book review
By Julia Thompson
Dec 22, 2017

Book Review: Stephen Discovers Treasures of America

Book Review

Stephen Discovers Treasures of America, I found it is a fun, well written, and engaging book. It is great for elementary aged kids. Its content is enough to spark the interest in the history of America for anyone who reads it. It provides enough detail about each object and place to be appealing, but not too much to prevent the reader from further research. The topics cover a vast amount of places from all points of time in history. It is described as, “A vivid imagination and a ‘magic’ treasure detector come together in this delightful children’s book that encourages children to seek out their own treasure from American history.”

book review

Stephen Discovers Treasures of America written by David A. Johnson and illustrated by Rebecca Wood is a 29 paged children’s book about a boy named Stephen who goes on adventures around the country, all without ever leaving his town. Stephen, a self-proclaimed treasure hunter, uses a metal detector, dubbed the treasure detector, to find odd and forgotten objects around him. He tries to figure out what the object is and where it came from. Even when presented with logical results from the adults in his life, he creates a vivid backstory involving events, places, and people from history.

The juxtaposition of facts with humor makes reading the book a delight. The arrangement was thoughtfully ordered. The illustrations are warm and relatable. There is bolded red text to highlight the important information. It is the right amount of striking to draw the eye without being distracting.

Doing this book review, I found it provides entertainment while promoting learning. It encourages children to learn more about their country and to utilize their imaginations. This book would be a great addition to any home library. I would recommend this book to Cub Scouts and the whole family.


Author: Julia Thompson | Marketing and Fund Development, Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America

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