By Kenneth Holmes
May 12, 2015

Cub Scouting Memories are Priceless

CUB SCOUT UNIFORMSI have the pleasant memory of going with my mom to the clothing store in town that sold Cub Scout Uniforms.  I was now a Cub Scout and totally excited to have a uniform.  It seemed like mom took a long time getting the patches on the shirt before Pack meeting that night; as I got older she had me sew them on.  When Den Meeting day arrived I wore the uniform to school along with the other boys in my Den and Pack.   The thrill of getting a uniform was just as exciting for each of my boys became Cub Scouts.  Our family also experienced uniform pride when our boys got their baseball uniforms.

RED Research and Design did a broad survey to hundreds of church leaders that indicated “Scouting seems too expensive: uniforms, badges, awards, camp fees, etc.”  In Utah County the cost to be a Cub Scout and/or in baseball are often a family budget dilemma.

An 8 year old Cub Scout registers with a fee of $24.  Buy the uniform short sleeve shirt today for 24.99, pants 24.99; hat $5.99, neckerchief $8.99, belt $9.99 and a handbook for $14.99.   You just spent $113.94 without awards, pinewood derby fees, day camp registration, crafts, and it could go on and on.  As the boy grows so will the need to obtain larger uniform clothing.

Little LeagueAn 8 year old in little league will pay the $80 fee that includes a team jersey and hat; add the pants for $19.99, socks $8.00, belt $6.99 and a youth baseball mitt for 14.99.  You just spent $129.97 without a bat, ball, cleats, and the cost could go on depending on the team and boy needs.

Growing youth will grow out of uniforms.  When younger I use to participate in snow skiing swaps where used equipment could be sold/traded and updated. Perhaps more focus needs to be placed on organizing community uniform banks.  BSA uniforms, no matter the age, are always official.

Do you know of any success with uniform banks?

Kenneth Holmes
Author: Ken Holmes | District Director, Utah National Parks Council, BSA



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One thought on “Cub Scouting Memories are Priceless

  1. AdrianAdrian

    Our large Troop does quite well with our uniform bank. A couple of times a year as the boys grow out of their old uniforms and Class B shirts, even hiking boots and other misc. items, we just stash them in a big Rubbermaid tote. Then a couple of times a year, we lay them all out on a table and sell them for $1 a piece, just to cover the cost of washing and storing the items. We even have a few adult items, so I’ve even gotten a few items for myself. I guess I just assumed every other Troop or Pack does the same.


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