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Jan 26, 2018

Attend Commissioner College Online

*  Update – Online College postponed 1 week.

You can still register for the next online bachelor track of UNPC Commissioner College.  This next set of classes will start Feb 4, 2018

Questions for Commissioners

If you answered YES to any of the above, the Utah National Parks Council has a solution for you. Join us in our upcoming ONLINE Commissioner Colleges. For the past 3 years we have been offering this great opportunity to learn and grow with your fellow commissioners from all over the council (and the nation). Following the same basic format of the in person colleges, we cover 7 Bachelors level classes over 7 weeks. Just like the in person courses we encourage discussion, in fact thats what makes the the online format so great, it is all discussion, based on the prescribed curriculum and videos. We cover one course per week, which you can access and add to the discussion any time you want, be it early morning, mid-day, or late at night from anywhere you have internet access.

Current Online Bachelor Courses:

  • BCS 101 – The Commissioner Concept
  • BCS 103 – The Commissioner and the District
  • BCS 104 – Unit Visitations
  • BCS 105 – Practical Solutions to Common Unit Needs
  • BCS 106 – A Commissioner’s Priorities
  • BCS 107 – Unit Journey to Excellence
  • BCS 116 – Using the Unit Self- Assessment Tools

Even if you have already taken a few of these classes at an in person college, that is not a problem. You can receive credit for taking the class again, and I can guarantee the experience and discussions will be different than before.

Upcoming Opportunities:

– 2018’s first “Live” Commissioner College in American Fork on Sat January 20

– Online Bachelors College – Jan 28th February 4 – Register Here

– The next “Live” College in Provo on Saturday April 21, 2018

– Online Bachelors and Masters Courses will begin on April 29th following the Provo/Orem College

– Additional Online Opportunities coming Fall 2018


The online college does not cover the Commissioner’s Basic Training portion of the Bachelors degree (offered at all of our in person Colleges), but it will cover the functional tasks that a commissioner is responsible for.

We allow participation by commissioners from outside of the Utah National Parks council in limited numbers. If another Council has interest in setting up their own online college, we are happy to collaborate with them.

Testimonials from past online participants:

I have learned a lot in both the Commissioner Basic Training and this online course! Being able to read other people’s comments has been a great opportunity for me to see different ideas on how to deal with issues that I may encounter.

— Scott Anderson, Unit Commissioner in the UNPC’s Baden-Powell Special Service District

There has been so much discussed through these videos and more so through the comments and replies from those taking this course which has really broadened my knowledge of a UC and things that I need to be doing.  I’m sure I couldn’t list everything I have learned right now, but I feel that if I were presented with any of the situations that have been discussed I would be able to recall to memory what would need to be done.  So thank you to each one of you for your comments and ideas.  They will all come in handy at sometime.

— Denise Stembridge, Unit Commissioner in Back Diamond District and Mapleton North Stake Primary Presidency


Author: Joe Devereaux is the current Online Commissioner College dean for the Utah National Parks Council and a member of the UNPC’s Commissioner College Cabinet.


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One thought on “Attend Commissioner College Online

  1. AvatarMarty Roberts

    I just heard about this last night. I have not taken any of the classes yet, in fact, I already have a Bachler’s. But I am very curious as to how it is put together and is run. And I would love to be able to put the same together for my council (Far East).

    Our council covers several countries in Asia and it is very hard to get participation, with the cost of airfare and travel. Who is a point of contact who might be able to help me set this up for the Far East Council?

    Council Commissioner
    Marty Roberts


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