By Ann Shumway
May 10, 2016

Cub Scout Canyonland Adventures in Orem

Starting this month, fun, hands-on adventures will be taking place at the Utah National Parks Council Office and at a local park. These adventures are designed for boys and girls ages 7-12 and promote a fun learning atmosphere. Some adventures can help youth pass off Cub Scouting requirements. Continue reading below for a more detailed description of adventure and answers to questions:

Canyonlands Adventure Activities Poster

Upcoming Adventures

Angry Bird Adventures – Participating youth will make and use a catapult and sling shot, learn how sling shots work and then compete as a team in an Angry Bird giant catapult competition.

Digging in the Past – Junior paleontologists will participate in a dinosaur dig, make edible fossils, learn about dinosaurs in our area and much more.  If you happen to be a Bear Scout, this will pass off one of your elective adventures.

Directions Please – Compass or GPS—which is easier to use?  Come to this adventure and experience both.  We’ll teach you how to use a compass, how to orient a map, find specific locations using both compass and GPS and other activities along this line.

Make it Move – Take part in this adventure and discover simple machines, how pulleys work, how to make a lever and what you would use one for.  We’ll be taking on the challenge to figure out how to move 120 lbs. of sand.  Which device will be the most effective?  Come help us discover the answer.  If you’re a Wolf Scout, this will pass on one of your elective adventures.

Rockets, Rockets, Rockets – Come learn how rockets work and then build and launch 3 different kinds. What makes them go so high?

The Human Body – Have you ever wondered how long your intestines are?  How lungs work? What blood is made of?  Join us as we answer all these questions and others we’ll encounter along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend these events? Adventures are designed for youth 7-12 years old.  Both girls and boys are welcome to come to any adventure, including those that will pass off Cub Scout requirements.  If you have a slightly older or younger youth they are welcome to join us but they may not enjoy the activities to the same degree.

Cost?  Cost of the adventures will be either $3 or $5 per participant depending on the adventure.

How do I register?  Registrations are being taken online at On this site you will find specific information such as dates, places and items to bring along with you.

Questions?  If you need further information please contact Ann Shumway at 801-437-6218 or through email at

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Author: Ann Shumway | Day Camping, STEM and Learning for Life Director, Utah National Parks Council

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