By Annaleis Smith
Jan 12, 2018

Men and Women – Different not Better.

Men and Women – Different not Better.  That is the actual name of the Commissioner College course CED 724. I attended this class at the college in St. George in Sept of 2017.  It’s being offered again in American Fork at the Commissioner College on Jan 20, 2018.  It’s just one of the many classes being offered but I’d like to tell you a little more about it because I really enjoyed it.

Commissioner College Course Review

This course takes a look at the differences between men and women. This presentation is intended to be a fun course that highlights the spatial abilities, vision differences, communications differences and speech differences between men and women from evolution to today.  If you tend to get offended by generalities or stereotypes this may not be the course for you but if you can keep an open mind and remember that we all have our individual differences as well as our general typical qualities, I think you will find it enjoyable.  I did.

The course is based on the book “Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps” by Allan and Barbara Peese.

The slide show (powerpoint) uses lots of visuals to help you understand.  It includes everything from brain scans to comics.  One particular comic I remember is from the comic strip Zits.  Mom and son are sitting at the kitchen table and mom ask her son to tell her about his day and to not leave out any details to which the son responds “Mom, I’m a guy!  I have no details!”  This reminded me of my oldest son.  I remember clearly one day when he came home from Cub Scouts asking him what he did and he answered with “Nothing”  to which I responded “Nothing? You had to have done something at den meeting.”  And then he said – “Oh yeah, we just played some games and other fun stuff”  That’s it, that’s all I could get out of him.  I remember once when my 2 oldest boys both returned from Scout Camp together.  I asked, “So how was it?  What did you do?” to which my oldest said “It was fun!” and walked away.  My second son started with “When we first got there we had to check in and then….”  He proceeded to give me details for the entire week.

Another Comic strip shown is from Baby Blues – one of my husband’s favorite.  Picture this, Husband and wife are sitting on the couch and the husband asks “What are you thinking about?”  To which the wife answers “Schedules…” and then she proceeds to list an additional 8 or 9 things she was thinking about.  She then turns to him and asks “What are you thinking about?” To which he gives a one word answer “Beer”.  The course points out that when a Man’s brain in a resting state 70% of electrical activity shuts down while for a Woman’s brain only 10% of electrical activity is shut down.  I found that very interesting.

We all know that neither men nor women all fit in a box of “Men are like this… or Women are like this…” but I thought it was a very fun and entertaining class that takes a look at some of the most common differences.  The class ends up having a discussion about what we can do to work and communicate better with each other and that’s never a bad thing to consider.

So, if you are thinking about attending the Commissioner College in American Fork on January 20, 2018 this might be one of the classes you want to sign up for.  You can register here.  And that’s just one of the over 25 classes you can choose from. Hope to see you there!

Author: Annaleis Smith is a “stay-at-home” mom of 5 (3 boys 2 girls).  She has been a Cub Scout leader in her LDS ward since 2003.  She has been involved with roundtable at the district level since 2008 and involved in various council committees since 2010. She currently serves as the president of the Commissioner College

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One thought on “Men and Women – Different not Better.

  1. AvatarRay

    This would be a FANTASTIC class for any leader leader. This week I responded to a question in a FB group from a primary president who has all female leaders and is trying to make a case for calling male leaders too. Until recently, my pack has had all male leaders, so I jumped in.

    Responding got me thinking about my experience with how the gender of the other leaders changes the group dynamic. It’s neither good nor bad, but it is different. Without recognizing the differences, it can be difficult to engage some leaders, and easy to alienate others.


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