By Annaleis Smith
Dec 14, 2018

2018 Commissioner College Recap

As 2018 will soon come to a close, the Council Commissioner Cabinet would like to take a quick look back at the Commissioner Colleges held in 2018 and highlight the Commissioner Science Degrees earned in the Utah National Parks Council.

In 2018, the Utah National Parks Council held 7 Commissioner Colleges – 4 of them live colleges – American Fork in January, Provo in April, Spanish Fork in October and St. George on November, as well as 3 online colleges – A Winter Bachelors, Spring Bachelors, and Spring Masters.  As a result of these various colleges, many commissioners got some great training and others earned a degree in Commissioner Science.

Congratulations to all who earned degrees in Commissioner Science!

Those within the Utah National Parks Council are listed by district. Those from outside of the council are listed by council. Many attended the various colleges but only those who finished a degree are listed below.

Doctoral Degree

We had 3 awesome and committed commissioners complete all the requirements to earn their Doctoral Degree in Commissioner Science during 2018.

Cedar Brakes: Brian Welhoelter; Snow Canyon: Jennifer Harris; Timpanogos: Lezlie Nicols

Bachelor Degree

37 Scouters earned their Bachelor Degree in Commissioner Science.

UNPC – Black Diamond: Brody Lambert, David Ridge, Lesa Ridge, Gerard Yates; Hobble Creek: Les Mounteer; Orem: Andrew Roach; Porter Rockwell: Chris Brightenburg, Charles Christensen, Michael Owens, Dirk Sundquist; Snow Canyon: Penny Butterfield, Kent Walker, David Zielke; Timpanogos: Amy Anderson, Anna Davis, Brent Davis; Zion: Mary Jane Rogers

OTHER COUNCILS – Alamo Area: Kent Brittain; Blue Mountain: Bryan Blair; Cimmaron: Raleigh Mallett; Cradle of Liberty: Michael Raggi; Far East: David Filbeck, Patrick Garrett, Eric Landreth, Brian Neukom, Marty Roberts, Todd Taylor, Shawn Welch; Great Salt Lake: Karen Young; Laurel Highlands: Ken McFerron; Michigan Crossroads: Arwen Spor; National Capitol Area: Michael Floyd; Nevada Area: Margaret Remick; Tidewater: Timothy Rosen; Transatlantic: Brian Freeman, Scott Smith; Western Colorado: Clay Campbell

Master Degree

17 Scouters earned their Master’s Degree in Commissioner Science.

UNPC – Black Diamond: David Ridge, Lesa Ridge; Orem: Karyn Fredrickson, David Hansen; Provo Peak: Michael Carter, Naomi Hendricks; Snow Canyon: DeeDee Accordino, Terri Rosenberg; Wasatch: Tammy Curtis, Sylvia Jones; Zion: Jerome Gourley.

OTHER COUNCILS: Blue Mountain: Bryan Blair:  Far East: Eric Landreth, Angelo Manarang, Marty Roberts; Silicon Valley-Monterey Bay: Darren Maxberry; South Dakota: Daniel Sherban.

** If you have attended a Commissioner College and feel that you should have earned a degree or did not receive the patch or segments that you earned please contact our Registrar Judi Hansen at the email linked to below.

Upcoming Commissioner Colleges in 2019

Are you still working towards earning your degree?  There will be multiple opportunities to continue or start your journey in 2019.

  • Lehi – January 19, 2019 (Registration is open now!)
  • Provo/Orem – Spring TBA
  • Spanish Fork – Fall TBA
  • St George – Nov 9, 2019.

And with the changing landscape of Scouting in the Utah National Parks Council, it’s very possible that how we plan and organize our colleges may need to change to fit the needed situations.  The cabinet is planning to remain flexible, and make adjustments when necessary. We urge all commissioners to keep an eye out for opportunities near you to get this great continuing training for BSA Commissioners.

Co-Author Judi Hansen  – As a very active Scouter in the Porter Rockwell District, Judi holds many positions, one of which is the Commissioner College Registrar for the Utah National Parks Council.  She keeps track of courses taken, colleges attended and a lot of other information for the Commissioner Cabinet.  She is a vital part of the team that organizes and supports the colleges.


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