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Board of Review Feature
By Darryl Alder
Nov 25, 2015

A Board of Review Can be Scary

Thinking back to my Boards of Review, I remember always being apprehensive. Not that I had not done the work, I had, but it was so intimidating to get in front of adults you hardly knew and then have them fire questions at you. The worst one however, was my Eagle Review. It was at […]

high adventure feature
By Steven Sutherland
Nov 16, 2015

Black Diamond Adventure Tracks Will Bring High Adventure to More Camps

At the Utah National Parks Council (UNPC) we are building on the successes of our two high adventure bases (Beaver, and Entrada) by providing new program adventures at these camps, and introducing exciting new Adventure Tracks that we call Black Diamonds, at three of our mainstream Scout camps—Tifie, Thunder Ridge, and Scofield. Read about how […]

high adventure feature
By Steven Sutherland
Nov 14, 2015

UNPC High Adventure and Black Diamond Experiences

The Utah National Parks Council is excited to announce that we are adding new high adventure programs at both of our Scout high adventure bases and three of our full-service Scout camps. Traditionally, high adventure experiences have been relegated to specialty high adventure outpost and Philmont-style Scout camps. They represent a part of a BSA […]

Varsity Team Program Planning Feature
By Ken Cluff
Nov 05, 2015

Make Varsity Scouting Effective

The method of developing your Varsity Team program makes Varsity Scouting so effective for the Teacher age young men. It is a program designed by your young men to meet the interests and needs of the young men and carried out by the young men, all with your coaching, training and guidance from the back of the room. The elements of the programming method are in order: […]

By Steven Baugh
Oct 29, 2015

What Scouting Has to Do with STP Oil Treatment

Consider the oil treatment product STP. Written right on the back of my bottle says that it is formulated to “reduce engine wear,” “keep vital engine parts cleaner,” “reduce oil consumption,” and “help engines run well longer.” Well, this sounds like a great cleaner for my engine, but how does this relate to Scouting? Perhaps […]

Merit Badge group
By Melany Gardner
Oct 28, 2015

Coming Soon: Online Merit Badge Courses

For over 100 years the merit badge program has taught life-long knowledge and skills to Scouts, allowing them to explore potential vocations, hobbies and interests. Technology and learning styles have changed dramatically since 1911, but the principles taught through merit badges remains relevant today. To make merit badge courses more engaging for today’s youth, the Utah […]

Scout Rank Feature
By Pualani Graham
Oct 22, 2015

Things Are a Changin’—Transitioning to the 2016 Boy Scout Requirements

The new 2016 Boy Scout Requirements are coming and WE ALL need to be ready for them.  I have been contemplating the best way to get the word down to each individual unit.  I’ve tried a couple of things, including contacting the District Advancement Chairs in each district.  And then I sent an email out […]

EXPO Feature
By Ryan Bertram
Oct 19, 2015

Questions About Scout EXPO 2016?

Answers Are Here:What is a Scout Expo? The Scout Expo is a three-day event February 25-27, 2016 that is a signature Scouting event. It brings together Scouts and community organizations from throughout Utah County to provide a day of intergenerational family fun through hands-on exhibits, competitions and displays. The purpose of the Utah County Scout Expo is […]

sailing academy feature
By Steven Sutherland
Oct 17, 2015

Sailing Academy—Come Sail Away at Scofield Scout Camp

Scofield Scout Camp at Frandsen Scout Ranch launched an exciting new Adventure Track this summer called the Sailing Academy. Adventure Tracks, new in 2015, are two-day experiences that combine technical merit badge requirements with challenging and exciting outdoor activities and team building skills. Adventure Tracks are classified like ski runs—green, blue, and black diamond (e.g., […]

Schow Feature
By Stewart Schow
Oct 15, 2015

Why I Still Do Scouting

Recently I was asked, “Why you are still involved with Scouting?  Aren’t all of your boys grown?” The answer to the second question was an easy yes. To answer the first I need to go back some years to the time before my sons became Scouts. After earning my Eagle Scout Award as a youth, I didn’t do […]

River Rafting feature
By Community Submission
Oct 12, 2015

Scouting High Adventure on the Amtrak Train

It can be hard to keep priest-age youth participating in Scouting. One obvious way is to include high adventure activities that interest the young men. Here’s how our ward created a high adventure tradition that continues to excite and engage our older young men. It has been over ten years now since the Mount Loafer […]

On Target Inspiration
By Community Submission
Oct 08, 2015

Time to Get Ready for OT

It’s scheduling time again. As you plan your yearly calendar, don’t forget to set aside July 16th for Operation On Target. Operation On Target is one of my favorite activities of the year. For those of you that are unaware of what Operation On Target is, Varsity Scouts and Venturers climb the peak of their […]