By Ann Shumway
Jan 12, 2016

A Must-Have Cub Scout Leader Resource

Dr. Nisha Zoeller has made Cub Scout Leader’s life so much easier with her Cub-Scout-Connections!

Cub Scout Uniform FeatureFor more than 10 years I’ve been a Bear Den Leader with the same Wolf Leader. We serve as each other’s second leader for 2-deep leadership. Since the new Cub Scout Program came out we haven’t done a lot of meetings together because the programs are so different, by design.

Dr. Zoeller has changed this. She has gone through each of the Cub Scout Adventure Requirements from Tiger to Webelos and created a resource that shows all the requirements for each age group for a specific topic.

In the preface to the booklet Dr. Zoeller writes:

Change isn’t easy. Since the 1930s, the Cub Scout Program has undergone several transformations to ensure that the program remains relevant to today’s boys. The New Cub Scout Adventure Program realigns the program to the mission and vision of the Boy Scouts of America while maintaining a fun, exciting, family- and faith-oriented outdoor program to instill leadership and core values in our boys.

The new Adventures integrate rank advancement and electives with portions of the current Academics & Sports Program and with entirely new programming. Unlike current offerings, the new Adventures are entirely rank-specific; veteran leaders may be concerned about how to continue pack-level and multi-age programming that allows boys of all ages to interact and learn together.

This is a great resource; thanks to Dr. Nisha Zoeller for putting it together. As a Cubmaster, it is useful to have a map of which adventures have similar requirements so that we can plan a theme for a month where all dens are working on their version of the requirements and the Pack meeting ties it all together. Christopher Meyer

The purpose of this guide is to show the connections and common themes among Adventures across ranks to encourage the continuation of pack-level and multi-age programming as well as assist in the planning of events such as camping/outdoor programs and belt loop events.

For example, if you want to do an Aquatics event for multiple age groups you can look on page 4 and see that there are 7 Tiger adventures dealing with Aquatics, 6 for Wolf, 9 for Bear and 10 for Webelos. It’s wonderful!! She has done this for 15 different themes. Check out this article on the Voice of Scouting for a detailed chart of each aquatic requirement for the ranks.

Planning day camps and other events for Cub Scouts has just gotten a lot easier! Thanks Dr. Zoeller for all your work!

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Author: Ann Shumway | Day Camping, STEM and Learning for Life Director, Utah National Parks Council

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