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Kings Peak climb
By Utah National Parks Council
Mar 29, 2015

Leaving Jerusalem, an Ultimate Adventure

The month of April, The Boy Scout will focus on the fourth pillar: Be prepared by learning to do hard things. A young man will gain confidence, learn leadership skills and prepare for the future as a son of God. The key word is: confidence, which a boy gains by doing hard things. Rondo Fehlberg, President of the Utah National Parks Council. BSA tells […]

PTC feature
By Andy Gibbons
Mar 27, 2015

Leading Varsity Scouting in LDS Teams

From the the Course Director of the Varsity conference at Philmont this summer: The Conference and the Sponsor The title of our conference is “Leading Varsity Scouting in LDS Teams”. The conference is being held under the auspices of the Director of LDS-BSA Relations, Mark Francis. Last week Mark held a phone conference with nearly one hundred […]

Entrada High Adventure
By Ken Cluff
Mar 19, 2015

What is High Adventure?

Many High Adventure program opportunities exist for experienced, older Varsity Scouts.   High Adventure is the culmination of all of the things that Boy Scouting has taught the boy: character development, citizenship, and personal fitness. It is also the ultimate in outdoor experiences above and beyond the lower keyed summer camp programs. Most High adventure expeditions […]

Guide to Advancement
By Boy Scouts of America
Mar 18, 2015

Helpful Advancement Links

Here are some links to the most current materials of interest for Scouters who are involved in the administration of advancement. These and many more resources are available via the Advancement Resources page. Guide to Advancement Advancement Educational Presentations: Why Advancement?  In this series of videos, individuals give testimony about the quality of their Scouting […]

Varsity Scout Logo
By Mat Greenfield
Mar 05, 2015

Hey, What are those Orange Shoulder Loops?

The BSA 4-1-1 task force recently confirmed that Varsity Scouting would not be going away. Varsity Scouting is the program for 14-15 year old young men, and is the activity arm of the Teacher’s Quorum. Identified by the distinctive orange shoulder loops, the BSA worked with the LDS Church to develop the program specifically for the 14–15 age […]

By Ken Cluff
Feb 26, 2015

Beyond the Eagle—Varsity Scout Awards

Varsity Scouting has awards that distinguish it from other BSA programs. Pictured below are some of these awards that are only available to Varsity Scouts and their leaders. The Varsity Scout letter is awarded to team members who participate in an “ultimate adventure.” Ultimate adventures are based on high-adventure or sports program features and are […]

Matt Greenfield
By Mat Greenfield
Feb 22, 2015

The REAL Problem with Scouting in the LDS Church

I’ve been fairly heavily involved in LDS Scouting for about fifteen years now. I’ve served at the unit, district, council, and national level. I’ve worked alongside parents, merit badge counselors, BSA employees, camp staff, senior council and national volunteers, and of course, youth. At this point, I’m ready to make a full declaration of what […]

By Lenard Brunsdale
Feb 13, 2015

Wilderness Adventure and Kodiak Experiences

Wilderness Adventure and Kodiak Experience (WAKE) is an information service made available at no cost by council volunteers  to help crews plan and conduct quality super-activities “after proper training for the ultimate outdoor experience and fun” while incorporating youth leadership opportunities and Kodiak leadership training in the process.  WAKE challenges youth to “do hard things […]

Varsity Scout Planning
By LDS-BSA Relationships
Feb 12, 2015

Using the Varsity Section of the LDS Youth Activities Website

Are you an LDS Varsity Scout coach or Team leader? Did you know there is a section of the new LDS Youth Activities website just for you? [There] you will find many exciting activity suggestions that advisers and youth leaders can choose from, to build an [action-packed] program centered on Varsity Scout principles and organization. The Varsity Scout program is based on leadership development. […]

brian head
By Darryl Alder
Jan 30, 2015

Use Winter to Build Program for Troops, Teams and Crews

Snow, skiing and outdoor fun all combine when you work on one of Scouting’s winter sports achievements and spend the night. A great place to get a green (easiest) winter adventure is through our partner, Brian Head Resort, proud sponsor of the Snow Sports Merit Badge. Winter Sports for Troops This year they are offering a 2015 Boy […]

By Bob Gowans
Jan 24, 2015

Early Bird Camp Discount Deadline Nears

It’s almost past time to get that early discount at a Utah National Parks Council Summer Camp. Register before January 31st and receive a per person discount on the camp fees for all camps (excluding Cub Scout, Webelos, and Adventure Park camps). Spaces in the camps are filling up so its time to make that choice […]

First Aid Cover
By Darryl Alder
Jan 22, 2015

Sunday School, Teachers Quorum and Your Varsity Scout Team

I have been a Stake Sunday School President since the introduction of the new LDS Come, Follow Me curriculum. During this period, I had wished for a chance to put that curriculum together with the BSA’s program features. In this article, I would like to share some thoughts from my point of view as both a Sunday School […]

Program features
By Maria Milligan
Jan 16, 2015

Making the Most out of the New Program Features: Part 3

Once you have planned the annual conference (Part 1) and successfully held it (Part 2), you need to make sure your plan is carried out. This post will go over creating the calendar after your conference and making it useful. This includes using monthly planning as a time to check on your progress, remind everyone […]

Program features
By Maria Milligan
Jan 15, 2015

Making the Most out of the New Program Features: Part 2

Yesterday’s post about the new Program Features for Troops, Teams, and Crews covered preparing for the annual planning conference, including setting goals. This section will cover the conference itself, including a step by step plan for conducting the meeting. This annual planning conference will set the tone for your year, and can be a great chance for […]

Program features
By Maria Milligan
Jan 14, 2015

Making the Most out of the New Program Features: Part 1

This year has brought some exciting changes for your Scouts in the form of the new Program Features for Troops, Teams, and Crews: A Guide to Program Planning. This resource is not yet available online, but you can purchase a physical copy of Volume 1. We introduced the basics of this new guide in an article in […]

By Ken Cluff
Jan 10, 2015

Call of the Wild: Winter Camping

Exploring the wilderness in winter is a wonderful experience. You are far from the crowds, in a hushed tranquil world of white. Whether gliding through a forest of pine trees on cross-country skis or hiking up a ridge on snowshoes, winter can be a spectacular time of year.  Until you’ve experienced a perfect sunlit morning […]