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Jan 27, 2015

On Really Being a Commissioner

The following is a letter I sent to my fellow Unit Commissioners:

HAVE to share with you all what happened tonight. Heavenly Father is soooooooooo cool!!!!!

So, I met a couple of months ago with the Primary President and her Counselor over Cubs for one of the wards I serve. We went over everything; leaders, who isn’t trained, who isn’t registered, blah, blah, blah.

Tonight was the first night I went to their Pack Night. They don’t hold pack planning meetings currently. So, this was the first meeting of theirs I was going to attend. The Primary Counselor had told me they got a new Cubmaster and Committee Chair a couple of months ago. She said the Cubmaster is VERY nervous each time he’s to do pack night. He’s scared he’s going to do it wrong.


Something told me a week ago to make neckerchief slides for the boys for tonight. Dollar store!!!! I ended up with an ice cream bucket full of slides to take with me tonight. From what the Primary President told me about the new Cubmaster being so nervous, I figured I’d take slides with me in case the meeting was boring for the boys.

So, their pack night starts at 7:30pm. I get there at 7:25 and there is only one family there waiting for any leaders to show up. AND the family that’s there has a Webelos son that is supposed to get his Arrow of Light award tonight. I called the Primary President and told her no leaders were there setting up and asked if I should start setting up chairs. She said to wait till she got there and she’d figure out what was going on.

One leader comes in. I didn’t know what position he held. I just stayed out of the way. I didn’t want to jump all over him and step on any toes. He started setting up chairs, so I did too.

The Primary President arrives. Then, their Bishop comes. I still hadn’t met him yet. They are talking to each other. Turns out the Cubmaster and Committee Chair will not be coming tonight. So, I introduced myself to the Bishop and told him that I have an Arrow of Light prop at home and can do the ceremony. The cubs’ grandparents came just for this – FROM MONTANA!!!!

I give the bucket of neckerchief slides to the Primary President and ask her to hand them out to the boys to give them something to do while I hurry home and get the Arrow of Light (AOL) prop and print the ceremony that goes with it.

No cubmaster

The Bishop tells us two that Cubmaster isn’t coming and he (Bishop) isn’t sure what to do now. I told him I was Pack Committee Chair for 8 years and can do this. I can run the meeting for them tonight.

So, we have a pack meeting. IT WAS GREAT!!!!! The boys already had someone to give the opening prayer. Webelos den did the flag ceremony. I told the boys the awards were not there tonight, but the boys still need to be recognized for the hard work they’ve done to earn their awards. We’ll have pretend awards tonight. Each den’s leader came to the front and told us what each boy earned as he’s standing at the front. We all clap. When they all sat back down I told them they look so great with all their new patches and awards on their uniforms. The audience loved that. I showed them all the bird cheer. One leader told us that her son had just earned his Bobcat. I told them all I’d be back next month with a fun face painting ceremony and that we’d brand him as a new member of the pack.

AOL Prop 2

I had the Primary President turn off the gym lights at the other end of the gym and I did the AOL ceremony and turned on each little light on the prop. Got lots of ooooh’s and ahhhh’s with each light. (The prop is a giant Arrow of Light symbol with a night light on each ray.) Did the ceremony, handed the pretend (invisible) Mother’s pin to the scout to pin on his mom. I then handed the invisible AOL patch to his dad to present to his Scout, which he did.

Lights back on. We did the watermelon cheer. One den leader got up and spoke to all the boys about cub stuff. He apologized that he’s not able to hold den meeting every week because of his work schedule. He did tell the boys that they can work on stuff at home. He finished. Had closing prayer and closing flag ceremony.

Several leaders and parents came up to me and thanked me. Some said: your first time here and you save the day. I told them it was all Heavenly Father.

Heavenly Father has done this before. When I need to do my calling or when He needs me to do something like this or to help someone He ALWAYS eases my (entire body) arthritis pain or makes me forget about it or takes all of the pain away so that I can do what I need to do.

Tonight was unforgettable and fantastic and great and joyous and everything else. I’m SURE to be at their pack meeting next month WITH face paint and the ceremony and the branding stuff I need to brand the new cub. I’m so excited!!! I am so glad I was able to go to their pack meeting tonight.

Having been a Committee Chair and attending Pack Meetings I knew how the meeting was supposed to run. All of the various trainings I’ve attended also came into play. I am so grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained from being trained so that I can help make the Cub Program the best I can for the boys I serve.

I love being a Unit Commissioner!!!!

Author:  Kirsten Johnson | Porter Rockwell District Unit Commissioner

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One thought on “On Really Being a Commissioner

  1. AvatarMaloree Anderson

    Kirsten Johnson Springs is a perfect example of being prepared. She knew what her duties were and she was familiar with this particular meeting. Even though she was not the one who was suppose to hold this meeting, she was prepared and was able to pull together a wonderful night for the boys and their families. I hope to one day be as prepared as Kirsten and be able to help those in need.


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