By Annaleis Smith
Apr 13, 2018

How To Complete This Unique UNPC Commissioner College Patch

Do you have this patch?

If you have attended a Commissioner College (live or online) in the Utah National Parks Council since January 2014 you should have received the above patch just for attending. (Usually awarded as part of the closing ceremony)  But it is just the start of your UNPC Commissioner College patch. Here is how to earn the additional four strips that surround this center patch.

Bachelors degree earns this strip:

To earn the Bachelor’s Diploma:  You must have completed Basic Training (for your current commissioner position) and at least 7 courses (with at least 5 of them at the BCS level).  At most colleges we offer Unit Commissioner Basic Training and have offered Roundtable Commissioner Basic in the past. You can take all Commissioner Basic Trainings online at  We will continue to offer Unit Commissioner Basic Training as long as they are well attended.

Serve on staff at a college to earn this strip:

There are multiple ways to earn this strip.  Everything from teaching a class to helping with the food or with registration.  If you need/want to help at an upcoming Commissioner College just let us know.  Serving on staff is also one of the requirements for the doctorate degree. This strip can be earned at any time but must be earned before, or at the same time as, the Doctorate strip.

Masters Degree and you can add another strip:

To earn the Master’s Diploma: You must have previously earned the Bachelor’s Diploma or the Commissioner’s Key, and the Arrowhead Honor Award, and completed at least 14 courses (w/at least 5 of them at MCS level)

Earn the Doctorate Degree and you get the final strip:

To earn the Doctorate Diploma: You must have earned the Master’s Diploma and the Commissioner’s Key, and completed an approved Thesis or Project and served on staff or faculty for a Commissioner College and completed at least 24 courses (with at least 5 of them at the DCS level, or CED with prior approval)

How to wear the patch:

We have been given direction from our Council Commissioner, Richard DuBois, that the patch may be worn in one of three places on the BSA field uniform.

  1. On the right pocket,
  2. Above the right pocket or
  3. On the right sleeve under the US flag.

When sewing the center diamond patch onto your uniform, be sure that there is enough space both above and below the center patch (approx. 1/2 inch) for the other segments to be added, as you earn them. As you earn a new strip you will sew it next to the main patch in the proper location as shown here.

So… How many parts of this patch do you have already?  How many more do you want to earn?  Make a plan to put Commissioner College on your calendar. Register here.

Because… every boy deserves a well-trained leader and

every leader deserves a well-trained commissioner!

 Strive to be that commissioner!

Author:  Annaleis Smith is a “stay-at-home” mom of 5 (3 boys 2 girls).  She has been a Cub Scout leader in her LDS ward since 2003.  She has also been involved with district roundtables since 2008 and involved in various council committees (including Akela’s Council) since 2010. Annaleis currently serves as an assistant council commissioner assigned as the president of the UNPC Commissioner College Cabinet.

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