question in some minds is, “What is Varsity Scouting?” One might also ask, “Who is Varsity Scouting?” The answer is: a lot of people, and each of them needs to do a certain job, contributing their part to make a Varsity team work. Let’s look at the Varsity Scouting stakeholders. […]

youth protection feature
By Melany Gardner
May 11, 2015

Important Youth Protection Policy Changes

There is no more important part of the Scouting program than the protection of our youth members. Experience has proven the best way to accomplish this is to provide effective training on a continuing basis to all adults involved in Scouting at every level with no exceptions. Only when everyone is involved and trained in youth […]

On Target Feature
By Ken Cluff
May 07, 2015


July 18th,  2015 Huddle Agenda Operation “ON TARGET” is an activity developed by Doug Brewer especially for Varsity Scouts here in Utah. He designed this program in about 1980 and it has been held annually every year since. Each District needs to have an adult “On Target” Program Chairman to coordinate   the   activity   in   your  district. […]

Snowbound feature
By Kenneth Holmes
May 04, 2015

The e-District

As a boy growing up in Southeast Idaho many of my Boy Scout friends did not live close to our city.  My high school educated students from the whole county.  Many had long bus rides.  During the winter months these rural students could be trapped at the school due to poor weather conditions.  Often traveling […]

By Arturo Malpica
May 03, 2015

Póngase en forma

Disfrute de una vida saludable. Un estilo de vida saludable no solamente ayuda, sino también le ayuda a cumplir con su llamamiento de una manera más efectiva. Ejercicio de forma inteligente Manténgase Activo: Comience a caminar. Asista al gimnasio. Si no puedes asistir, levantase y manténgase activo, utilice las escaleras en lugar del ascensor. Haga […]

By The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
May 03, 2015

Get in Shape

Enjoy life by being healthy. A healthy lifestyle not only helps you but also helps you more effectively do your calling. Give yourself a tune up by watching this video and making some changes: Exercise Smart Get Active: Start walking. Get moving. Get to the gym. If you can’t make it to the gym, get up […]

Feature Ethics
By Keith Abraham
May 02, 2015

Outdoor Ethics Training Just Around the Corner

Boy Scouts of America offers outdoor ethics training as part of all its core outdoor training programs. These include: National Youth Leader Training (NYLT) and National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) for Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts, and part of Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills (IOLS) and Wood Badge for all adult volunteers with outdoor leadership responsibilities. […]

By Arturo Malpica
Apr 27, 2015

Las Dieciséis Pautas de Seguridad de BSA

Son pocas las organizaciones para jóvenes que abarcan la amplitud, cantidad y diversidad de actividades físicas que son comunes en el programa Scouting, y ninguna disfruta de mejor récord de seguridad. La clave para mantener y mejorar ese récord ejemplar es tener un líder adulto concienzudo y capacitado que esté atento a los problemas de […]

Unit Key 2
By Darryl Alder
Apr 20, 2015

Who is in your Unit’s Key 3?

The Unit Performance Guide outlines how to start a unit Key 3, but, where you ask, did this idea come from? The concept of a Key 3 has been a governance principle of Scouting for a long time. Key 3 s exist at the National level down through the District. In Utah National Parks Council, we have council Key-3 comprised […]

LDS Feature
By LDS-BSA Relationships
Apr 17, 2015

The Safety Moment

Outdoor high adventure activities are often filled with fun exhilarating experiences and sometimes with potential risks and life-threatening dangers. Risk is one aspect of the outdoor activity that creates adventure; however, too much risk can move the activity from adventure to serious injury or even death. Human interaction or lack of action is often a […]

YouthProtection feature
By Boy Scouts of America
Apr 16, 2015

April is Youth Protection Month (Part 1)

This is part 1 of two part series. To read part 2 click here During this month, you have the opportunity to understand the importance of preventing emerging threats to youth. Youth Protection depends upon the shared involvement of everyone in Scouting. What can you do? Have you done the following? Do you know your Youth […]

Youth Protection
By Arturo Malpica
Apr 16, 2015

Protección Juvenil

La organización Boy Scouts of America tiene como prioridad crear el entorno más seguro posible para nuestros jóvenes miembros. Para mantener dicho entorno,  BSA ha desarrollado numerosas políticas de procedimiento y de selección de líderes, y proporciona a los padres de familia y líderes recursos para los programas Cub Scout, Boy Scout y Venturing. Selección de líderes […]

By Maria Milligan
Apr 15, 2015

Safety Tips from a Waterfront Director

I always love guarding the mile swim at camp. At Scofield Scout Camp, we had the Scouts swim parallel to the shore down the length of our bay and out to a sailboat sitting a half mile down the shore. The big colorful sail marked the point where they could finally stop swimming out to sea […]

By Darryl Alder
Apr 07, 2015

Tour Plans for Dummies FAQ

Chapter 1  explained what a tour plan is and Chapter 2, when to use one. In Chapter 3 we described two ways to submit a tour plan, in Chapter 4 we explained common submission failures and in Chapter 5 we covered the principles you’ll need to follow on a tour or activity.  (NOTE: with the use of Dummies in the […]

By Darryl Alder
Apr 06, 2015

Tour Plans for Dummies Chapter 5

Chapter 1  explained what a tour plan is and Chapter 2, when to use one. In Chapter 3 we described two ways to submit a tour plan, and in Chapter 4 we explained common submission failures.  (NOTE: with the use of Dummies in the title, there is no disrespect meant, this is just a primer for the neophyte.) GUIDE TO […]